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  1. Cold rain and 36 here. So close and yet so far lol. It was 33 earlier this morning sigh
  2. Just took the dogs out and a few flakes flying around. Nice to finally see some. Not a big g deal really but still nice to finally at least get some flurries
  3. Just waiting for lookout to pop in - he loves glen mf burns haha. It’s way too far out for me to bite but it looks like a good set up at this point. We haven’t had an ice storm like that in over 10 years
  4. Low was 20 and the high was 39 - and it’s in mid November. This is january cold lol hope we get more cold air masses like this during the winter
  5. 3.2” of rain and currently 39. It was in the low 70s in late morning lol. Finally getting some more interesting weather. Great to see the flakes in nc!
  6. same here - had about 3.5" of rain with a huge electrical storm. I thought it was interesting, as I watched laying on the floor between my terrified dogs lol
  7. There was thunder and lightning basically all night. 7 confirmed lightning strikes in the county. Over 5” since yesterday afternoon. Standing water in most yards. Sigh if only this had been snow LOL.
  8. Well this is irritating. 32.5, pouring rain and a thunderstorm. We just can’t win this year lol.
  9. moderate rain with big drops, lightning and 34 here right now. so close and yet so far sigh
  10. well if it were 10 degrees colder it would be snowing lol. not surprised to see rain this morning - as eyewall and cheez said (and many of us who grew up here know) cold chasing rain is almost always a no-go
  11. There are quite a few of us here! It’s just not looking great for a lot of us. Precip either moves out or dries up east of atl - Gainesville -Cleveland. Looked better a couple of days ago
  12. 37/9 with clouds. woo hoo waiting for .10" ice - that is what this January has ended up being. sad lol
  13. 17 for a low this morning. Coldest of the winter so far
  14. Well we sort of dodged a bullet - 1” of rain from the storm. It was 31.5 so only about .20-.25” on the trees. The are bending noticeably but it just went above freezing. An inch of ice would have been a bit much lol