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2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations


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1 hour ago, Chase said:

Nah. They updated again at 4:25. No idea what the 4:10 blip is.  

Yea weird...it's been updated at least half a dozen times since 4am.  Wonder if it's a computer error?


1 hour ago, BaltimoreWxGuy said:

So not much Virga for you. Good sign I would think for us further north 

Went from nothing to a steady snow in ~10 min in Gaithersburg.

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8 minutes ago, North Balti Zen said:

One thing I know - no matter the storm - Balt city will be the last in the area to fill in and get going.

Well storms typically do move in from West to East or South to North so if comparing to folks in Virginia, DC, WV...yes, Baltimore would be the later to fill in lol

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