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2/6/-2/7 Snow Threat


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.Highest snowfall totals by state received so far as of 830 pmSunday morning:
VA - Wise 8"
NC - Saluda 6.3"
WV - Anjean 6"
MD - Manchester 5.7"
DE - Woodside 4.8"
NH - Nashua/Manchester 4.2"
SC - Chesnee/Seneca 4"
ME - Cape Neddick 3.8"
VT - Woodford 2"
RI - Pascoag 14"
MA - Norfolk/Sharon 12"
PA - Buckingham Township 10.3"
CT - Canterbury/East Hampton 10.2"
KY - Rock House 9.8"
NJ - Westwood 9.1"
NY - Mellville 9" https://t.co/imSo1nJNkj

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1 hour ago, Iceagewhereartthou said:

Here's the GSP snowfall map. I think this is a little low for upstate areas, particularly parts of Oconee and Pickens.


I was thinking the same. I heard way too many 3 and even 4 inch reports in the northern upstate for this to be true. 

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It was a beautiful and rather fun drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway through Avery County Sunday morning!

I believe this was a coyote print! It was off the road on the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed straight into the woods. Too big to be a fox and there weren't any houses around for a dog to be roaming. 


I took this picture of a snow drift at about 11am not far off the road on the Blue Ridge in Avery county. It appeared to be ~5-6" and the wind was absolutely WHIPPIN!! 

(I wanted to rotate these pictures but couldn't figure out how :wacko: ... Anyone?)

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