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  1. Thank you for the live update. We will probably be a little to early but hopefully early next week they will get cranking. Def will be in the boone-WJ stretch.
  2. Indeed, we are heading up this weekend and into early next week to NW NC
  3. WE had a decent storm around 5 am here, but you guys have been getting hit daily up there in the hills. We will be up there next weekend for a few days. We did finally get rain here 4.14" which is a lot since its been so dry. Keep the cooler air coming in hopefully soon up there
  4. yeah good thing Im not a meteorologist by trade LOL. WE got 4.14" here. I was awaken around 5am with the loud thunder and lightning was vivid. I didnt see all this rain coming at that time so most of it fell between 5am and 11am. Pretty impressive. The gauge in Umstead had 5.76". Saw the flooding on Raleigh Police twitter page neat Westpark, not too far from here. Its either feast or famine with rain lol. Hope the storms didnt wake up your new born. Now Weathertap radar shows snow in VA and northern Durham county
  5. still dry here, I dont know about rain tonite. Every day since Tuesday was a chance of rain and nothing yet. I know it wasnt going to be widespread but really could use some water here.
  6. another 0.0" here. Most of the rain was to my south across moore county and the sandhills Maybe tomorrow. For a forecast that had a good chance of rain everyday this week mostly, its been a big bust for some locals
  7. Hillsville and their climo strikes again. The new snow capital of the southern apps
  8. Thats crazy with the rain. Nothing today but did rain down the Triex near Morrisville pkwy. Congrats on your newborn. Plenty of time for you be up at night in the winter watching the 0z Euro while feeding the baby lol. But congratulations to you !!!!
  9. That line of storms rolled through and managed to rain all around me. I got .01"
  10. Looks like we will be done with any precip for the rest of Sept. So 2.73" for the month here Today was def warmer looking forward to the somewhat cooler temps rest of the week
  11. Yep it shows up on the hourly report from KJQF
  12. Def opening the windows here tonite, but enjoy those 30s Met
  13. Had a good dumping of rain earlier around 1pm or so. It is super soupy out there now and the sun keeps making an appearance which should only help storms later on Today so far .68" MTD 2.46"
  14. In other news, Hillsville, VA has its own little climo thing going on
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