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  1. GFS continuing its step back. Hardly any precipitation now. Not that this was much to track to begin with but it’s all over now
  2. Don’t forget wind. And I received no ice this year so
  3. Yeah cuz we’ll get good wrap around with a low off Cape Cod!
  4. Definitely a winter day today, on Saturdays I work at Meadowood regional park in Timonium. It’s a pretty popular park for soccer/lacrosse but also walking/running/dog walking. Not nearly as many people here this morning as the last couple Saturdays. It’s 31F and pretty darn blustery!
  5. I agree. Someone asked me on my weather page what role climate change might be playing in the lack of snow this winter and past winters....this was my response. Good questions and it’s a complex answer in my opinion it isn’t simple. When we talk about climate change/global warming in relation to local weather and climate records, we have to remember that really legit weather record have only been kept for less than 200 years. But also have to keep in mind the rapid industrialization of urban areas in the same last 200 years. One would be a fool to think that rapid industrialization has played no role in weather and climate, particularly in urban areas over the last couple centuries. But I still believe our weather is dominated by cycles and weather patterns. The reason for the lack of snow this year is mainly simply because the pattern doesn’t support it. Storms have tracked to our west and that will always put us on the warmer side of the track with southerly flow. So climate change/global warming not only argues for a overall rise in global temperatures (which is happening) but also more extreme weather which is also happening. So over the last 30-40 years around Baltimore I think there’s been a higher frequency in Lower snow winters but I also believe there’s been a higher frequency in big snow storms over the last 30-40 years if that makes sense. So in my opinion, the years of many small to moderate snows that get us to near average are going to be more difficult to come by, but we’ll still see the occasional winters with 1 or multiple large snowstorms
  6. I think most people see it this way...except for homer ass Scot Van Pelt lol
  7. Yeah, I agree. Call me a downer but I just don’t see them advancing past sweet 16. The thing they have going for them is college basketball lacks dominant teams this year but they’re gonna run into some team who is shooting well and they won’t be able to keep up. We’ll see, I’ll still try to enjoy it either way.
  8. Certainly possible but yeah they need the 3rd guy. He maybe won’t be the guy this year but I kinda like Donta Scott. Maybe not the most talented guy but he’s always hustling and following his shot. There’s definitely not a lack of hustle or effort on this team but they do lack the consistent scorer from the outside. Sometimes Ayala or Wiggins get a little hot but it’s super inconsistent. 2-14 from 3 last night to start.
  9. Misting here ahead of the rain/potential line. I wouldn’t think that bolds well for strong/severe chances
  10. Doesn’t look like this was accurate...looks like a bust for the higher totals to me..all the heavy stuff is in south North Carolina, the returns have been pretty weak all evening in the Norfolk/VA beach area
  11. I can’t disagree more. It’s a weak system. And the temps are marginal. A general 1-4” is the best call and that’s what the NWS and most outlets are going with. Maybe if EVERYTHING goes right a few lucky spots get 6” but you’re basing everything on the NAM
  12. Well PDIII needs to be sacrificed right now for these shenanigans