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August Discussion/Obs


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37 minutes ago, HoarfrostHubb said:

As 40/70 has said several times recently, we have had a stretch of extremely boring wx.   Unless Northeast style droughts are your thing.   

If a legit severe (ha) or tropical threat was looking possible, things would be more serious methinks.  

I don't think you've called me by that for like 10 years :lol:

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49 minutes ago, wkd said:

I was serious when I said your subforum was probably, for me,  the best on this weather board. There is no better place for me to go during the winter months.  But there is a place for off-topic posts.  I hope there are no hard feelings.

None here, though the boring wx tends to have OT posts slither into other discussions.  And though we've lived in Mine since January 1973, I grew up about 40 miles NE from where you are now, so I remain interested in NNJ wx.

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2 hours ago, Cyclone-68 said:

Wonder if we make it through August without one named storm in the Atlantic 

Below is the 12Z Euro for  Sept 3rd only 200+ hours away.  Euro finally pops some action.  High pressure moving into the Western Atlantic will steer the storms towards the US.  Get ready.  It's a lock.


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1 hour ago, dryslot said:


I wish I saved his 3am drunk rant about upslope snow in the 2011-12 winter.  We had just gotten like a rogue NW flow 15-30” late Feb 2012 during a horrific winter for most… and the dude just lost it.  The only snow that winter was upslope and that event finally broke him.  It was like 40 sentences with no paragraph breaks. 

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