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  1. Pfft. I cut my new sod in the back yard going on 3 times next week. It took so well when we put it down in late fall/early winter and it is a lush deep green. Love it
  2. Hmmm something to keep an eye on. I wasnt counting on much for tomorrow PM
  3. Nice rain this morning then the sun came out and then I thought we would be split this evening but that lone cell that blossomed over Durham/Chapel Hill strengthened nicely and had some nice T & L in NW Cary but only .05" in the bucket back home in SW Wake Co. Total for the day .31"
  4. nice to add another .3" today to my .9 season total to date.
  5. Welcome Tyler. You are more than welcome to post in the SE forum. We would love it. WE have a handful of people in SW VA which sometimes is similar to Beckleys climate. Lived there for a short time.
  6. Saving the snow for the upcoming great drought of 2017
  7. MMMM Cold Rain, perfect for March flowers
  8. Damn sorry to hear this. I hate Cancer with a passion and frankly scares the hell out of me. You are right, its a short ride sometimes. My condolences
  9. Its all about enaging in sping
  10. Cut the backyard Saturday PM. The sod took quickly and it took off. Lush deep green. So much for the mexican fan palms being able to hand cold wx. After our "snowstorm" back in Jan they are all brown and dead. My needle palm and Sabal palm are doing great though, go figure. I wish I had the receipt and bring them back to Lowes but its gone.
  11. 1.56" for the month here.
  12. Nice, still raining here so no measuremt yet, but I did total up Feb totals and we got 1.56" here
  13. Thank you Yotaman. Ive had huskies since my senior year in high school along time ago. I love the breed and always have. Best dogs. My last one that had lymphoma and passed away in Nov was like that. You had to hug her and be with her on her bed only. She wouldnt get on the bed and snuggle with you. This goofball rescue is the total opposite. He sits with me on the couch and will sleep in bed with the wife and I. He does have separation anxiety but we are slowly working on that. Love him though.