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  1. But you should realize by now that it is tough to get a good snow in your area. It is rare for a good size storm in the hills there. I wouldnt expect any snow if I lived in the low country. I mean it is pretty far south and it is even more rare to get some snow there. What's your average there .1" per season?
  2. Maybe you should go back to your other board(s)
  3. This must be a dry micro climo here. Only picked up .67" here
  4. You know by now that it will bring nothing here. Its just not our time.........................................................................as usual
  5. Definitely wasnt here, I had only a trace
  6. you are spot on bro. It has been a long time since we've had a plowable snow. Im happy for our friends west and in SC getting a wintry event while we get the liquid rain this time around but yeah I miss the real snow
  7. Can we take out the named part of this storm. I hate when they name storms, stupid weather channel @lilj4425 Dont bounce around too much with your stomach full of beer, you wont like the consequences
  8. Congrats on your becoming a Dad. Im sure it is very exciting for you and the Mrs. Welcome back to the forum too.
  9. You have to learn to spread the wealth
  10. Told you guys that Brick starts the thread and he jinxed it. I was spot on for this storm. Stop grasping at 240 hr maps, total weenieism
  11. Ive been around long enough to know you are the jinx in NC for winter weather
  12. We are doomed with Brick starting this thread. We need someone who has been here all year. BRick is a jinx
  13. Yikes, Was the tree rotted in the bottom there? Sorry about the tree and fence
  14. Well that was a nice fun little event. It snowed hard enough around 10-1030 to get the ground covered here and on plants/trees. It goes down as a win for sure. I wasnt expecting much but a few flurries. Its all gone of course as it is slightly above freezing.
  15. So we had to get a new router Saturday since Spectrum blows. So we got it all set up and it is working fine. The only issue Im having is the Weather link app on my Iphone is registering what it showing on my panel at home. Im assuming I need to change the wifi router name since it is a brand new one. But where in the hell do I do that? Ive search all over Davis weatherlink and the app and no where gives me the chance to connect to my new router. It is odd since my Davis vanatage Pro 2 connected to it without me doing a thing to it. Now I know I am pretty dumb with technology but doe anyone have any advice or an idea on how to get it to work on the app on my phone? Thanks
  16. If we accumulate 25.9" by Jan 17, Ill pull an Antonio Brown down I 40 in Rush hour
  17. With the way last winter was here, Ill take some flakes falling from the sky. Sadly Ill probably miss it as Ill be at work in the airport.
  18. The bottom map is what will happen. Yes peeps in Virginia from Richmond to Roanoke and Charlottesville will do well. But Im keeping my expectation in check with some wet snowflakes mixed in with the rain and maybe a very brief period of snow. Im not even concerned about accumulation here it would just be nice to see some fall. Good luck to you guys in the Mtns. You should get a good clobbering out of this. Maybe blizzard like conditions in the higher elevations. Take pics for piedmont peeps
  19. From RAL: .SHORT TERM /SUNDAY AND SUNDAY NIGHT/... As of 422 AM Saturday... During the day Sunday the front will move from approximately the foothills of NC eastward to roughly the I-95 corridor by late afternoon before the front stalls. This front will be accompanied by a band of showers and tstms that will be leftover from upstream activity the day before. As typical this time of year, instability will be marginal for svr weather; however deep layer wind shear will be abundant. Thus well have to closely watch temperature trends during the daytime Sunday and to what extent heating will contribute to instability. In any event, given the low end potential for svr convection, much of southern and southeast portions of central North Carolina are highlighted as marginal in the SWODY2. By late in the day Sunday the southern portion of the upper trof will attempt to close off while gradually pivoting to negative tilt by Sunday night. Vigorous forcing for ascent ahead of this negatively tilting upper trof, by way of phasing of the northern stream right entrance region coupled with the southern stream left exit region of the upr jets, the GFS and European models both show surface low pressure development along the southern end of the front over eastern or southeastern Georgia Sunday night. Should this indeed happen, the large scale upward forcing assoc with the surface low lifting NE across the coastal plain of the Carolinas coupled with the abundant moisture advection from the Atlantic could support a heavy rain event across parts of central North Carolina late Sunday and Sunday night. In fact, some localized flooding of poor drainage areas looks like a possibility Sunday night despite current drought situation. In addition, a svr convection potential will exist east and southeast of the surface low track and in conjunction with the warm sector Sunday and Sunday night, thus we`ll have to closely watch that track. As if these elements werent enough, as the low exits to our east and cold air wraps around from the north, BL temps will rapidly fall, and both the GFS and European suggest that the rain may briefly mix with some wet snow mainly along and north of the highway 64 corridor during the 9Z to 15Z time frame on Monday morning. Given the short duration of this wintry mix event, the antecedent warm surface conditions, and given the fact that the boundary layer temperatures will be marginally cold for wintry precip anyway, we believe that any wet snow that falls will have very little if any impact Monday morning. Its worth noting that the NAM is much more progressive with both the surface front during the day Sunday and subsequent low pressure development along it. In fact, its low pressure development along the front doesnt happen until the system is well to our east, thus resulting in a non-event for us for our area Sunday night. Unfortunately however, that model solution is an outlier among the guidance envelope. In terms of temps Sunday and Sunday night, high temps on Sunday of course will be dependent on cloud coverage and precip timing and placement. But right now it looks like most of central NC should see high temp readings from the upper 60s across the Triad to mid 70s across our southeast zones. Lows Sunday night will happen just before sunrise Monday morning behind the departing cold front.
  20. Seanus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  21. 1.47 MTD 50.30 YTD Past system .09" AC has been humming since we got back from SC Wednesday PM. Dews in the mid 60s, ugh.
  22. It more like THANK YOU for what you do dealing with some PITA posters not in just this region but overall on the board. You and the Mods have a thankless job and you cant win with some of the posters. We are always here for you and yes we have had some great and fun times. I wish you a very happy , healthy and prosperous New Year.
  23. That looks about right. I get 20 glakes while Rocky Mount gets a plowable event
  24. LOL Smart ass. You know when I typed it I knew it was wrong but my mind couldnt get the right spelling so I said eff it
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