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  1. My son just found a wolly worm. Couldn't have been more solid black if you had painted it so. For some reason I doubt the old tales...
  2. Down to 40 each of the last 2 mornings, so still no 30s, but i would swear i saw frost on some rooftops and some grass Sat morning.
  3. 6.14 in of rain. Yearly total now at 76.20. I bet there's places in Oconee county already over 100 in.
  4. I'm not mtns but it's definitely earlier this year than recent years. The dogwoods in my area are EXTREMELY dull; and some maples as well. I am hoping that's not going to be a theme. As wet as it's been I'm afraid of all the colors are going to be like this.
  5. Welp, it looks like GSP has not seen a Sept low below 50 since a 49 on 9/25 in 2012! Have to go back to 2009 for the previous sub 50; a 48 on 9/29. There were 2 in 2006; 48 on 9/29, 46 on 9/30. 2 in 2003; 49 on 9/29, 45 on 9/30. There were 4 in 2001 including a 43 on 9/26. You have to go back to 1993 to find anything lower; 41 on 9/28. The first 30s (daily record) for GSP doesn't show up until 37 degrees on 9/25 1887! Not unheard of but definitely an unusually strong front for Sept, especially prior to the equinox.
  6. Wow! 48 at GSP this morning. First sept reading below 50 since at least 2014!
  7. 3.95. It felt like I got more than that but that's plenty.
  8. Honestly I've had so many 3-4 inch events over the past 3 years another one will seem like nothing; just another drop in the bucket. I want no part of the euro's 6-10 though.
  9. Ouch feel bad for you man. Its hot here too but not like that. 85.1/74.3 for HI of 94.3 at 1:30.
  10. 9.31 rain for the month. It's pretty nuts when you had less rain that most people around you and you still got almost 10 inches. That brings my yearly total to an unbelievable 70.06!
  11. Don't want the heat but it's been a tame August so i won't complain too much. As long as September isn't like the past two...
  12. Yeah, all 80s on the 14 day, which puts us into late August; can't complain about that. We'll have to see what it's looking like in a couple weeks, but historically, if we can make it to Sept 1st with no big heat showing we're pretty much in the clear. I know the last 2 Septembers haven't been that way but, historically, they are the outliers. I'll take a mid August outlook like we have now every time!
  13. Pleasant 64 this morning, coolest in few weeks I think.
  14. CAE broke its streak of 24 days of 90 plus. Today's 88 was aided by cloud cover and showers.
  15. 3.8 in the rain bucket. Yearly total now 60.75!
  16. Ineresting day at GSP. The high was at 11:40 am (89) and the low today was at 2:47pm (69). That doesnt happen often in July. New daily record rainfall of 2.29, but reports of 5 inches in in nearby areas. Only .65 for me but that is plenty.
  17. Wow, GSP picked up 1.88 the past hour with surface temp dropping to 69!
  18. Mid 90s as far as the eye can see. Anyone else ready for Fall?
  19. Wow, no sign of any break in the heat. I know its middle of the summer but not a single 80s showing up on the 2 week. I really despise the weather this time of year!
  20. 95 at GSP, 98 at CAE, both yearly highs. I've noticed CAE has not flirted with 100 yet, normally weeks like this gives them some 100s. Not sure why but they've managed to avoid it so far. Hasn't dropped below 70 there since 6/25.
  21. Yeah we're in the gauntlet the next few weeks and there's no escaping unless you're high mtns. I truly hate the weather this time of year!
  22. I remember a few years back the upper midwest had a heat wave and Minneapolis had an HI in the 130s. Highest I've ever heard of. Maybe this was it?