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  1. March 2018 Obs

    Snow flurries in ne ga. It’s 37 but still seeing snowflakes this late is awesome
  2. 12” measured at sugar mountain. Wow - i haven’t seen a foot of snow from one storm in many years. What a great way to end out this winter and experience a nwf event!
  3. It sure is - and it’s still snowing. I think sugar has reported 15” since I’ve been here (and that doesn’t count what’s been falling this morning)
  4. My 11yo niece is freaking out - this is the most snow she has ever seen lol
  5. Wow oh wow. Still pouring here at sugar. About 8” lol
  6. Nice! I’ve been here since Sunday skiing at sugar too. Skiing has been great last couple of days. We almost cancelled when it was so warm thankfully we didn’t!! Lol I just can’t believe this snow up here - and in mid march
  7. Are you at bee h right now lol? We picked a great time to be up here edited: this is amazing. I can’t believe how hard it’s snowing. With the wind it looks like a blizzard lol
  8. Snowing hard in banner elk right now - this is great lol
  9. March 12th-13th ULL Discussion

    I am at sugar mtn and it is absolutely pouring here. Snowing hard in banner elk too
  10. March 12th-13th ULL Discussion

    Snowing At sugar mountain - I Wish I knew more about snow in this area lol. Other than what y’all are saying I don’t have much of a clue since it’s not imby lol
  11. Snowing at sugar mountain. A couple feet is making a big difference right now lol. Light snow at banner elk but pouring at the summit on the webcam
  12. I certainly hope so - at sugar for a last hurrah ski trip. It’s cold and wet now hoping to see a couple of inches of snow to end the season. 37 with light rain on and off
  13. Nice glaze on the trees and grass this morning. It’s pouring now and 32 so the ice is just about done
  14. 35/14 imby. A light breeze from the northeast (which I like to see for a cad event). Thin clouds - can still see some stars
  15. About 1750’. Apparently mby is in prime cad storm areas for the most part lol (maybe that’s why I enjoy them so much haha)