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  1. The saddest part may be that this happens over and over to the western upstate with certain setups. -The Carolina Crusher everyone gushes over was the exact same thing; complete skip job. Greenwood up to CLT big snow, NW upstate flurries. -Feb 2014 huge snow for everyone...couple inches of slop here; and I remember one spot with no accumulation at all. Other storms like Dec 2010 very little. Dec 2018 saw huge snows in NGA, NC, and Eastern upstate up to 1ft. NW upstate... couple of inches. It can be tough. And I'm actually in a much better spot than Burrel for whatever reason. We've had some wins too; Jan 87, 88, Jan 96, Jan 2011, March 93, and this past week. But we have a ton of misses and it hard to get a big dog.
  2. Can someone post a link to a good Wetbulb monitoring site? Please; and thank you!
  3. A word of caution on the pretty Euro maps; these lose accuracy close to the event and this will not be a 10-1 ratio for those outside the mountains. Hopefully we'll get a good front end thump though; I just hate we won't be able to ward of the warm nose. I'm interested to see how the HRRR does.
  4. Indeed. Do you trust the long range HRRR Burrel?
  5. That's actually a perfect map for about 90% of our actual events. Higher mtns and NW Peidmont with the highest totals, snow line to about the NC/SC state line, and everything else I40 and North. Welcome to winter in the SE!
  6. 1.26 for me, driest month in years. Stil over 56 in for the year so no drought here.
  7. Been disappointed with my temps the last couple mornings; 37.1 and 38.8; no frost. Most areas around me, even South have been significantly colder; I think that northern upstate thermal band effect that happens sometimes has been at play... or something has.
  8. 6.24 in rain for August, nearly 42 in for the year.
  9. It's probably overdone and may not happen at all, but man it's nice to see a cool off show up repeatedly. Once we get to Sept summer's days are numbered, no matter what 2018 and 2019 have to say about it!
  10. GSP topped out at 92 yesterday; forecast was 97. Highest for the heatwave was 95. Hot, but overall, not as bad as predicted. If that is our worst of the summer I can handle it.
  11. On Friday Death Valley reached 130, Needles 120, Vegas 116; all day records. On Saturday Death Valley reached 129, Needles 122, and Vegas 117. All daily records with Vegas tying its all time high.
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