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  1. SnowGator

    Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    The snow hole that was modeled for the past two days over Forsyth county GA was pretty darn accurate. Barely got enough snow to coat the pavement....not enough for sledding or anything. It is brutally cold and windy though.
  2. It was a harrowing drive picking up the kids from early release in North Forsyth County , GA. Roads were already icy and untreated and there were wrecks everywhere. Passed a bus that did a slow slide off to the side but was thankfully safe. Someone took out a stop sign and mailbox in the neighborhood. As soon as we got home there was already enough for sledding.
  3. Just starting to see some light sleet mixed with snow here in Northern Forsyth county GA, up not too far from Dawsonville. Temp around 34.
  4. SnowGator

    February 16th - February 17th Snow/Ice Storm OBS

    Agree. Drove from northern Forsyth county to Gwinnett this afternoon and couldn't believe the trees down everywhere. Some even fell while we were out, onto roads we had no problems with earlier. Our power was out from Monday night until 1:30 p.m. Tuesday and we still don't have Internet service. School is cancelled for Wednesday although I'm not entirely sure why. Roads are not icy but it may be that some of the more rural roads are still not cleared.
  5. SnowGator

    February 16th - February 17th Snow/Ice Storm OBS

    One more picture from before the power went out. That's what's so scary, I haven't been able to see how much worse things are now due to it being pitch black but the reports on WSB radio are crazy, and the rain just kept coming. Isn't it supposed to start getting windy soon? That would be disaster with the trees like this up here.
  6. SnowGator

    February 16th - February 17th Snow/Ice Storm OBS

    We're about to lose this tree due to heavy ice, it doesn't normally split in the middle like that.
  7. SnowGator

    February 16th - February 17th Snow/Ice Storm OBS

    We've been without power for hours now in northern Forsyth county GA. Trees are down everywhere, outside its just non-stop cracking and popping, flashing transformers. EMS is asking folks to stay off the roads due to downed trees and power lines. We just never had the warm up they kept saying would happen, but we weren't really in the area they thought was going to have a bad ice storm danger either. Unfortunately we're about to lose our big river birch in the front yard. No school for the kids tomorrow. Im worried about the fish and turtles in my aquarium too!
  8. SnowGator

    The Official 2014 Fall Discussion Thread

    I noticed no mention of the March storm of 1993 in Atlanta where we all got multiple inches...like eight inches right off the interstate in a condo in Cobb County. (Where no cars could drive up the hill to get out of the condo complex due to the icy mix on the road for a couple of days straight straight.
  9. SnowGator

    March 2014 Observations

    Just reading this now....stunning visuals. Still laughing. Thank you.
  10. SnowGator

    The Big Dud Observations

    Snowing like crazy here in Forsyth County GA. Didn't expect that.
  11. Not sure about the QPF part. The way the sleet was coming down at my house today at times, had it been snow it would have piled up quickly.
  12. Thanks, I was wondering about that. And whether or not Robert is right about this ULL getting to so many locations, at least he's revived some weenie snow dreams, at least for me.
  13. SnowGator

    The Big One - Observation

    Crazy, lucky, and good for Spann, I think he's great. As I recall they weren't even originally supposed to be in much on this whole event?!
  14. SnowGator

    The Big One - Observation

    I see what you mean. Wish it was happening overhead here. I keep watching it...does it look like it's filling back in in far NE Alabama? One thing I don't really understand is how that whole mass will rotate enough to give the Atlanta area some more snow. The Atlanta local TV mets have been saying for a couple of hours now that it's going to do this, but it appears to be moving too quickly off to the NE.
  15. SnowGator

    The Big One - Observation

    LOL this storm is so fickle....or I've got a dry slot over my house! Nothing going on here in my part of the county anymore. Thank goodness for the picture postcard snows yesterday.