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  1. Wow big difference when you compare to GSP which gives you and me both 0.25 to 0.60 and Brad P. who gives us both 0.30 to 0.50.
  2. For the Hickory area(including Morganton, Valdese, and points west) GSP upped totals on my forecast grid point in Valdese to 0.60 once you add it all up for tonight/tom. Was 0.50 this morning good trends my friends. As long as you want this ICE Storm like me Also my low temp tonight is now 29 was 30 and high is now 34 was 36.
  3. GSP sticking to there guns just come out regardless of what a few runs say...
  4. Just talked Brad P. saying forecast looks good still. Still see 0.25 to 0.50 for Hickory west Into Burke and back towards Marion and then points north and east of Hickory. He said nothing has changed since last night if anything totals went up slightly or stayed the same. Even GSP just come out with there latest forecast map showing 0.25 to 0.50(including every place I just said).
  5. Yep which is why he his sticking to his guns and not going clif diving like some just because of a few model runs today. Like he said in his video the location in and around the warning areas along I40 and north will see a major ICE storm. Was saying it been evident for days now.
  6. Looks good my area just west of Hickory and is line with Burke WX, Brad P ,GSP and a couple others.
  7. Well at least the Burke WX and others are upping totals along with GSP/Brad P and others. Still have fate. That just come out from Burke WX/Foothills Weather Network there very close to what Brad P is saying of 0.30 to 0.50 from Marion,Moranton,Hickory and points North and East.
  8. Any chance they go back the other way? Really hope they do for my area.
  9. Was talking with Al and Brad they said even with the trends my area looks to be good for 0.30-0.50.
  10. Prob right I just needed them to trend back closer to the 0Z suite of data. As long I get close 0.50 or at least 0.40 I will be happy here In Valdese.
  11. I live in Valdese in Burke County and will gladly take it. I really hope to get near 0.50 or so. If not at least 0.40. This will probably be my last chance this winter for anything.
  12. Lol thanks for the laugh
  13. I mean I know some don't want an ICE storm but this winter has sucked and tbh this might be the last winter type storm we get. At least for my area I hope to get close to 0.50 even if that's mean power being out for a bit. And yes I know that might sound crazy but I stand by it!
  14. Oh your fine and yeah he is. About to see what WSOCTV said and I will post back. Update: About the same as WCNC there calling for 0.25 to 0.50.