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August 2021 Discussion/Obs

George BM

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1 hour ago, MN Transplant said:

Sadly those are different houses.  The one through the window is particularly scary.


Temperatures are interesting today.  It has been really dry in west central VA, and sure enough it is 97 at CHO and Culpeper.  95 BWI, 94 IAD, and 91 in the new icebox at DCA.

That’s crazy…incredibly similar damage. That microburst was really something else.

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Disgusting out there. Easily the worst day of the summer here. Was outside staking out an area for excavation/tree removal for a new expanded parking pad, and drenched. Just walking in the woods and hammering in stakes. Took a shower and now sipping on a 120. Feel much better.B)

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17 minutes ago, mattie g said:

Interesting that the same thing is happening today as it did yesterday. The electricity in the cell that clipped Burke yesterday was super impressive.

I'm not sure if is normal for up here in Williamsport/Hagerstown or not.  We just moved in two weeks ago. Haha.  Looks like round two is coming in now.

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2 minutes ago, SnowtoRain said:

@CAPE what do we have to do to get some storms over here, 92 with 80% humidity not enough juice?  Squeezed out 0.09" with that dying storm.

The last 2 days places west of us have been favored with the better forcing. Nothing really to keep the convection going as it moves east with the loss of heating.

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On 8/10/2021 at 8:35 PM, MN Transplant said:

I think I’ve seen enough to say that this was the biggest storm to hit my immediate neighborhood in decades (better than the derecho).  Two houses with direct hits, one down the street from me and one a block over.  Branches down and leaf parts sticking to everything.  I bet we went 70+.



Perhaps the best thing I cull from here is when a veteran local observer with complete knowledge turns in Obs of “most in decade(s)…….most Ever. “

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