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  1. Todays temps were nice and with that breeze, it felt comfy to me Finished up with 1.19" Took a video of the windswept rains today at work and posted it on my twitter and TWC asked to use it. I said sure why the hell not.
  2. The trajectory of the storms was just perfect for to miss me here. Its crazy sometime but what keeps this hobby interesting
  3. no hail here, barely any rain. Got .09" in the gauge
  4. Got the shut out here by RDU. Nothing in the bucket
  5. Having a decent little soaker event here this evening. almost a third of an inch. Enough to wash out the pollen finally
  6. Some pics I took this afternoon of the EF 1 tornado yesterday here in Morrisville. This is about a mile from my house.
  7. Great call Brick. I should have texted you when we evacuated our office
  8. 47 for a high here and a low of 43. Raw day out there but Ill take it over 95/75 dews in july Picked up .04" this afternoon
  9. Light rain here now. Picked up .09" last night. Tonite thru Thurs should yield some beneficial rains hopefully
  10. It will be hot and humid with lots of sunshine. Hope you like humidity especially in May
  11. Wow helluva gust front here now just ahead of that line to my west. It was cranking even enough to make this house creak some. Had to have gusts up around 40 mph Sitting at 75* currently before the line rolls through
  12. We actually call it Lake Effect snow back in WV and Western MD and Western PA Allegheny Mtns. Like eyewall said, its just mpisture from the Great Lakes, well primarily Erie transporting the moisture into the mtns and it gets squeezed out in the higher elevations. Thats how Snowshoe gets so much of their snows there, well natural snow it is all mainly lake effect
  13. Hey MA folks, Question for you, What is Clarksburg, Md like and is it a good place to live or anywhere like Germantown up to Urbana? I havent been there in so long Im sure its all exploded with growth.
  14. Thank God this winter is almost over. Its been taken behind the woodshed and beat the Fuuck up badly. It sucked overall. Only good part was the cold temps. But another season with less than 3" here. what else is new. I guess I can put the snow shovel away,........................oh wait I never took it out
  15. Man some are grasping lol, posting maps that snow a half inch. Big deal
  16. I have def noticed it more so lately. I dont understand it. Its just snow as yes I love it but Im not going to wish anyone else that they get shut out whether they are in Florence, SC or Bangor, ME.
  17. Another Mehm but Ill take it, snow is snow. .4" here by the airport
  18. Your infatuation with New England getting screwed is really bizarre. Not sure why all the hate for a region because they are in a much colder climo and in a good location for snows.
  19. Nary a flake here by RDU unless I missed that one falling when I stopped looking out the window. this system is a joke down here
  20. OVC skies and a temp of 46 with a dew of 30 Expecting a half inch snow tops here
  21. Its a paywall so you wouldnt have been able to read it
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