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  1. I've never seen this type of damage in person. My hometown looks like a warzone. My house and property were spare thank God! Borg Warner (5miles south of me) is destroyed. Thank goodness there was no 3rd shift due to Covid pandemic or this would be a major loss of life and serious injuries to deal with which the hospitals would struggle with at this time.
  2. Here's your convective snow band of the year! Kansas 15 mile wide swath of over a foot!
  3. Lol I'll be in Syracuse next week..I'll post pics! All in all this winter was a C+ or a B- here. Had a big overperformer of 4+" with not even an advisory until 2" was on the ground. Got to see some more fall on 2 different occasions.
  4. Meh another rain maker then more cold. Weak disturbance 29th-1st that has possibilities. Looks like some decent upslope for the mountain folks coming up. Long range def has some cold air shots though. Was hoping to see another before I hit the road in March for work. But will see some snow on the banks of Lake Ontario for sure!
  5. Yea that doesnt happen often for sure! Enjoy it down in LA
  6. Still an ugly old mix here..literally snowing all around me..even in Anderson
  7. Good for you turd...lol No congrats really...hopefully Mack gets some as well
  8. Same here..best flakes yet and I'd say 60/40 snow
  9. Nice...hopefully your area can complete the changeover. It been a battle here for over an hour. Almost .3" qpf down the gutters. Although all indications were I was screwed from the get go
  10. Man it wants to switch over bad here but dont think it will. Got a lot of flakes mixed in now..back and forth. Wish I didnt like this crap but I do
  11. I know this is a wierd one hear. Now getting some sloppy flakes mixing in