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  1. Well good news for you; you don't have to wait for it to end, it never started!
  2. Others are better at this but I think the 12z looks better. It's a tick SW with a sharper western trough. Then there's the energy over VA on the 12z that is much less consolidated and weaker on the 18z. I beleive that would be the peice that helps with the cold press as well as keeping the main low further south. My guess is it would end up warmer and further north on the 18z.
  3. Interesting member. I would be curious to see the storm setup for that member. The only way far western upstate (Oconee/Pickens) and NEGA can bullseye like that is with an intensifying storm that tracks too far West to give the 1-77 or I-95 corridors much, and tracks up the coast (Noreaster). Think Jan 96 or even March 93. Its probably the most unlikely scenario and yet it's bascially the only one that gives that area anything.
  4. Wow, amazing the difference b/w here and there.
  5. Fellas, I don't remember seeing the Ukie model mentioned a single time this year; do you guys ever look at it anymore?
  6. Wow at that upstate cutoff! Mostly elevation depedant there, but goes from 8 inches to absolutely nothing in like 15 miles.
  7. That would be Beautiful for me but even being inside a week it seems like fantasy. And I don't think I remember a GEM snowfall ever coming to fruition.
  8. For the 3rd year in a row, an incredibly wet start to the year. 1.67 in today and up to 9.2 in aleady IMBY. 6.56in at GSP.
  9. Put another way; CJ represents the weenie in us, KK represents the humble realist!
  10. Oh, warmnose just posted this. Now I feel better, at least now I can pretend there's a chance, even though it pure fantasy. Thaks warmnose!
  11. Is anyone seeing a single fantasy map show anything frozen for SC? I haven't seen a single one the past couple of days. Pretty bad when you can't even find fantasy snow in the heart of "winter."
  12. Already raining here at 45.5. I cant even get a close call.
  13. Well, I enjoyed my winter the past 3 days. Would've been nice to see some snow but a 3 day window doesn't give much opportunity. Back to above average and then spring in 3 weeks baby. I love the upstate!