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  1. The last GFS looked to be a fairly major rain/ flooding event. Looks to be over 3 inches of rain in a twelve hour period.. obviously there could be significantly higher totals where training sets up. This stuff is on my radar these days seeing as though I live in the Patapsco River valley...
  2. PDIII

    April Discobs 2019

    The wind seems colder these days.maybe it is because we get intermittent warmth
  3. PDIII

    2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    I am ready for this. It hope we get our hurricane this year!
  4. Whoever is recently browsing this thread (including myself) are like a gambler at the slot machine at 6 in morning after liquidating their house and car the night before.
  5. He is kinda like JB2's doppelganger. Both are weenies gone awry.. once a promising career in broadcast meteorology.. now just trying to make it big on facebook.. but thats where there's path diverge.. Berk was a great caster butt I think his weenie stuff got in the way. But now he does school assemblies and he is active in the community. He came to my kids school.. I think he is genuinely happy to be a facebook met. DT just yells at people that visit his page. I think I got banned from DT I think the first day I commented on one of his posts.
  6. Nice.! I read that post too.. and I was a little confused when he said it was gonna be dry for like 15 days or something.. We are in a flood warning right now. I kinda feel sorry for him.
  7. PDIII


    Can't even manage some severe with a frontal passage. Red Flag warnings surely will be hoisted.
  8. Fitting. There is still time for a sneak attack.
  9. My first beer ever! I had 6 of them in my backyard before walking to school in the 7th grade. Wasn't bad. They were warm and I polished them off in a out 15 minutes.
  10. PDIII

    March Banter 2019

    Caveliers are work horse. I drove a 97 around for 10 years never put a dime in it.
  11. PDIII

    March Banter 2019

  12. PDIII

    March 3-4, 2019 Snow Discussion and Obs

    Great article if you are a weather geek https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/weather/2019/03/06/freak-thing-mph-extreme-gust-rattles-bahamas-bound-cruise-ship-injuring-passengers/
  13. PDIII

    March 8th Light Snow

    The cool thing about winter here is when it pops off.. man we get hammered. You just gotta persist through winters like this to cash in. Seems like it happens every approx 6 years.. probably just a coincidence.. but 87, 93, 96, 03, 10, 16
  14. PDIII

    March 8th Light Snow

    I really dont think it is about the cold. It is about teleconnnections/ pattern. The fact that Minneapolis has had record snow this winter tells the story for the mid atlantic. This winter the storm tracks set up over the Mississippi river valley.. everyone in the northwest quadrant of that track got snow on snow. You need an anomoly in the north atlantic timed with an active STJ to get big time snow here. We can also get northern stream winters where the ao is negative and we get several moderate events. this year was just way too average for us....
  15. PDIII

    March Banter 2019

    Did someone really make him change his screen name?? I don't support the wall, generally because it really will not be effective and there are much better/ common sense ways to solve these problems. But I don't know if it is right to make him change his screen name. I think we should just let people stand up for what they believe in unless they are offending someone else or outwardly injuring someone. Just having it as his screen name, although probably a poor decision, wasn't really hurting anyone.