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  1. middlesea

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    51° to 38° in Mt. Sinai in 25 minutes
  2. middlesea

    March 13-14, The Blizzard of 2017: Obs

    Those were horrible years...seemed like we always got disappointed...always changed to rain. I try to explain this to my kids...we never had two blizzards in a year...let alone in a decade.
  3. middlesea

    March 13-14, The Blizzard of 2017: Obs

    Sheets of horizontal rain here...incredible wind gusts. Urban flooding being reported. Expecting a glacier to form tonight. So much for 10-16".
  4. middlesea

    March 13-14, The Blizzard of 2017: Obs

    Driving rainstorm in Suffolk
  5. middlesea

    March 13-14, The Blizzard of 2017: Obs

    Rain now in Mt. Sinai...3.5" total snow & sleet....forecast 18 hours ago was for 10-16"
  6. middlesea

    March 13-14, The Blizzard of 2017: Obs

    In terms of snowfall last 's Friday's "appetizer" was a bigger hit for most of LI. Just pouring sleet here in Mt. Sinai...holding at 32F.
  7. middlesea

    March 13 - 15 Major Winter Storm Potential

    From Upton...they see the further west track...hmmm .SYNOPSIS... Strong low pressure approaches tonight and passes just southeast of Long Island on Tuesday, going into the Gulf of Maine Tuesday night. By Wednesday and Thursday the storm will be moving from coastal northern Maine and into the Canadian Maritimes. High pressure moves through the region Thursday and Friday. Another low pressure system may affect the area Friday night through next weekend. && .NEAR TERM /THROUGH TUESDAY/... ***Dangerous travel conditions for Tuesday morning commute*** ***Blizzard conditions with 1 to 2 ft of snow expected for much of the Western portions of the Tri-State region on Tuesday*** ***Possible Blizzard Conditions early Tuesday morning for Southeastern portions of the Tri-State...before a transition to sleet and rain*** Snow was beginning to break out across the area as of 11 pm. The timing of the onset of precipitation has therefore been increased. The 00Z NAM continues to trend west. The track now takes it over Riverhead and Peconic Bay. No changes to the official forecast yet, as the GFS is usually the preferred solution at this time period and the model is still running.
  8. middlesea

    March 13 - 15 Major Winter Storm Potential

    Suffolk County totals look too high now...maybe 12" at the Nassau/Suffolk border? News 12 calls for 6" at Montauk...12 along the western N. Shore Hills. Looks like MTK 6" FOK 8" ISP 10"
  9. middlesea

    2/12 Storm Observations

    Snow/sleet...mostly snow...in Mt. Sinai...holding at 30.
  10. middlesea

    2/12 Storm Observations

    29.8. Freezing rain/sleet Mt. Sinai. Roads coated with sleet. Nasty out!
  11. Had all sleet for about 30 minutes in Mt. Sinai...just switched to heavy snow.
  12. middlesea

    January 2017 Discussion & Observations

    Down to 8 in Mt. Sinai.
  13. middlesea

    Wave 2, 1/7-8/17 Discussion/OBS

    South Fork getting crushed on radar
  14. middlesea

    Wave 2, 1/7-8/17 Discussion/OBS

    Otherwise, 180 KT Jet in the 12Z OKX Sounding - not a coupled jet structure, but a heck of an entrance region driving a textbook ageostrophic direct circulation (see Uccellini and Johnson, 1979). Overall, a very powdery snow will lessen impacts (and make for easier shoveling!) While the dprog/dt of the HRRR/RAP have lowered QPF with the last few runs, Radar Reflectivity is very impressive as of 1630Z. Local Storm Reports from Delaware are supporting 2+ inches per hour rates approaching Long Island. Will issue another Special Wx Statement.