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    Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
  1. 92 as of the noon obs at LAG. Hit 90 on a west wind at my station at 12:25
  2. Laguardia up to 90 at 11am via the official NWS obs page.
  3. 1.68 here in Sheepshead Bay
  4. .85 so far at my station in Sheepshead Bay.
  5. OKX put out a statement for that line in NJ for small hail and winds in excess of 40 mph.
  6. Nice little line developed over eastern Bergen County NJ and moving north.
  7. Breezy here. Gust to 25 mph. Barometer was quite low at 29.38 earlier this morning. Up to 29.42 now. Clouds/some sun
  8. Warm sectored with dense fog now along the south shore of Brooklyn
  9. 1.97 inches at my station
  10. 12th Ave in Manhattan closed between W 23 and W 34 streets due to flooding and several stranded autos.
  11. Some lightning showing up with that convection east of NJ moving up towards Long Island.
  12. 3.15"/hr rate now in that band over my house
  13. 1.74"/hr now at my station as that band finally moved east. Total of 1.44" so far.
  14. WNBC-TV reporting radar estimates of 2"/hr rates at Central Park.
  15. Several pics and videos on social media showing vehicles stranded in high water on roads and highways in NYC.