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  1. Wow that really surprises me - and sucks. I thought for sure you would get at least 2”.
  2. About 1/2 here - flakes aren’t huge anymore but it’s still coming down pretty good. 31 now
  3. All snow here now and coming down. Pretty hard. Nickel and quarter size flakes woo hoo
  4. About 50/50 snow-sleet here. Just got home and it is 32 here. Ground is getting white now
  5. Some pretty flakes starting to mix in here finally - the temp is down to 35
  6. changing over to sleet here - still 38 though. appears more sleet than rain at least lol
  7. hopefully you see snow soon. you are about 600' higher than me so you will get it first (also you are about 25 miles farther north lol). I am at work in clarkesville and its just rain here - I hope to see some flakes later at home when I get there
  8. wow - several people I know have just been busted lol. they claimed they had to leave because it was snowing hard in clayton. you confirmed it is not and I spoke with an office up there and they were complaining it wasn't snowing. its raining and still 38 here.
  9. are you getting snow right now? I in Habersham and multiple people have said it was snowing pretty good in clayton now here it is raining and 38 lol
  10. Colder air seems to be filtering in now. Dew point was 43 around 6pm and it’s now 35. Sadly the rain/snow line is showing up literally over mby ugh
  11. 2.5” imby. Foggy and light rain
  12. Me too lol. I would rather have any amount of rain over another drought.
  13. There are a lot of ga posters too (we just don’t usually get to post about exciting we as much since until recently we weren’t having anything to post about lol). It’s pouring here snd 43 and the water is already filling up in the ditches. This has been some wild weather the last week or so.
  14. We are also getting some light snow again. Glad you got back home
  15. It was snowing pretty hard almost to the end. And this was during prime time viewing lol
  16. It’s down to flurries here now. What a storm though lol. This was by far one of the best the last couple of years at least. And it was during the day and a lot of us saw snow. The total here is 5.25” unbelievable!
  17. A lot wrecks and cars in ditches here too. If we can keep this rate a little longer I might clear 4”.
  18. That is impressive lol. We are still getting pretty heavy snow that hopefully moves into sc
  19. It’s great to see so many us getting snow (sorry for those in the screw zone). Its still snowing really hard here and nickel size flakes
  20. Hopefully your temp drops enough so it starts sticking! This one really blew up on in a day or so lol
  21. Glad to hear the snow made it to sc 2” now
  22. That is great! Hopefully y’all get into the action too
  23. I hope lookout is getting snow. My folks in Athens said it’s snowing pretty hard there right now. It isn’t sticking yet though
  24. Up an inch and half. It’s piling up fast