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  1. Allergy season yuck dreading it .
  2. I think these are pretty accurate .
  3. Well to be fair Chris justices forecast was 1-2 in northern upstate that area got 2-4. But along the 85 corridor they got a inch in some places a little more. Chris did say the max if everything came together just right was 3 inches. Chris justice did bust a little for the upstate but the national weather service at GSP bust worst. .
  4. Almost home now. but I had one more thing to do. to truly make this trip a success. Went up on soco mountain for some good sledding I’m guessing they had 5 inches up there possibly 6 before melting. My little boys went down so many times the poor sled broke lol had a blast .
  5. Maggie valley is one of those places that are beautiful in the snow. It never gets old coming here for snow. .
  6. 4-4.5 in Maggie valley this will melt fast even in the mountains. I believe I got a inch or so more here then in MBY lol. .
  7. Not a disappointment at all finished with 4-4.5 in Maggie valley. So definitely not a bust. Back at home saw 3-3.5 in MBY in liberty. So yeah I could of stayed home for this one but I still got my snow so it’s a win! .
  8. 3 inches or so in Maggie valley I mean I’m happy and satisfied. But my house in liberty saw about 3 inches to lol. Could of saved $100 but the ride home will be worth the $100 nothing like white mountains .
  9. Inch in Maggie valley maybe it’s more a light snow now. If it could stay heavy I could see us getting 4 inches or so. But it’s light snow with heavy snow at times. I think we end up with 2-3 .
  10. These flakes are fatties in Maggie valley probably a inch on ground .
  11. Snowing good in Maggie valley now .
  12. Arrived at my riverside motel in Maggie valley! Hoping this all turns white this evening and tonight .
  13. Wonder when GSP rolls out a warning for western NC? .
  14. If the NAM has a warm nose I certainly wouldn’t discredit it. NAM is normally really good in its range. Maybe take a blend of NAM and hrrrrr .
  15. As for the mountains of NC. Going to Maggie Valley I think I’ll see snow after 6pm maybe lasting through 10 or 11pm but then mixing issues sleet even freezing rain. But then I noticed the low In Tennessee bringing a round two of snow 2am to 6-7am so really the mountains see two thumps. The upstate and ne Georgia a window of opportunity maybe 7pm to midnight then sleet and rain. .