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  1. Is anyone else having trouble with the NWS website. Nothing seems to be working when clicking on a location
  2. Damn Tornado warning for parts of Orange, Alamance and Chatham counties. These storms are pretty strong
  3. I would say it is unusual unless you are elevations like Clingmans Dome or Mt Leconte. But early in May it is possible at some of the lower (5500') elevations like today.
  4. Yep the photo above I posted is from Beech Mtn too just like the video from 11am that Brad posted. Now its clear up there but breezy and chilly
  5. Beech Mtn with a little bit of snow this morning. Pic from Janet Harmon
  6. In the right move and not too surprising, Don Schwenneker is named the new Chief meteorologist at WTVD here in the triangle. Congrats to Big Weather. USed to watch him when I lived in SW PA Mtns https://abc11.com/community-events/don-schwenneker-named-the-new-abc11-chief-meteorologist/10589356/
  7. 2nd batch pretty much died out. Picked up a little more rain though Today was .32" 16,63" YTD 88 for the high today and 64 for the low
  8. A quick hitter with the first line today. Picked up .20" Waiting for the second batch to my west
  9. Wow thats some pretty good damage down there. Hope your house is good
  10. Well that was uneventful for here. Just a period of heavy rain for a short time. For the day we got .33" better than nothing. Now for another extended period of dryness
  11. I know Im stuck here though, wifey wont move back north at all lol
  12. Too warm for me, its 82* here now with a 60 DP. I know its not humid but damn it still feels hot out there. I need 60s for highs