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  1. 37 degrees at 6 am. Was supposed to be 32-33 for overnight low.
  2. Wind gusted to 31 mph and temp up to 57 at noon at my station in Sheepshead Bay. Barometer 28.83.
  3. 51 at my station in Sheepshead Bay with a southeast wind.
  4. Sun peeking out here at work just east of JFK airport.
  5. Lowest barometric pressure I can find is 28.88 at several locations in NJ.
  6. NYC/Nassau and as mentioned above all of coastal NJ upgraded to high wind warnings.
  7. Upton just upgraded Suffolk County to a High Wind Warning. Also changed the wording in the Wind Advisory area for gusts up to 55 mph with isolated gusts up to 60 mph for NYC metro and coast.
  8. Wind advisories up for basically the entire area tomorrow afternoon. From OKX late afternoon AFD: With the low rapidly deepening as it moves away, quick pressure rises with the onset of cold air advection will produce gusty conditions in the afternoon and evening with gusts continuing well into the night. The strongest gusts will be in the afternoon and early evening when modeled 850mb winds range mostly 45-65 kt. Will issue a wind advisory for all zones 18z-00z. Gusts up to around 50 mph are anticipated. Even some coastal areas may reach advisory criteria based on sustained winds of 30 mph.
  9. Some mangled flakes mixed with the rain here in southern Brooklyn as well. Temp 37 degrees.
  10. At the high for the day now at my station on a gusty nw wind...68 degrees.
  11. Back edge of precipitation at nyc/long Island latitude already in western nj and moving quickly
  12. Meanwhile....that band of snow over eastern PA looks pretty healthy and appears to be heading to NYC
  13. Nice article that explains why thunder sounds louder and travels further/lasts longer in colder temperatures: