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  1. Same here..hwy11 and 123 brine city..my silver truck is kinda ashy now...lol
  2. 40 deg and tstorming like crazy...wtf
  3. Pingers mixing in now...the end is near
  4. Dumping again..this is crazy
  5. You should pick up another inch. I thought it was about over then boom..yhese heavier bands keep developing and training from me to you.
  6. She aint giving up easy here. Back to dumping again! Victory is ours!! Temp hanging right at 32
  7. Im sitting at 3" now and its still coming down but looks to end soon. Mountain Rest has 5" in the nw part of the county. Townville has about an inch in the southern part of the county close to Anderson. Hrrr pretty well nailed this one for here!
  8. Snowing now harder than the changeover...lookout!
  9. Solid 2" and still snowing..31 deg