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  1. Unless there’s red shoes under my house, I wouldn’t call the tornado close at all.
  2. The 6z GFS was bonkers on QPF..2-3” area wide then 12z backed off. We’ll see, sometimes this close in, an older model run gets it more correct than one right before it happens.
  3. Seems like models are having trouble and going back and forth with how potent the main line of showers and storms is between 8pm and 2am. The NAMs don’t even show .5 or more of precipitation whereas 6z GFS was 2-3” area wide and now 12z is around 1-1.75”. I guess we’ll just have to see how that main line performs to verify or bust rain totals/severe weather. But it seems like that strong of a southerly jet would argue heavy rain but ?
  4. Just as CWG cancels winter for good, the GFS has some mood flakes with the coastal next week for some of the N&W crew. Obviously wouldn’t amount but it shows possibly snow falling for a time
  5. Canadian looks very similar to the GFS for the next week deal
  6. The fact that this thread was even created is kind of sad...I suppose there was some sarcasm in it though.
  7. Just found more flakes in my beard while spring shaving than I seen all winter...see y’all in about 8-9 months. It’s been real.
  8. Nobody offends me, I’m not a snowflake. I tell it like it is. There people in here that overexaggerate everything and losetoa6 is one of them.
  9. Give it a rest. Other than conversational flakes for people like you, winter is over.
  10. Looks like good model agreement on big storm in Atlantic north of the Bahamas. Gonna book a cruise out of Baltimore and sail thru it, I’ll have reports for you guys
  11. Euro has a monster storm for next week but it’s well off the coast. Would be a hell of a storm for ships to try to move through though
  12. Not that it matters but definitely not snow. No trough-iness on east coast