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  1. Picked up .26" here with the storms. They did create havoc at the airport today. WE had planes stacked anywhere we could, every gate was full, some got diverted to GSO. Delta had a major mess on their hands tonite. Started at 10am and left at 845pm. Im bushed.
  2. Ok Especially SW VA, Western NC and the peeps in the Appalachians in SC and GA, give us your updates on the autumn color in your area
  3. Only a Trace here but more to my west and to my east I guess I am the anti precip shield LOL
  4. WElcome to the SE. You will get a kick as long as you have a great sense of humor here in this region. I too, just moved down in June 2016 from Loudoun Couty, VA and the first winter was pretty funny. We had a 3/4" snowfall for the season and a few days of below freezing temps. Otherwise expect 40 and rain most of the time. You will do a little better in W-S area at least. Welcome
  5. Total from Nate .27" From Oct 8-9 2017
  6. Finally some rain, mainly drizzle or showery type but Ill take it. Is def soupy outside Finished Sept with 2.27" here
  7. wow that is nice for Eastern TN/NW NC up I 81. That 3/4" wont do much here in the piedmont though
  8. Awesome have a great time. Ill be in Boone this upcoming weekend. Maybe even catch some fall foliage there down to Mt Mitchell
  9. Now thats Nice bro lol. 39* Ahhhhh. Enjoy it man
  10. HAPPY OCTOBER!!!! Started the day here at 46*. Going up to 72*. wish we can bottle this weather today and keep it around for a while
  11. Dry Dry Dry and Dry still no rain in weeks here. I do like the cooler temps and drier air even if it is to be short lived
  12. Dry Dry and Dry. Not much rain in the forecast either
  13. Dry and Hot
  14. Def could use some steady rain, it is a tad dry outside
  15. Glad to see my Patriots rolling on over the Saints.