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  1. she did mention the triangle area. "We will still see impactful winter weather and accumulations on Thursday night (including the Triangle) and parts of our viewing area will still see a major winter storm Friday"
  2. Yep jacksonville, Washington, and towns towards the Crystal Coast will get the 2-4" from the low.
  3. You have been this way for a long time here. Its just weather. If it happens good, if it doesnt, life goes on. Get a grip on reality
  4. Major winter storm in the Triangle? What is she looking at? Maybe for Elizabeth City.
  5. I think she has sung already
  6. Its pretty much over. Back to square one and wait for the next one
  7. Go for it!!!! I was forced to change careers in 2010 after being a regional sales mgr in the mid atlantic and new england for different beverage companies. I was burned out when I was let go in 2009, we moved to DC and I entered the aviation industry and absolutely love it. Im so glad Im not in the bev industry anymore but doing something I immensley enjoy every day. I turned 40 when I changed my career wholly. You can do this. Go for it
  8. But you should realize by now that it is tough to get a good snow in your area. It is rare for a good size storm in the hills there. I wouldnt expect any snow if I lived in the low country. I mean it is pretty far south and it is even more rare to get some snow there. What's your average there .1" per season?
  9. Maybe you should go back to your other board(s)
  10. This must be a dry micro climo here. Only picked up .67" here
  11. You know by now that it will bring nothing here. Its just not our time.........................................................................as usual
  12. Definitely wasnt here, I had only a trace
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