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  1. For real JB? I didnt know you can just get a third shot. No note from the doc or anything needed?
  2. Well we decided tonite to cancel our trip to NYC in early Sept.for my 50th bday. I have to figure out how to resell my tix on stub hub for the Mets game. Cancelled our stay at the TWA Hotel at JFK. Will have credit towards future flights on DL as well. I just didnt feel comfortable going with this Delta variant even though my wife and I are fully vaccinated. Hope things are better by mid october for our trip to Hawaii.
  3. Glad Yotoman for his vaccine. I havent had Covid and hope not too get it but I did get the Pfizer vaccine and the only side effect I had was about 8 hours later I was just really tired. Felt fine by noon the next day. But this delta variant has me on edge
  4. Im supposed to go to N Y for my Bday weekend next month. Im thinking not such a good idea, flying up and back and then in the population as the two variants are going to be everywhere. We came back from the OBX and no masks there either minus a few people. I heard about the Lambda variant now too. We are so screwed IMO. I beleive in the vaccines but it seems that the virus can outdo the virus nowadays. Def some interesting times ahead. May have to look fior a job where I can work from home
  5. Nice!!! I have a 2002 4 runner that I bought with 36 miles on it in 2002. Here we are today and 4 different stats from NC to NH and just cracked 275K. Love this truck so much. Runs amazing like the day I got it
  6. It was in SE VA. They went back to the doc today and he suspects they are at the peak right now if the virus. It is confirmed it is the delta variant. It sounds pretty awful. So looks like Ill be keeping myself in the house here. I have been masking up anywhere I went anyway
  7. It is mostly clouds here now when some virga overhead. But yeah it is bad back home. This is s view near the GWB, you can see how hazy the air is with the smoke in the air
  8. We know we have to treasure temps like this in late July lol. Do you have smoke in your skies down there? Cant tell if it is clouds, or smoke or a combo here.
  9. Finally you get some decent rainfall.
  10. Looks like we reached the end of this rain. Finished up with .88" MTD is now at 6.90"
  11. Spectrum is like a mini DMV office lol
  12. After my last post last night, we got some decent rainfall. Picked up .43" yesterday evening/night 24 hr total has been .76" MTD: 6.35"
  13. Thanks! Yeah they were like we arent waiting 8 hours and then who knows how long they would be waiting for the doc to show up. Im glad they went to one of the urgent care places instead and got retested. I just want them to feel better. Im scared for him since he has heart issues and some lung issues. Sounds like Dr Peters knows how to handle these cases. Smart one for sure.
  14. Well I have to say you are a very giving guy
  15. Had a decent weekend until one of my good friends called me and he and wife tested positive for the damn covid. They both had been fully vaccinated for months as well with the Pfizer shot. He is in rough shape, breathing wise but they are both are feeling really sick from this. If his breathing gets worse for him the doc said to go to the ER. They went there first this morning, and there was a 8 hour wait. 8 freaking hours.
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