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  1. Harv_poor

    November 15-16 First Frozen Obs/Nowcast

    Back to all snow in WolfTrap area
  2. Harv_poor

    September Discobs Thread

    I have a question on the daily readings. The CWG reported rainfall of 1.26 inches at Reagan yesterday. If I look at the hour by hour, I get 0.58 by the 11:52 PM reading. The 12:52 AM reading has an additional 0.68 bringing the total to 1.26 as reported. Is this because the additional 0.68 fell in the eight minutes between 11:52 and midnight or possibly because you count the 12:52 readings as the prior day? Or is the 12:52 counted only during DST? It would seem this would also apply to max and min temperatures for each day.
  3. Harv_poor

    June Discobs Thread

    The Norman Golf Course at Lansdowne lies in the flood plane and was built (raised greens and tees) to handle river flooding. Yet, what I saw this afternoon as I rode around was quite an unbelievable sight. The flooding from the river and from Goose Creek inundated so much of the course, reaching greens, covering tee boxes and many paths and bridges under significant amounts of water. A great majority of the course was unaccessible. The flooding of two weeks ago was almost trivial compared to today.
  4. Harv_poor

    April Discobs Thread

    Frost delay at my club out past Dulles until 8:30.
  5. Harv_poor

    March 20/21 STORM Obs/Discussion- No Banter

    First plowing of our cul de sac. Normally, we are the last to get plowed. About an inch, just west of Tysons off Route 7.
  6. Harv_poor

    March Discobs Thread

    Interesting all these comments. Played 18 holes today and the cold was not bad. Winds were minimal.
  7. Harv_poor

    The Panic Room--Winter 2017-2018

    What is the most frustrating and/or depressing, IMHO, is that both Amer Wx and DT started honking this storm over a week ago and at least DT said because of the "block" this was a mid-atlantic storm; no way it can go north to NYC or Boston. And now, we are expected tp get bupkis and Boston has a WSW and could get a foot or more!
  8. Harv_poor

    March Discobs Thread

    I agree. Played 18 holes both yesterday and today, and once you got to noon or so (past the early morning chill), it was quite comfortable out there. Much warmer feeling then playing in 50ish degrees in January.
  9. Harv_poor

    January Discobs Thread

    In Canton this morning, the sidewalks were super dangerous to walk on and the cars iced up over night. The center of the streets seemed okay but saw at least one car who could not get out of a diagonal parking space due to ice. Also, when we tried to back a car out of the garage onto an alley, we could see the rear of the car almost sliding into the wall across the alley.
  10. Harv_poor

    Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    Visiting my daughter and grandkids in the Canton area of Baltimore. Had to go out to my car to get my bag.Wow! Sidewalks are unbelievable but street is just wet as are the actual cars.
  11. Harv_poor

    June Banter Thread

    Are you clearing your browser history? Maybe automatically when you leave your browser? I have to re- login on my IPAD whenever I clear the history.
  12. Harv_poor

    February banter thread

    Wow!. No need to go south in the winter to golf anymore. I think I played eight rounds of golf in January, including yesterday. Only one where the ground was frozen and could not get the tee in the ground. Much rather have had to shovel my driveway eight times!
  13. Harv_poor

    May 2016 Obs/Disco

    Not me. As somebody who recently retired I cannot count how many rounds of golf have been rained out since the end of April (like Saturday and Yesterday) or when I do play being subject to a lot of "plugged" shots. One of our courses is Zoysia and I think that just won't dry until we get the sunny and 90 degrees.
  14. Harv_poor

    May 2016 Obs/Disco

    CWG recently updated today to a "5" because of the unexpected nice morning!
  15. Harv_poor

    April Banter Thingy

    The human body can be weird. Like you, I went 60 years without ever being allergiuc to anything. Now three years later, I take Claritin every day and seem to have a constant runny nose. And since I have been in my house for 30 years, and golfing at the same club for 20 plus years, it is not like there is anything new in my enviroment.