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  1. Has continued to snow off and on here. Tapered off now to very light snow / sleet. No accumulation, but nice to watch it fall.
  2. Snowing in Lewisville for last 15 minutes. Big flakes but not much intensity here.
  3. 13 inches in Lewisville (west Forsyth county). Still snowing but lighter now. 30F
  4. Lots of wind now...gusty. Worried about some trees. Nearing 12 inches
  5. Heaviest snow I’ve seen during the event in Lewisville. 10 inches or more
  6. Looks like 9 inches in Lewisville. Lots of wind recently.
  7. Moderate snow and 34. Half inch...sticking on roads now.
  8. Steady light snow in Lewisville. Starting to accumulate on roof top / deck.
  9. Very light snow continues in Lewisville...37F