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  1. Yeah but Siberia already has snowpack, and is typically colder anyway. I do notice the cold Alaska though, which often results in torching here but the Greenland block really pushes that colder dome SE. Now if we can get this look late Dec thru Mid March with a string of Miller A's...
  2. -8 Celsius, wow. Wonder how long it's been since we had a month like that. Too bad that will never verify, you sure that wasn't put out by the DGEX?
  3. Yeah, forecasters not biting on colder maps either. Coldest temp forecast for upstate on NWS is 38 for their 7 day, and on TWC is 38 for their 15 day. Not exactly knocking the bottom out for Nov.
  4. Meh, looks pretty seasonable, maybe a hair below. We'll see, maybe we'll get some cold spells this year. Odds say most above I 20 will get at least some snow and I 85 crew should have at least a shot or two, even in a bad winter.
  5. I would too IF Dec and Jan ACTUALLY were glorious. But we know how that usually goes...
  6. That would be AWESOME.
  7. Well the fall certainly has. 70s with Dps in 60s in Nov! At least it finally looks like fall, leaves are beautiful.
  8. I have to agree. 30 year averages we use seem to be a joke nowadays. A" cool or cold " month is about average and all the others are above. We get a cool down for 2-4 days then it's right back to above to well above for weeks sometimes. This has been the case for years and seems to be getting progressively worse. We can still score a snow; I've been lucky the past couple years to see a pretty snow, but it's getting harder and more isolated. I think accurate predictions are going to be harder to come by, as will below "normal" temps. This is the new normal.
  9. Excellent write up, but DEPRESSING! Basically says more scientifically what I already suspected, another blazer on the way Not liking the new normal.
  10. At this rate might be our first winter without a subfreezing temp in the upstate. I'LL say 11/16 for Easley.
  11. Unless we have a repeat of the past two December's, in which case we'll struggle to get temps below 60!
  12. Awesome! It couldn't have happened to a more deserving team. About time somebody took em out, great football weekend already!!! I keep wanting to crank up "Celebration" by Cool and the Gang, or maybe some Hallelujah Chorus baby.
  13. Highs today: Augusta 94 (r) Macon 93 (r) CAE 91 (r) CLT 87 (r) ATL 87 (r) GSP 84 AVL 83 (r) Only GSP didn't reach a record in that bunch.
  14. Some temps today: Augusta 92 CAE 90 RDU 89 CLT 89 GSP 88 (r) PTI 88 ATL 88 AVL 85 (r)
  15. Some highs from the region today: Augusta 92 Columbia 90 Charlotte 88 Atlanta 87 GSP 85 Asheville 84 Pretty incredible.