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  1. I remember many big snows the day after 70’s… it usually happens more in March… but it has happened !
  2. Clemson SC / Western Upstate… we have a definite 3 inches of snowfall… looks like we are having sleet mix in.. very gusty winds… all trees and plants with leaves are weighted down.
  3. Haha in regards to welcome back! I love snow watches!
  4. Just had some solid Thunder here in Clemson SC at 2pm EST February 19... mountain lore... old wives... 10 days from snow
  5. Been snowing in Clemson for over an hour now... things are covered... brisk wind ...
  6. The last few times that Chris Justice hyped a storm...nothing....and the last few times he dismissed a storm....it hit....the temps are very low....admittedly...the air is very dry...and very heavy moisture would have to penetrate...but at these temps....if anything hits it will freeze....could be a dangerous situation wherever the moisture seeks landing.....would be more wise to at least account for that possibility rather than dismissing it....
  7. They are treating roads already in upstate SC....must have a surplus of salt and brine and see no future for us this winter!
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