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  1. 6.24 in rain for August, nearly 42 in for the year.
  2. It's probably overdone and may not happen at all, but man it's nice to see a cool off show up repeatedly. Once we get to Sept summer's days are numbered, no matter what 2018 and 2019 have to say about it!
  3. GSP topped out at 92 yesterday; forecast was 97. Highest for the heatwave was 95. Hot, but overall, not as bad as predicted. If that is our worst of the summer I can handle it.
  4. On Friday Death Valley reached 130, Needles 120, Vegas 116; all day records. On Saturday Death Valley reached 129, Needles 122, and Vegas 117. All daily records with Vegas tying its all time high.
  5. 127 at Furnace Creek, 120 at Needles and Bullhead City. Forecast low of 104 at Furnace Creek tonight!
  6. Now 123 at furnace creek at 12:20pm. DP 46 so real feel is 130! Also 112 at Palm Springs, 111 Needles and Vegas.
  7. Already 111 at Furnace Creek Death Valley at 8:50am. Forecast of 130 today!
  8. Meh; 3 plus years of constant monsoon - this a blip I'm happy for. Still just over 3 inches for the month, and over 30 for the year, which is still above avg for mby.
  9. Nearly 5 inches of rain brought my yearly total to 26.88 through May. Still fairly wet but much MUCH better than last year when nearly 13 inches fell in May and I had 52.45 inches by the end of the month! I was also able to avoid the dreaded 90 here IMBY, got up to 88.7; low of 40.1. Very nice spring all things considered.
  10. You guys must have had a lot less rain than me. I've only had about half the amount of rain through May that I had last year but it's still above average. After nearly 3 and a half years of nothing but rain on top of rain I have been happy for the drier past two months, though I still had nearly 5 inches last month.
  11. Indeed; probably the best Memorial Day weekend weather of my lifetime!
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