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  1. Nice, I drove through them on 40 but nothing at the house here
  2. Nice, Im not shocked at the 2" there. Radar def looked good over Raleigh. Im at 1.31" MTD
  3. Yeah this was def for us. Back edge of light rain is here now, but sitting at 1.07" I think the heavier rain was over your area. I was just on the outside edge of the FF Warning but I was near Wake Forest and drive through some of that heavy stuff on 540 back towards here
  4. Im not sure where in Raleigh but it looked good on radar this evening. Not a drop today. Even with that mini line south of me few hours ago was making a line for here then it fizzled out.
  5. Got shafted this morning with the batch of rain and got shafted again this afternoon. Cant catch a drop here MTD .24"
  6. Finished with .24" yesterday, better than nothing
  7. Welp looks like 2 tropical systems goes west of us and barely get any rain from them. This doesnt look like anything much happening for here in the triangle area at least. One mediocre line to come through and then thats it. Then it is dry the next 7 days
  8. Unless we get some showers tonite before midnight, August finishes up as: 6.47: MTD 38.71": YTD 99* Highest temp 62*: Lowest temp
  9. It is going to be just ugly hot the next 5 days. Ugh. Hopefully this will be the last of the oppresive heat. I like the map above, Ill take it
  10. Finished up with 1.43" from this storm 6.47" MTD 38.71" YTD
  11. Getting a pretty hefty T Storm here in the last 15 mins. Was kind of surprised by it. Picked up 1.24" so far from it.
  12. Welcome brother. I think CLT has just repaired and put in bigger sewer pipes so dump away lol Good to have you hear with us Rich
  13. Had a stormy afternoon here.Picked up an inch of rain on the nose 2.11" in the last 24 hours 5.04" YTD
  14. That was quite the little potent storms last night around 1130pm. Dropped 1.11" here. Great amount of lightning and few thunder. But windswept rain big time 4.06" YTD now
  15. We Are!! Penn State!!!! Love me some fall though I prefer to be 500 miles north instead of here lol
  16. .12 overnight and for the day today 2.93 for the month to date 35.17" YTD Now back to our regularly scheduled humidity
  17. Those pics are insane Met. Wow!!! You guys out there stay safe as you can. Wish you all the best
  18. GSP def has been busy today with the tornado warnings. Its crazy how many in the mtns. From Banner Elk southward. Pretty impressive while I enjoy my .03" lol
  19. Anyone feel anything? https://www.wral.com/magnitude-2-7-earthquake-recorded-near-morganton/19829928/
  20. Nice late afternoon storm, decent T and good L. .60" for the day 2.70" MTD
  21. Just the beginning for you my friend. Fred should drop some liquid on you for sure
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