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  1. What a beautiful FALL day today. 58/37 with dry air and a breeze. Wish I could copy it till Oct 1!
  2. Wow, craziness! Way too summerlike for me. Looking forward to the cooldown next week.
  3. Hinesville GA reporting 95 degees, highest in the nation !
  4. Actually I refuse to turn mine on for now, but one could easily do so to keep the inside heat at bay.
  5. Wow, Jan- March 19 = Spring. March 20 = Summer.
  6. Wow, gonna have to turn on the ac the next few days. 70s and 80s for many with lows in 50s and 60s.
  7. Low of 27.7. Maybe the last 20s until Nov
  8. I'm the first post in 3 days! Wow, that's sad Looks like no more 30s after tomorrow, highs all in the 60 and lows in the upper 40s/50s. Hopefully Spring will not get hot for awhile. Looks like the rainy pattern contiues for the next two weeks though.
  9. I can't wait for the dry season to kick in! And if I never saw 80s/90s again I'd be just fine!
  10. This forum has died! Looks like the trend of bad timing for the upstate continues. Actually getting some light precip east of the escarpment, which is very rare for these setups, but it's 47 and rain. It was 27 this am, it needed to come through then. Been that way all winter, even the surprise event of 2/8 came through 6 hours too late. Triple dog yuck at weather next week; warm and rainy.
  11. I think I'd word things exactly opposite from the way you have. Different strokes!