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  1. It was never that way before.. snow used to come and stick around for weeks. These days with the ice caps melting and all.. it doesnt have chance.
  2. Oh Ha.. nevermind.. you were talking about boxing the sport not the epic disaster of boxing day 2010... Lol
  3. Boxing day was the psu Hoffman storm... I think...
  4. PDIII

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    Every meso has 6-8 hours or snow before the change over.. that's up here in Baltimore.. I would think maybe 4 more hours for you. Enough to lay down 4-6 imho
  5. PDIII

    February Banter 2019

    @showmethesnow @Ji and @Bob ChiII all disappeared at the same time. I am calling it.. its the same guy. he is just talking to himself to fill up posts and content on the board.
  6. PDIII

    February 19-20th Threat - STORM MODE

    I would use the tropical tidbits total snowfall. It is much better
  7. PDIII

    February Banter 2019

    Actually I want to correct what I said above. I chased a lake effect event back in 2001 or 2002 where it snowed like 3 feet in like 10 hours... Tughill.. I passed out drunk when the it wents nuts... But I remember waking up the next morning thinking.. Jesus.. there was like only 6 inches on the ground when I passed out.. wtf?
  8. PDIII

    February 19-20th Threat - STORM MODE

    No one is getting 4" inch an hour rates. That's Sierra Nevada powder keg stuff. I think the most I ever measured in an hour in my lifetime was 3 and that was once in 2010 and once in January 2011. I think Valentines Day 2015 may have came close.. but that was a frontal passage.. freak show event. In terms of banding.. Check Mappy's post above. You really dont know where the deathband(s) will set up. Banding is going to be meso and we probably wont have a handle on it until some time tomorrow night or right before game time.
  9. PDIII

    February 19-20th Threat - STORM MODE

    I saw went out on a limb earlier. you're right most mets are basically now casting these things now. It is a shame. Years of schooling.. years of watching these things unfold and they basically just color a map that blends the leading guidance the day before the storm. I mean Christ.. even Marty Bass will give his opinion... and he isnt even a anything..
  10. PDIII

    February Discobs 2019

  11. PDIII

    February 19-20th Threat - STORM MODE

    Yeah but I would hope it would be consistent. We are only a 36 out until game time.
  12. PDIII

    February 19-20th Threat - STORM MODE

    the run to run consistency with the GFS placement of the band is staggering. It is probably picking up on baroclinic instability between the CAD and the SE ridge. This tells me that someone will get deathbanded.. just not sure where at this lead.
  13. Probably has had some influence. And it measurable. Look we need responsible global environmental policies. This is important no matter what. All I am saying is that our atmosphere is so much bigger than what we can ever produce and there are natural cycles that will occur that cannot be stopped. Everything I know about global warming comes from my time at Hopkins in the Earth and planetary sciences program. The people I studied under drilled the ice cores themselves and had data that brought a lot of common Sense to this issue. Until someone shows me something that dismisses those findings I am going with what I learned.