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  1. Picked up 2.7 in the last 30 hours of the month to bring me to 56.95 for the year!
  2. Pretty cool man. I'm definitely going to be jealous of all your cold and snow! Saw in Jan 19 their monthly temp average was a balmy 15 degrees with one day having a high of -16! You'll be laughing your way to the sled while we're sitting at 65 hoping or a front to bring us a flurry.
  3. Are you for real? Des Moines?
  4. Nightfall darkness here. Down to 61.7 degrees with rain. Pickens to Liberty has gotten DUMPED on.
  5. Gorgeous out this morning, cool and lower dps!
  6. DP of 75 this evening, mid summer humidity already!
  7. 12.95 in for the month. Yearly total for rain now at 52.45!
  8. Beautiful day today! So sad it has to end.
  9. Well it was nice this morning g but now cloudy and muggy. So much for the cooldown.
  10. another .78 from a shower today.
  11. I just don't even know what to say about this incredible pattern we've been in for 29 months now. Just passed 2in for the evening and I'm now over 51in for the year. GSP now at 40.46.
  12. Yeah I'd take that too. Only problem is, low humidity is hard to come by this time of year. Edit, just saw TWC showing upstate 3 days of mid 70 highs and mid 50 lows starting next Sunday with NO RAIN! That would fit the bill and be a nice entry to June.
  13. Officially 91 at CLT and CAE yesterday. CAE helped out with a cloudy to mostly cloudy sky.
  14. Man, that's my dream! Ever go back to visit Cola in the summer?
  15. Well officially GSP hit 89 so no 90 yet. The rain is just reaching crazy levels this year though. Through today, GSP has recorded 39.97! This is an incredible 21.4 inches above the normal of 18.57. There is still a week left in May and it could well see another inch or several this week. I was blanked today (which I'm happy about) but I am up to 49.02 in for the year so far!