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2/6/-2/7 Snow Threat


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Almost heavy snow here, 32.4˚ about 4 inches on the deck rails...seems that when it gets more moderate the flakes get bigger, but the heaver it gets the smaller the flakes... looks like it is going to do this for the next several hours...  might it be March 2009 all over again?  we ended up with 12.4" forecast said 1 - 3"

Awesome. Just over 1” now but it is putting it down.

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3 minutes ago, Jmoon said:

Absolutely pouring snow here in sw rutherford county at 33.0 Just measured 3 inches. It has all accumulated in the past 2 hours. Turning into a nice well overdue snowstorm here. Trees starting to really sag. Probably going to be power issues if it keeps up at this rate. 

Thats awesome. Im around 1.5" now. So quiet outside right now. All I can hear is some limbs getting heavy under the weight of this snow.

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Just now, oconeexman said:

Im sitting at 3" now and its still coming down but looks to end soon. Mountain Rest has 5" in the nw part of the county. Townville has about an inch in the southern part of the county close to Anderson. Hrrr pretty well nailed this one for here!

And yet GSP along with the tv Mets said we wouldn’t even get a dusting. LOL. Just another reason why this forum rules the roost. 

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