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January Medium/Long Range Discussion


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6 minutes ago, Buddy1987 said:

Damn .. did they finally fix the Euro? Always used to have a very difficult time with those Baja lows, leaving the energy behind. That makes me think it’s onto something potentially 

I find recently since the 'upgrade' that now the Euro is too fast at times to bump the energy out of the southwest. Hopefully it is sniffing something besides glue.

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1 minute ago, SnowLover22 said:

uh oh....


 Seriously you would think it would not just impact the euro though.

I think he means "initialization" instead of "innovation"?  And that would impact would already be past.  It wouldn't impact anything going forward.  

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The 12z Euro had a really nice pass at 500 with the main feature sliding by to the south of DC. That's exactly what you want to see for a solid, cold smoke snowstorm. Given the cold 850 temps and antecedent air mass, 10:1 or even 12:1 snow ratios would be possible. As @stormtrackersaid, this is what we want other models to trend towards. Would easily be the biggest snowfall in the past couple of winter and would put all 3 terminals at or above yearly snowfall.

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3 minutes ago, paxpatriot said:

Given that we’re seeing major differences between the Euro and GFS by 84 hours, I don’t think we’re too far away from one folding to the other here.

Canadian is kind of in between.  Has a storm but it slides off to our south.  GFS is the most suppressed of the three.  

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