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June 2021 Discussion/Obs


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We had a deluge for an hour or so (with light rain after) as cells popped overhead at 5:00-ish. Swim practice was cancelled. :lol:

Within 15 minutes of the rain starting, our back window well filled up and water started coming in through the basement window. Had to go outside to clear the gutters, then bail the water out of the window well. Good thing is that side of the basement has a drain in the floor and is our storage/HVAC/water heater area and not the finished section. We were able to wipe it all up and get it dried out pretty quickly.

2.29" from yesterday at the nearest reporting PWS (just ESE of Fairfax City), but I suspect we had a bit more as we were closer to the main cell than that PWS. Been raining pretty good so far this morning and it looks like plenty more on the way.

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3 hours ago, CAPE said:

Looks like a stellar run of weather ahead, especially behind the cold front that will move through early next week. Cool mornings, low dews, sunny days with highs around 80.




Excellent news ! 

And backed up by the 10 day temp anomaly by the Canadian ensemble





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That was a pretty awesome storm(s) yesterday! (and more rain today? Wow) The certain direction the wind was driving rain somehow felt quasi-tropical! As it stormed I sat down and played a stormy Beethoven :lol: I'll typically play a storm-themed piece on rainy days...usually either Beethoven's "Tempest" or Chopin's "Raindrop" prelude...nice afternoon!

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