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  1. And would love even more to see it in Winter...
  2. 89 at GSP today, hottest of the year by 3 degrees. Already tired of summer! Well, heard that hobby lobby already has fall stuff out...
  3. Pretty cool. I saw one a few weeks ago as well. I read they don't even eat cause they only live about one day. Just long enough to try and find a quick mate.
  4. Congrats! Incredible being a parent! And may the force be with, two is a whole different ballgame! (Although maybe sis is big enough to be a good helper at least).
  5. I turned mine on two weekends ago but only because I had over night visitors and wanted to make sure they were comfortable. So not counting that, so far so good. BUT, looks like it may happen next week with numbers being forecast; mid to upper 80s with lows in mid 60s. YIKES!
  6. Yeah, loving the highs lower than forecast. Was calling for upper 80s, have been in the 60s all day. I'll take a nearly 20 degree bust on the low side ANYDAY!
  7. And that's going to be the morning low! LOL. I feel sorry for anyone in that bubble. Luckily, I think I'm just outside. Wonder what the heat index will be...
  8. First time it's really felt like summer to me. 80/71 and it's supposed to reach upper 80s. Very soupy out there. Looking forward to cooling back down next week.
  9. A couple more events like this and I'll be drowning from my attic. Had enough drought relief thank you. I'll take a couple weeks of flood relief!
  10. Feels so good out. Hard to believe the average low at GSP is supposed to be 50, seems like we haven't had that in weeks. BTW, today was cooler than most of our days this winter!
  11. Down to 52, LOVE it! More than 30 degree drop from high yesterday. Now, if I can get it drop a other 20 degrees...
  12. Yes, I've had a lot of rain over the past 3 weeks here in the upstate, multiple inches. It looks like we are going to continue to be well above average in temps after this quick "cool down" after tomorrow, and probably a little drier too, but I've personally had enough rain for now. I just hate this pattern of way above normal temps we've been in .... like... forever!
  13. Well I'm a little late, but been meaning to post this just in case anyone is interested or wanted to add stats for their area. Another very warm winter with very little wintry weather. Overall, I believe it was officially the warmest Dec-Feb period on record at GSP. Dec - the closest to average. 45.6 which was + 1.6. Only 10 nights below freezing with a low of just 22 for the month. 11 days with a high below 50 (lowest 35) with one day above 70. 10 above 60. Jan - 48.7 which was +6.5. Just 10 nights below freezing with a low of 16. Just 7 days with high below 50 (all of them before the 11th) with 2 days only reaching 32 (snow). 6 Days over 70 with a high of 78. 13 days over 60! Feb - 53.9 which was +8.2 (one of the warmest of all-time). Only 1 day with a high below 50 (46)! Whopping 11 days with highs above 70 with a high of 81! 24 days 60 or above! Only 6 nights below freezing with a low of 26. For the 3 month total - +16.3. Only 26 nights below freezing with 2 days not getting above. Lowest temp of 16. Only 19 days with a high below 50! 18 days of 70 or higher (let that sink in). 47 days reaching 60 or higher (out of 90, more than half). This isn't counting Nov or March, and this is GSP data, which is often a little warmer than surrounding places, but obviously a historically warm winter in the upstate. We were lucky to get the one snow for sure (officially 3.6 inches for the season). Pretty humbling stuff! How about your city?
  14. Sounds more like late June