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  1. Dusting. Moderate snow. 33F.
  2. White rain, moderate rates. Zero stickage.
  3. Wet snow with a few pellets and some rain mixed in. 37F
  4. PSU and Eskimo Joe should score well on this event.
  5. Quick update from my previous post. MRB to Reisterstown and points north to the M/D line 5-9”.... on the higher end of this range will be areas closer to the M/D line such as Taneytown, Manchester, Pylesville, Emmitsburg, and Lineboro.
  6. This is clearly an event from I-81 to northern Loudoun and areas near and north of I-70 to the M/D line. 5-9 inch solid event is my call there. MRB to Reisterstown and north is jackpot zone, higher end totals closer to M/D line. I would be surprised to see 3-4” even out here in the Ashburn/Leesburg area. D.C. proper will be lucky to see 1”. South and east of there a dusting then rain.
  7. I advise you all to use caution when looking at the FV3. Feedback per a recent model discussion I attended indicate it has been running too cold and wet.
  8. Very pleased with the 4-8 call west of 95 in the suburbs and 2-4 in the cities. CAD always produces a surprise.
  9. 5” on the nose here. Sleet now, but another burst of big flakes coming per radar imagery into Leesburg, Ashburn. Roads are a mess out here and pm icing will make for an ice palace by the AM.
  10. Burst of snow, big flakes. Nearing 5” at the house.