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  1. Got down to 35 here near RDU. Now up to 57*
  2. Freeze warnings here tonite with Frost Advisories to my SE 48* here now
  3. Things getting interesting NW of our area.
  4. Missed the showers and storms yesterday. One cluster came out of Chapel Hill, then died as it got near me then redeveloped on the east side of RDU. Hopefully today we get some rain showers. Allergies are brutal today
  5. Dry and Allergies are awful today and this upcoming week. 71* though
  6. OVC and cool outside. Perfect weather
  7. Nah if it was DT it would be read as "Merry Fookin Christmas you sick twisted slopehead"
  8. Few pics from last Saturday going up thew Blue ridge Escarpment on I 40 West
  9. If this happens, banana hammock wx for Christmas Day.
  10. Seems to be the new norm in the Carolinas that I 85 is the cut off line, south of I 85 you are not going to do well in winter storms, north of it, you are going to do fine. You can almost draw I 85 on this map from the folks at GSP NWS