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  1. Mostly sleet now here in Bellport Suffolk County. Car thermometer showing 38 degrees.
  2. A few mangled flakes mixing in with the rain on the windshield. On the Southern State Parkway at the Meadowbrook Pky. Edit: sleet as well.
  3. Las Vegas (12 noon local time) OBS: Temp 102/ DP 25/ RH 6/ HI 95. Love that single digit humidity and HI actually lower than the air temperature. Palm Springs the hot spot at 118 Death Valley (Furnace Creek visitors center) "only" 112
  4. That entire line coming into western NJ is severe warned. Let’s see if it can maintain as it heads east
  5. Picked up a quick .35 inches from that cell here in Sheepshead Bay. Almost no wind and very little lightning though
  6. Cell over northern Nassau barely moving. FF warning until 1pm for them.
  7. Looks pretty much stationary and is expanding in size
  8. Kingsborough College on their Davis sensor gusted to 64 mph. Don't know if it meets official NWS anemometer criteria though. My station (which is shielded by a trees to it's east) gusted to 45 mph, so I am sure they had higher winds in the borough.
  9. Winds not as bad once the sun came out contrary to what others were saying down south
  10. I'm checking the Kingsborough College (foot of Jamaica Bay on the eastern end of Manhattan Beach Brooklyn) Davis weather station data and they only have a high gust to 38 mph. Don't know how delayed that is though.