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  1. Wow so we are all pretty much snowed under and we have another one to track? Best winter in several years lol. It’s hard to think a on other southern storm may be on the way all in all the models for this past storm we’re not that bad for mby. I ended up with a bit more than I thought and we fell into the range that was being discussed on Thursday.
  2. This was one of the best storms for mby I several years. It’s still 29 and nothing has melted. Sorta of wondering if I can get to work tomorrow. There is still about 6” of snow and ice on the driveway. It’s gorgeous outside.
  3. That band in ne ga is putting out moderate snow. Picked up about another inch
  4. Starting to mix back with snow still 27
  5. Frz rain and 28. You can hear the ice in the trees
  6. It’s changed to frz rain still windy
  7. Changed over to sleet here. About 4.5 was the total when it flipped
  8. Have 4” on my deck. The temp is now 28
  9. That just moved through here. It was all heavy snow. Get ready lol
  10. There’s already 2” here. 30 degrees and snowing like crazy lol
  11. 1” and it’s starting to blow off the roof lol
  12. Lol that’s for sure. It looks like a bona fire snowstorm lol down to 30 now
  13. Nice! I thought about sleeping a bit but for once I am staying up lol. This could be a really good storm. its 31 here and almost an inch. The last couple of min the wind really seems to be picking up. Some surprisingly big gusts too.
  14. I know right, finally lol. It’s pouring here and about 3/4”
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