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January 2023 Discobs

George BM

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1 hour ago, MN Transplant said:

IAD will get the warmest January on record.  BWI is battling it out for 3rd.

for the stations that have them in their period of record, some of those dust bowl-era records are gonna be tough to beat.  I suspect we will do so eventually, though.

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My numbers for Jan 2023

Total precip for the month was 2.30 inches vs a normal 2.94 inches, a - 0.64 below normal. The wettest day was the 26th with 0.63 inches falling. There were 14 days with measurable, 8 days with a 'T' and 9 dry days. Total snowfall for the month was 0.2 inches vs a normal of 5.8 inches, a -5.6 inches below normal and ties the record for lowest recorded for the month with 1993, 2015 and 2006. There was one day with measurable, 10 days with a 'T' and 20 snowless days. There were zero days with measurable snow on the ground at 7 am recording time, tying 1993 and 2006. Averaged high for the month was 48.2 degrees vs a normal of 42.0 degrees, a +6.2 degrees above normal and slides into 3rd place behind 1990's 48.9 degree and 2006's 48.5 degree reading. The warmest day recorded was 70.0 degrees on the 4th. Averaged low was 30.9 degrees vs a normal of 22.4 degrees, a +8.5 degrees above normal and sets a new warmest record for the month. Coldest recorded temp was 16.6 degrees on the 15th. Overall averaged temp for the month was 39.5 degrees vs a normal of 32.2 degrees, a +7.3 degrees above normal and just slides into 2nd warmest behind 1990's 39.7 degree mark. The highest wind recorded was 37 mph on the 21st. Overall a VERY warm and 'damp' month. Although we finished under on precip it seemed to be cloudy and drizzly or flurrying almost every day. Many new records, most listed above, new record warmest low temp, tied least snow, tied least snow on ground and a new 'warm minimum' set on the 19th.

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