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  1. Both GSP and CLT hitting yearly high of 96 under sunny skies. For the second straight day, CAE hits 97 and is saved from triple digits by early tstorms.
  2. Noticed this trend as well. Looks like the heat wave will be pretty short lived for most, 3-5 days then back to seasonal or even below. TWC has all 80s for the upstate after Tuesday. GSP plus 2.67 on rain for the month and nearly 7 over for the year so no problems there. Still have a few weeks to go but if this ends up being our hottest weather of the summer I'll take a repeat of this summer every year! Well lol at the 18z GFS though, has the exact opposite in the long range with no front and 100+! We'll see what happens.
  3. Blame it on the RAIN. CAE broke their string of 15, 90 degree days today with a cool high of just 89. Lowest high of the month was 92. They are now also at 72, the lowest temp of the month so far.
  4. A 597 shows up briefly in the plains. Looks pretty hot over the next ten days indeed, but it looks like it wants to retrograde back west towards the end of the month. Let's hope this is the worst of our summer.
  5. I see 3 possible solutions: 1. Move 2. Adjust your outlook 3. Remain in misery forever You get one life; choose wisely!
  6. Nice write up, thanks for the info. It's getting to the point where I am just hoping for things like a Christmas day not in the 60s or 70s, not having one of three months setting an all-time high record, and not having more days above 65 than below 50 (see last year). I'm setting my expectations low so maybe I'll be surprised!
  7. We'll see what happens but the GFS almost always overdoes the heat, heck its showed 100+ a few times for GSP already and hasn't even been close. Eventually it will be correct but that will be the exception. I can see the forecast warming over the next few days, but right now just looks like typical mid summer stuff. And yes, it's a little drier than this time last month, but I'll take it, still well above for the year. Any drought / mega heat predictions at this point are comical. Hard to ask for a better May - mid July than what we've had.
  8. Correct. GSP hit 90 for the tenth time today, it's summer high is 92. CLT hit 90 for the 14th time and has a high of 93. And even in a mild summer, CAE manages to have a hot time, reaching 90 for the 42nd time already with several 97s and 96s in the bank. Not bad for them as no 100s so far but lots of mid 90s. They haven't been below 73 since June 29th. RDU hit 90 for the 18th time with a high of 95. AVL high has been 88 so far.
  9. Bring on some FALL weather!
  10. Well 12z GFS shows 70s and 80s for highs for many of us first week of July. 18z shows 90s and 100s! LOL I'll pull for the 12z.
  11. No, no, no; you've got it all wrong... THAT is what happens in the winter time when snow is moving in. It's usually the opposite when it's rain, unless of course you're Mack or Shetley. Are you guys one in the same?
  12. Not only that, but 1995 was when Jerry came through and broke 24 hour and total storm records at GSP and other places. Over 15 inches total storm. Even if he's right, he'll be wrong.
  13. Good, bout time we underperformed on a rain event! I can finally walk in my yard without bogging down, and finally got caught up on my grass!!
  14. Here's another interesting link: http://www.eldoradocountyweather.com/climate/world-extremes2/world-temp-rainfall-extremes.php Shows worldwide extremes over the past 24 hours. It's obviously off with the highs, looks like it needs to be updated there. But shows a low of -115.2 in Concordia Antartica. If the 130.3 is correct, that would make a worldwide spread of 245.5 degrees on the same day! The all time world highs and lows are 134.1 and -128.6 for a spread of 262.7. So we're not far off today!
  15. Well the first link I posted shows the high today there was 130.3! https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=KCADEATH7#history/tdata/s20170619/e20170619/mdaily Here is the link for the Death Valley Station. Shows the high was an impressive 123.1, but even more impressive, it shows the low as 100.9! Ouch!!