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  1. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    For upstate peeps, RGEM/ CMC the best overall. All others are going to be very painful to watch from Pickens and Oconee counties. With these leeward regeneration systems, the immediate lee is too close and and SE will do better, say Anderson to Fountain Inn and farther NE from there. Need a better low with over running for western areas.
  2. Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    Despite better trends for some, not helping mby. Maybe went from a trace to a dusting or half inch in Pickens county. Seriously? Doesn't matter which way it trends or what kind of a set up we have, Pickens, Oconee cannot buy a good snow. Now I may miss b/c I'm north of 85, and that happens much more than people around here remember.
  3. January Observations

    Lake Forest, CA hit 90 today
  4. Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    I really try to stay positive, especially with the cold we've had, and I would have almost put money on it that I would have seen at least an inch since Christmas, but nothing. And I swear, it doesn't feel like there is any scenario or set up that could possibly bring more than a dusting to the upstate ever again! What the heck is going on, how has the upstate ever gotten snow before? We've missed every way possible since Christmas. Burrel, or Wow, or someone, help me off the ledge for the upstate, I'm about to declare we'll never see snow again as long as the world lasts!
  5. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    Just hard to get excited at all when you've gone 0 for the last 7 events where multiple models showed you getting something at one point, and this one is following the same fate. Hope my area can get something but models have called wolf too much and I've learned my lesson.
  6. Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    Surprising but a pipe dream at this point. 1. It will look NOTHING like this next week. 2. Don't believe EURO clown maps, haven't you been burned before? 3. Even verbatim, it's basically a western upstate skip...AGAIN!
  7. Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    Not this again Bric ... er.. I mean Mack! #1; your statement is only true if you don't like cold and dry, which I do (and others). I'll take it any day over 70 in summer! So you need to add "IMO" after that! #2; It will never snow if it's 70 degrees. ( So by your wish, it will never snow again!) #3; IT WILL NEVER SNOW IF IT'S 70 DEGREES!!!!!!!
  8. Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    Cause this time of year it never gets warm enough to rain...
  9. Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    Yeah, it's so frustrating to watch all the big systems track elsewhere, and the next 2 big ones tracking too far west again. As I've said before, the past 15 years or so, TX/LA/MS/AL/TN area has performed waaaay better than Carolinas/GA. I honestly don't know what it would take to get another I85 special. Last one was Jan 11, before that it was years before that. We just can't buy that kind of storm anymore.
  10. January Observations

    Crazy temp ride today, busted low and high. 29/64, both lower and higher than forecast. And guess what, I'm looking to do it again. Didn't think I was supposed to hit 30s tonight, but already there; 39 at 8:00!
  11. Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    Now it's supposed to rain through Friday night and we won't even sniff freezing the whole time Mother Nature must really hate us!!!
  12. The January 7-8th possible CAD storm

    41/31 amazing rise in temps with clouds!
  13. The January 7-8th possible CAD storm

    Well I think I'm out of this one, temps soaring, 37/23, now my warmest since the outbreak began!
  14. The January 7-8th possible CAD storm

    I think the schools did what they had to, they were in an impossible situation here, and they have to err on the side of caution. Going to be next to impossible to see anything in my area, thin clouds and up to 31, precipitation still hours away. Most of the time we need precipitation to slow down to allow cold in. One of the few times we need precipitation to speed up and it takes FOREVER!
  15. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Sorry, meant put that in the current threat thread