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  1. Not loving the GFS from earlier. Shows quick hit cool downs from next weekend through hour 384, but a lot of warmth and overall troughiness in West. Cool weather earlier was such a cruel tease.
  2. This is an example of a good post with information in an appropriate thread. Is there any way we can dispense with the nearly incessant bashing of JB? I get that some don't think he's very good but my goodness, enough is enough. Stop reading his stuff and complaining about it here. Thank you and now back to our look ahead please!
  3. Heading that way. Local started us out with mid 80s , then went up a degree each day. Saw an 89 forecast, so it might happen.
  4. One thing to watch will be whether or not we continue to see these big eastern troughs we've been getting since the spring. If those continue I think we'll be fine Nina or no. Of course we probably won't be able to buy one from Dec to Feb. Still, I would definitely take my chances with the pattern we've had the past six months.
  5. GFS says return to summer starting this weekend, YUCK!
  6. Went to the top of Sassafras Mtn today, high of 57, breezy, and Gorgeous!! I do believe this is the nicest first week of September I have ever experienced in my lifetime.
  7. Grit do you know how many hours she's been at 150 mph or greater, I'm thinking at least 84. Any idea about that record?
  8. Tell you what guys, it really is humbling to see Mother Nature in her wonder. The power and majesty of this storm puts us in our place. We can build stuff and create models and prepare but we can't control nature in the slightest and it's way larger than all of us. In a way, similar to the eclipse but even closer to home. Hate see all the destruction and hope no one else has to lose their life but nature doesn't yield to us.
  9. Pretty impressive. Looks like the eye has shrunk all the sudden and looks a move to the SW! I'm starting to doubt this thing turns north, May just go straight across Cuba into the Gulf.
  10. Thanks grit. It's obliterating those past records! BTW, saw that Patricia from 2015 was the most intense ever recorded in Atlantic Basin. Lowest pressure was 872 and sustained winds of 215!!! I had forgotten about her.
  11. Don't know but the last update shows 919mb with 175 sustained and gusts of 215. Sounds like a cat 5. BTW, just heard a speed of 155 knots was recorded at ground level in Barbuda, the other night!
  12. Last couple of hours She has become much more symmetrical again, and pressure has dropped a little again, that can't be good. Hard to imagine a worse look for the state of Florida. Anyone know the records for most hours above 175 mph?
  13. Been awesome for late August and early September!! Loving it, Windows open, ac off, and feeling like early October! Can't beat it fir this time of year!
  14. Well from my perspective, and based on what we have been hearing its more like this: South Carolina - Offense not as good as expected, defense as bad as ever with complete lack of receiver coverage and QB pressure- check State defense solid - check State offense potent - check Kicking game: SC - solid, State- suspect - check Same State team, same SC team - check Being an SC fan hazardous to your health - check
  15. Big time gamecock here grit; we may have won, but you guys are a much better team who just made a few more costly errors. State completely dominated the stats. I am disappointed with our offensive performance, less than 250 yards, and our continued ridiculous defensive coverages and lack of QB pressure. We were VERY fortunate to win here, but it's gonna be a long season if we don't get it together.