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  1. 10 bucks says i don't see a drop of rain
  2. did NOAA take the day off? lol....i can't see my local forecast
  3. how about hurricane "Don't Worry About It In SNE"
  4. the New England hurricane stein continues
  5. i'm watching 7 now 3-40mph gusts 1"-2" of rain for my area
  6. 30-40mph gusts....1"-2" of rain meh
  7. the only thing i got wrong is the direction it's going to miss us lol....i knew i was done when there was no watches or warnings when i woke up
  8. wouldn't surprise me at this point lol
  9. i think Boston for most part is out of this one
  10. thanks...does nothing for me here lol
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