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March Discobs 2023

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3 hours ago, TowsonTownT said:

Another cold March day. After 12 days of March, it looks like the average temperature and average high temperature is lower than all of February this year. Looking at the long range temp guidance, is it within the realm of possibility for March to actually be colder than February this year and how often does that happen?

It would be pretty rare to have a lower monthly mean temperature in March than February.  Since 1900 at DCA it happened in 2018, 1960 and 1932; with 1915 having the same mean temp both months.

BWI pulled it off in 2017 and 2018, but before that you also have to go back to 1960.

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Settled on hoteling it up at the Best Western in Pittsfield (KPSF) for this one. Rockland County ended up being too far south. No way I was storm chasing to end up with a sloppy mix. Here’s to hoping this storm doesn’t bust up here too.

35 and rain. Changeover slated for 1 AM.

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Conditions are deteriorating rapidly as I type this out. Very impressive banding rotating off the Atlantic. Been getting about 1” per hour rates since the flip to snow occurred. Closer to 2”/hr rates now falling.

33F with SN++
just shy of 5” OTG

Going to get some shut eye for a few hours, can barely keep my eyes open.

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1 minute ago, dailylurker said:

And it missed me. This winter fucking blows. I noticed we were allowed to curse this winter on the board. There

ooof, yeah woodbine is right on the edge of the heavier returns. sorry :( 

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