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1 hour ago, pazzo83 said:

kinda crazy that we have a front come through - mid January - and yet here in the urban core we are still around 40F at 1am.  Where's the cold air?

this has been the same thing several times this winter as well as the last few years. cold front goes through temps dont go down and in some cases ive seen temps go up over night after the front went past and winds clamed down over night. it is very strange and never really heart any one else talk about it. i asked a few times on this forum and others but never get a reply.

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3 minutes ago, MN Transplant said:

DCA:  +8.8

IAD:  +9.7

BWI:  +11.0

Dulles looks to be the only airport that will challenge its warmest January on record, having a current monthly average of 43.9F, which places it firmly ahead of Jan 2006's avg temperature of 41.8F. As for DCA, a record warm January has been a long time coming, with all of the other "wintry" (Nov-Mar) months having their warmest average temperatures recorded in the 21st century (Nov 2001, Dec 2015, February 2017, and March 2012). Baltimore's warmest January on record stands at an incredible 47.4F set in January 1932, which is +13.1 in current 1991-2020 norms. 

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Up in Saratoga Springs, NY until Tuesday visiting an old college friend . They live about 3 miles east of Saratoga performing arts center (SPAC) Took me an extended weekend away from work with some extra vacation days to burn.

WWA up for 2-6” locally. Going to be an elevation dependent storm, even up here. There’s about 2” worth of snowpack from the last few days as a base leading in. Thinking the area I’m in sees about 3” from this storm. Certainly looking drier than it did a few days back.

35 and cloudy - feels like winter fo sho. Won’t PBP it because I’m not cruel. Hopefully some snowpack to our NW will finally help our area going into early Feb.

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