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  1. Wow, GSP not forecast to go below 41 over the next 15 days! That's rediculous, this isn't April.
  2. Well fellas, I'm not forecasted to get below freezing again on the 16 day so I have officially thrown the towel on winter this year. Getting (appreciable) winter weather after March 10th has only happened a couple of times in my lifetime. I'll wait to give my official winter grade till April (I know everyone is waiting with bated breath). The mountains may still do well but I think it's about over for my area.
  3. Just the latest example of a CAD not always over performing. That's the biggest myth repeated on the board.
  4. Made it down to about 41, clouds came in, back up to 42.5 quickly, DP 30.
  5. Some roads near Easley have been brined, I guess bc of the WWA. Not expecting any issues here though.
  6. At least the southern portion of your house will still have power!
  7. Wow guys, this is one time I'm happy to be in the upstate and not in WNC. I hope this trends to sleet or warms to rain for you guys, that kind of ice would be AWFUL.
  8. Wow, most of us would have put money on that kind of setup. Simply amazing.
  9. Based on what was advertised, almost unanimously, it's one of the bigger disappointments and rip offs I can remember. Definitely hard to swallow.
  10. The biggest way we know this next week is a lost cause is that Burrel stopped posting. That says it all.
  11. And here's today's image. Again,the position of the trough and SER are very clear. Unfortunately this looks to be the case for the next week leaving us in the warm and wet sector. Just too bad we could get it to move East!
  12. This is the current map. It really shows the tough in the middle of the country and this seems to have been the prevailing pattern this year, with almost no movement East. It's strange, despite not having a major SER this year it's been there enough to keep out the true cold. Next week the cold looks to be magnified and epanded a bit East to LA/MS/AL, but basically seems to stay in place.
  13. And maybe multiple ones. This could be their March 1960 pattern. What a week to 10 days they are in store for based on the overall pattern evolution and the amount of cold on that side of the apps.
  14. Just maddening to have that level of cold at the same latitude a few hundred miles away and hardly get a piece of it. 60 degrees difference b/w Columbia SC and Jackson MS!