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    Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
  1. 71 DP 23 at my station. Quite dry. SPS for Tri-state area for fire danger.
  2. 76 with a 73 DP and calm wind at my station. Like mid July......in the southeast
  3. Temp 86 DP 52 at my station here in Sheepshead Bay.
  4. .95 inches of rain here in Sheepshead Bay since last night.
  5. Up to .42 inches for the day here. Not bad for being on the "fringe"
  6. Have received just over 11 inches for the months of June, July, and August so far.
  7. .24 inches so far at my station in Sheepshead Bay
  8. Picked up 2 inches overnight here in Sheepshead Bay. Lots of storm reports from central NJ of trees/wires down overnight.
  9. .55 here in Sheepshead Bay. Enough to water the lawn which was getting a little brown.
  10. Media hype begins
  11. .40 inches here at my station in Sheepshead Bay.
  12. SPC has enhanced area just west of 95
  13. 96 at my station now. High for the day. Sea breeze only right at the beach. Was 82 while driving through Rockaways in Queens
  14. Hottest temp of the day now at 93 with a wsw wind here in Sheepshead Bay. DP 60.