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  1. Wow. Fall is killing it here! All the way down to 61 for a low, 66 when I got up with a warm muggy feel.
  2. Come now, you know Mother Nature can't compete with those kinds of unrealistic fantasy images!
  3. High of just 53 today. Over 2 in of rain today so far. Also had an inch last week. Already tired of the rain again!
  4. 38.8 and 39 here the past two mornings. Quite nice! GSP only got down to 46 and 45, one of the warmest spots anywhere around. Had to turn my heat on this evening, down to 62 in the house. Was hoping to save on power bill awhile, a/c has only been off about 12 days.
  5. Seems like they're just betting the streak here. The upper midwest/ northern rockies have been consistently below normal, with the rest of the country being above for the past couple of years now. Not only is this forecast not anything ground breaking, it doesn't seem like it would have taken too much thought or forecasting talent. "Hey, how are we going to draw our map this year?" "Let's just go with what's been happening over the past couple of years and call it a day." 60 seconds later: "Here you go boss." And my guess is this will be spot on.
  6. Busting low here with overcast. 65.1 at 1:30. Only .03 of rain.
  8. Assuming CAE has seen its last 90 degree day, it reached that number 108 times this year. That's a lot, but not one of its highest. However, an impressive 50 days reached 95 or higher (with a lot of 94s in there too). 9 days reached 100 or higher, which is modest for CAE but a number of close calls as well.
  9. I'm going to say that GSP is done with 90 degree days (but there's certainly no guarantee). So this year there were 81 days that reached 90 or higher making it the third highest total on record behind 88 days in 2011 and 84 in 1954. An astounding 27 of those came in Sept and Oct (and 8 in May). A very painful 18 of those days were 95 or higher with 98 being the highest, set yesterday.
  10. So I've heard tale of this weather phenomenon that makes you have to put on a bunch of thick clothes so you don't shiver. No sweating and I think thermometers read, like below 50 or something. Anyone know what that is or what would cause it to happen?
  11. Ouch. Boy Macon may have supplanted Columbia as the heat capital of the South with that run.
  12. Couldn't disagree more, personally. Its been hot since May. I WANT COOL OR COLD! This has been a miserable stretch weather wise in my book. CAE 100 today. AVL 91 trying yesterday.
  13. Hourly observations at GSP went from 89 to 93 to 93 to 94 but some where it shot up to 97. CLT high so far is 97. AVL 89. Apparently RDU touched 99 earlier.
  14. Temps at CLT and GSP running above yesterday's noon temps, currently 93 at both, which are already daily records. Will one or both hit 100? It's not a bad bet. AVL a little behind at 85.
  15. On the flip side, Great Falls Montana reached 9 degrees crushing the old record of 22 for October 1st, where temps stayed below freezing for 65 consecutive hours! Babb Montana received 52 inches of snow. Hard to believe there's any cold somewhere out there.