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  1. Multiple trees down in Wentworth area, on Baker's Crossroads and County Home R Structure fire on Wentworth Street, and access from Wentworth end is blocked by downed trees, delaying response times. University Estates neighborhood has multiple trees down as well, but worst damage seems to be on Wentworth Street near NC 87.
  2. Eden, NC High temperature today 72.4 at 2:37A, low temp today 58.7 at 10:57P 0.74" precipitation recorded, so far Currently 58.7/58.4 and just wet
  3. Pea-sized hail and heavy rain IMBY.
  4. We desperately need a pollen rinse!
  5. Beautiful day to be outside. Low this morning of 32.3° at 6:47A and a high of 75.2° at 1:07P in Eden.
  6. Today's high at my station in Eden, NC was 63.3 at 4:47P and the low was 47.1 just after midnight at 12:02A. February report: Highest temperature was 70.3 at 1:32P on 24 Feb. Lowest temperature was 21.2 at 7:17A on 21 Feb. Highest dew point was 59 at 4:42P on 28 Feb. Lowest dew point was 8 at 5:22P on 03 Feb. Total rainfall was 5.1 inches. Interesting to note is that the highest temperature and lowest temperature recorded was separated by 49.1 degrees and 78 hours and 15 minutes. Further proof that if you don't like North Carolina weather . . . just stick around a day or two. [emoji16]
  7. It made it up to 48.2 at 2:47A, and 48.3 at 12:17P here today. Looks like it started raining about 2:10P, and we have 0.49" so far.
  8. We *only* reached a high of 64.8 imby at 1:42P today after a morning low of 41.6 at 6:07A. Humidity sitting at 53% right now with a beautiful moon that is very nearly full. In the Piedmont Triad area, we may not get to enjoy the full Snow Moon on Saturday the 27th, due to cloud cover.
  9. Made it down to 29.6 imby at 7:02A, with frost on th' punkin' - had ice on the windshields . . . [emoji16] Warming up nicely now. Desperately need these fair weather days to get some work done.
  10. Currently in Eden, NC: 33.3/31.8 with rain falling along with the temp. Reached 35.5 at 6:37A, and it's been dropping since then. Raining hard enough on US 29 in Guilford County to have wipers on low because intermitent won't keep up. For those with it, enjoy the white stuff. ~David
  11. Eden, NC: Currently 36.4 and climbing, but we had a low this morning of 21.2 at 7:17A. Dew points (currently 16) have ranged between 15 and 18.
  12. 3:30P obs: 38.8 with 39% humidity and a 7mph WSW breeze. High today was 40.4 at 1:32P and low was 27.5 at 4:27A. Nothing in the bucket and a UV bouncing between 3 and 4. Not a cloud to be found!
  13. High today of 46.9 at 3:02P and a current low temperature of 32.6 . . . and dropping. Picked up 0.16 today, nothing since about 11:30A. Edit at 11:45P . . . 28.4/23.6
  14. Severe weather looks to be over imby, so I'm sliding back over here for my obs in Eden, NC: The temp and dew point have met back up and are now both hanging out at 32.8 with 0.67 in the bucket. High today was 34.8 at 12:22A, and the low was 30.2 at 6:17A. KSIF is reporting 32/32 OVC 400 KMTV is reporting 32/32 OVC 500
  15. 1600 report for mby in Eden, NC: 34.2/33.4 and mist with 0.64 in the bucket KSIF reporting 33/32 mist OVC 600 KMTV reporting 32/32 mist OVC 500
  16. 1400 report for mby in Eden, NC: 33.9/33.4 and mist with 0.59 in the bucket KSIF reporting 32/32 mist OVC 400 KMTV reporting 32/33 mist OVC 500
  17. Currently imby Eden, NC: 33.1/32.6 with 0.55 in the bucket
  18. Currently: 32.6/31.8 with 0.52 in the bucket KSIF reporting 32/31 OVC 700 KMTV reporting 32/32 OVC [email protected] you must be cooler than me because you're farther north. LOL! Actually, my station is covered in ice . . . maybe it's insulated.
  19. Eden, NC: At my location, the temp finally started dropping from 34.8 at 12:22A down to 30.4 at about 3A, where it has held fairly steady since. Current readings here are 30.4/29.1 with a very light glaze on the deck and the windshields. KSIF is reporting 31/29 OVC 900, unknown precipitation KMTV is reporting 29/29 OVC 900, unknown precipitation
  20. Eden, NC: Currently 34.4/22.7 KSIF reporting 34/20 KMTV reporting 32/20
  21. Eden, NC: Currently 34.9/22.8, a change of +1.7/-0.5 in the past two hours. Humidity at 61% and barometer holding steady at 29.67 under cloudy skies, imby. KSIF is reporting 35 and overcast at 3800 KMTV is reporting 32 and overcast at 5000
  22. Those of us under/next to his hand are still holding our collective breath.
  23. Eden, NC: Currently 34.3/23.8, a gain of 1.1/0.5 in the past thirty minutes. Humidity at 65% and barometer holding steady at 29.66 under cloudy skies here in town.
  24. Eden, NC: High of 42.2 at 3:52P. We're headed the other way now. Currently 40.1/24.8 and the dew point is climbing.
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