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April 2024 Disco- SNE’s favorite month


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67 glorious degrees made ever more ebullient by flawlessly unadulterated mid April sun intensity. 

Despite the fervor of all those syllables ( lol ), it's ultimately fake April warmth just the same, as the DP's are only 29 to 34 throughout the region.  Inject any moisture at all into this air mass and it would slide back into the 44 F pit of despair. 

There's a BD being analyzed in the standard metric surface analysis at WPC ... With the high pressure lurking NW of Maine ... building ESE in time, it doesn't seem there is much of any reason to assume said BD doesn't eventually end up down in NJ somewhere.   Question is when ... typically about 1:pm on a day like this given this synopsis below ...we'll be flirting with 70 F and then all the sudden ... 20 minutes later it's 49 F with flags pointed SW.  But, it's still 59 in PSM which is bit unusual given the time of year/climo along with this below - their winds just came around to ENE though so reality's in the mail



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