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  1. GFS is calling for 6-12 for halloween!
  2. 15 shot in Baltimore in 24 hours this weekend: https://www.wmar2news.com/news/crime-checker/baltimore-city-crime/two-dead-15-shot-including-two-year-old-in-seven-saturday-shootings-in-baltimore
  3. Yeah this is a neat event. I was at the inner harbor yesterday and water was coming up over the edges in several places. I heard fell's point had minor flooding. I am trying to figure out what the physics is behind this.. I guess it just has to do with the elliptical orbit of the moon passing close coinciding with the equinox..
  4. haha.. drunks throwing axes.. always ,looking to this event in anticipation of someone getting an axe in the forehead!
  5. Holy sh%t did anyone see the look on the face of Rudolph what Earl Thomas knocked him out? Aikman would have went back in to the game.. things just arent the same anymore..
  6. I think it is a congrats.. for me any extreme event peaks my interest.. thats why I am here.
  7. Am I reading this right? BWI 98. If so that broke the all time record for October.
  8. I guess we can start tracking now. "The earliest measurable snowfall in both Baltimore and Washington, DC was 0.3 inches on October 10, 1979, during the World Series." https://www.weather.gov/lwx/winter_DC-Winters
  9. Wow.. nice site redesign.. the user experience is the same.. but the style and performance has been greatly improved! Great job to who ever did it..
  10. What a difference cloud cover makes this time of the year. Saturday and Sunday this past weekend was about 80 or so... but with the severe clear it felt like 90... yesterday was almost perfect in my opinion.. maybe 10 degrees cooler would be ideal. For some reason I have grown to be intolerable of the sun. I think it is all the previous Opiate abuse.
  11. People are running up Frederick road seeking higher ground. Man people are are really jaded around here
  12. I am at the bar now at the lowest point in town (the Phoenix Ellicott City). The radar doesn't look like anything to be honest but a storm is definitely approaching
  13. Ellicott City just with an amazing wind gust and wall cloud. The radar seems to be moving awfully slow. This is ominous