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  1. Had no problems this evening from Raleigh to Fort Mill,SC. Outside of the construction zone on 85 near Kannapolis, it was an easy drive.
  2. There are still rooms available in Charleston, SC that have websites and still have some vacancies.
  3. Wow the Holiday Inn Express jacked their prices up from last week. It was 999 for sunday night then dropped to 990, now up to 100 dollars for Sunday night. The candlewood suites is new one that has jacked up their rates as well. Both are in Sumter, SC Just a little bit of price gouging going on here.
  4. Ahhhh
  5. It is pretty awful out there for most of the state, ugh
  6. I voted #3. Being from far NW NJ in the "mountains" we had humidity all throughout the summer but we had cold fronts that would actually make it way south of us and lots of T storms in the afternoons. So back then I didnt mind it and I didnt sweat like I do now. NH summers were nice too. But we did heave heatwaves and humidity but short lived. When we moved to Southern New Hampshire it did hit 100+ for 4 days and the house had no AC. Then moving to Northern VA it is like it is here, though most of the summer. WE did get cold fronts though that cooled off for a few days. But it could be more humid there than here sometimes and hotter temps with the downslope of the mountains to my west. It just lasts longer here. It is what it is and I expected it to be humid here for most of the summer months from May to October. That being said, one day when I hit the lottery I will buy myself a cottage or cabin on Beech Mtn
  7. I still have a few degrees north of you when we move this Thursday.
  8. Had a pusler pop up that got Apex, Cary and Western Raleigh but then died out. It is humid though whew. Person County wins again with some good rainfall this afternoon
  9. If you want to do a fantasy league, Im in for that. The one I was in last year is no more and the other one from my old neighborhood Im not doing since we moved out of there
  10. Only got .03" today but that puts June to date at 5.26".
  11. Finished with 2.85" yesterday for the day. Total opposite today with only .03" Though 2 miles to my west got a quarter to half inch of rainfall. Def more isolated pockets today. See if anything else develops this evening
  12. We just got hammered in Wake County tonite. 2-4" across the county. I 40 had some lane closures due to flooding. The thunder and lightning was epic in NW Cary/Morrisville area. When that one thunder clap hit about 95% of the restaurant yelped and jumped off their seats. It was great. I had radarscope open so I had a good idea what we were in for. Still lightly raining but should be a good rainfall tonite
  13. A pretty nice storm ending here in Holly Springs now. Had some nice lightning and few good rumbles. Not sure of how much rain fell just yet as it is still raining. Gladly take it RAL radar had 3 different outflow boundaries showing up earlier, two were heading SSE and combined to be one long one and then over in SE Wake County a outflow boundary heading WNW and got to Raleigh then the storms fired up on that.
  14. Had a good May wrt rainfall 4.81" So far in June its at 1.03" so far. Good thing as summer with its heat and humidity wants to make an appearance next week. Ugh!