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  1. NEGa

    November 2018 Observations

    wow if only we get this set up this winter lol. its pouring down rain and 37 this morning. not too far from the magical 32 mark
  2. NEGa

    October 2018 Observations

    34 here in NE GA with a pretty heavy frost. Its a gorgeous day, and only 56 at almost noon
  3. NEGa

    Hurricane Michael

    Wow I can’t believe how strong it was when it hit. I just got outside since this morning. Went in and dark and pouring. Now it’s sunny and so freaking humid!
  4. NEGa

    Hurricane Florence

    I noticed that too - a big difference on ne ga and upstate rainfall totals right now. its hard to know which one to believe lol
  5. NEGa

    Hurricane Florence

    Ah, thanks. Trying to keep up on the latest while I am at work
  6. NEGa

    Hurricane Florence

    Am I misreading the latest update? I was under the assumption this storm (for NE GA, the Upstate and Western NC) was for like late Sunday or Monday. I guess I did not realize the storm would be starting earlier?
  7. NEGa

    Hurricane Florence

    thats for sure. we had some rain over the weekend ,but its been pretty dry here too lately (although through July it seemed to be raining every day). what is even more interesting in the track is the storm moving sw over the Gulf Stream. if I recall, many storms (hurricanes and noreasters) get a little nudge to the north as they approach the coast. to have it move sw over the gulf stream seems a bit odd
  8. NEGa

    Hurricane Florence

    Well this new track was weird to wake up lol. I thought Irma was a one time deal - if this were to happen again a year later I would be flabbergasted. Since it’s 5 days out I hope the track shifts again. I love wild wx but Irma did a lot of damage around here and I had no power for 5 or 6 days. The aftermath clean up was not fun lol
  9. NEGa

    APRIL 2018 OBS

    not sure of the final total, but there was 3.9" when I left this morning. it poured again from late morning until about an hour ago so we probably topped 4"
  10. NEGa

    APRIL 2018 OBS

    its been pouring - 2.54" when I checked this morning
  11. NEGa

    March 2018 Obs

    Snow flurries in ne ga. It’s 37 but still seeing snowflakes this late is awesome
  12. 12” measured at sugar mountain. Wow - i haven’t seen a foot of snow from one storm in many years. What a great way to end out this winter and experience a nwf event!
  13. It sure is - and it’s still snowing. I think sugar has reported 15” since I’ve been here (and that doesn’t count what’s been falling this morning)
  14. My 11yo niece is freaking out - this is the most snow she has ever seen lol
  15. Wow oh wow. Still pouring here at sugar. About 8” lol