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  1. My daughter just sent a pic walking to class in AVL and it’s snowing.
  2. TL;DR on Fish's FB update: I don't know.
  3. Going to assume they mean east of 95 since the low is farther out.
  4. "The low is tracking farther offshore, and the snow line through Friday may remain along and east of I-95," said WRAL meteorologist Mike Maze. "This means most of us could miss out of snow." 8pm update on WRAL.
  5. Seems like a good time to ask this question. Is there a way to block posters on this board?
  6. Roads wet here in N. Raleigh, made it to work with no issues. 32 degrees and pleased with no ZR.
  7. My Call: Raleigh: 0-1" Durham: 1-2" Roxboro: 24-36" Greensboro: 2-4" Charlotte: 0-1" Asheville: 3-6"
  8. Sleet/Snow/Rain mix right now in N. Raleigh. Got about 6" so far. Pretty beautiful stuff.
  9. Y'all are funny, this is about as good as it gets for Raleigh in relation to the last few years. Love it.
  10. ILM looks like they're getting trucked with that band. Really cool for them!
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