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  1. Visible ice glaze this morning, most of the year by far. But less than a degree below freezing so I would think we can avoid major issues. I guess there could be some slick spots on roads though.
  2. Local weather station was as low as 33.3 about 2 hrs ago, now up to 35.8 showing a DP of 27. It has clouded up in that same time frame.
  3. So far this year, freezing rain really hasn't materialized along the I40 corridor southwest of the Triad. I'm a little skeptical because of that, but sure looks like Statesville to Hickory to back toward the foothills and mountains might be in trouble this time. Hoping for sleet...
  4. Just went on a Jeb Walk with my trusty canine. Everything covered now, even the road, especially the shaded areas. 31.6 Still not a big snow, but beautiful out. We'll take it.
  5. Moderate snow now 32.4. Starting to get on roads a little. Grass is white. Just a slight NE breeze, not much but something lacking last week.
  6. 32.7 and pretty good snow. Sticking on everything but the roads and driveway.
  7. I'd like to go ahead and cash out with the 2-4" from DT. Kinda doubt that. But serious, this comes down to timing for many. Somebody that stays cloudless for a bit Sat night, and then gets precip early enough Sun, can score some wintry precip, and maybe a decent little thump. We'll see.
  8. OK, coming down good now. Starting to show quickly on the grass again.
  9. Been light rain and snow mix for awhile. Now some big flakes mixing in. Hoping for some eye candy at least. Snow from last night has mostly melted. Will try to send some flakes south to Wow.
  10. Coating of snow overnight in grassy areas and on car tops. Waiting for returns to the west to get here. 34
  11. Hoping it might help with cooling off for sure.