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  1. RAL was just talking on Twitter about the latest trends and perhaps hoisting a winter weather advisory for parts of their CWA .
  2. Mostly Cloudy here near RDU 43/36 currently Looking forward to the wet drive to Statesville tonite then Biltmore Saturday in Asheville. Hoping for an inch or so on the grounds of the estate
  3. Sun is really trying to poke through here at RDU now
  4. Left work at RDU around 630 or so and just started sleeting and sleeted on and off until about 9pm. Not bad for early Dec. My quick video was picked up by WRAL of the sleet falling on my truck at work. It may be on the news at 10 on Fox 50 or at 11 on WRAL. Not sure if I will wait up for it. Either way nice way to welcome winter 17-18 here with some sleet
  5. Good thing we need it, it can wash away all the sleet pellets we got this evening
  6. I only was living there from 2009-2016. Not a native though lol. But you never know who knows who lol Have a great trip north
  7. .21" here 49* here now and OVC
  8. Nice!! I miss living up there in Leesburg, Tell my peeps up there I said hi!! If you go up to Snickers Gap, just west of Bluemont, and there is moisture, youll have some snow up there on Rt 7 Ill be in Asheville this weekend. One time Im in the mountains it wont be snowing out there, I swear I have an anti snow shield up around me
  9. The one time Im in Asheville this Fri-Sun and it wil probably have some flakes here in Durham Co instead. Figures
  10. This is more for laughs but wouldnt that be something for our area? Thanks to my friend, Howard Bernstein for the images
  11. Left Durham this late morning in a light shower and got on 40 west and closer to southpoint they had a heavier shower as the road was wet. Slowly worked our way NW to near Sparta NC and the sun starting coming out just after we past I 77 on NC 89. Turned out to be a nice day out there in Christmas Tree Farm country and had a nice sunset on the way home via N. Wilkesboro Picked up .01" here
  12. Im glad I moved NW from my location near Holly Springs last winter. If this map happened again, i would go from .08 in Holly springs to almost 4" in durham county
  13. Even between DCA and NW DC had some wild gradients too
  14. Just to give you an idea, this is I 40 in Raleigh last Jan after 3/4" snow fell
  15. Oh Im done already pack. I was down here last year and we know how that went for the region, minus Mebane and pts N & W from the Jan storm. Im outta luck lol