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  1. Only got .03" today but that puts June to date at 5.26".
  2. Finished with 2.85" yesterday for the day. Total opposite today with only .03" Though 2 miles to my west got a quarter to half inch of rainfall. Def more isolated pockets today. See if anything else develops this evening
  3. We just got hammered in Wake County tonite. 2-4" across the county. I 40 had some lane closures due to flooding. The thunder and lightning was epic in NW Cary/Morrisville area. When that one thunder clap hit about 95% of the restaurant yelped and jumped off their seats. It was great. I had radarscope open so I had a good idea what we were in for. Still lightly raining but should be a good rainfall tonite
  4. A pretty nice storm ending here in Holly Springs now. Had some nice lightning and few good rumbles. Not sure of how much rain fell just yet as it is still raining. Gladly take it RAL radar had 3 different outflow boundaries showing up earlier, two were heading SSE and combined to be one long one and then over in SE Wake County a outflow boundary heading WNW and got to Raleigh then the storms fired up on that.
  5. Had a good May wrt rainfall 4.81" So far in June its at 1.03" so far. Good thing as summer with its heat and humidity wants to make an appearance next week. Ugh!
  6. Over 5" yesterday at KSAV and easily over 3" today and pouring now. Incredible two days of rain here in Eastern Georgia and one more day to go of rain and storms
  7. This was the first time I seen an EAS send the Tornado Warning across the entire TV screen here in Savannah. Usually its a scroll. The pics earlier were actually on Wilmington Island as well where some very tall oaks came crashing down on some homes there. We have just had some heavy rains and some vivid lightning and thunder in the storms this late afternoon into this evening. Now we are just getting some heavy rain right now here
  8. Ive stayed at that Holiday Inn Express before on my way to FLA years ago,.
  9. Perfect May day today here. Breeze was nice and the air was clean. Perfect!
  10. Newfound Gap at the TN/NC line. Decent snowfall there and 441 was closed for a while
  11. Though I will say tonite was glorious outside and tomorrow should just be as nice. Liking this wx for early May
  12. 1.53" MTD for May 2017 so far. Nothing like the rest of you with more rainfall.
  13. 8.14" for the month of April with today's third of an inch.
  14. 0.00" Dry
  15. Getting dry here. 0.00"