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  1. This last snow shower is pretty good. Starting to stick on the grass and mulch. Better than nothing.
  2. Had some light flurries about 15 mins ago. Winter highlight so far.....
  3. Best/worst storm of the summer hit Statesville too. About 10K without power in Iredell. Lots of trees and power lines down. We did good here, no damage just under a half inch of well needed rain.
  4. Sleet at the moment. Had some nice snow earlier - big flakes. Some whitening trying to happen.
  5. Same here. Freezing rain, but you can see the sleet pellets mix in at times.
  6. Not much here, must be too far from the ULL. Had some snow mixing in earlier. Mostly rain, maybe some sleet now.
  7. We were closing in on 13 inches and started to get some sleet with the snow. Right now snow sleet mix.
  8. At the foot mark here, still coming down strong.
  9. Not sure yet how much, but it looks beautiful outside. Heavy rates with wind right now. Concerned for power issues with the way the snow is on the trees and the wind.
  10. Moderate snow now. Covering deck and trees and grass looking white.
  11. Snow starting to stick now. Temp falling with stiff winds, but my outdoor thermometer is broke. Based on local obs, getting close to 32-33F
  12. Snow increasing here now. Still need to cool some.
  13. NW of Statesville toward Stony Point Light snow you can definitely see in the last few minutes, but nothing impressive yet