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  1. This is a close approach if not a landfall. But either way it’s 40-50mph tropical storm. Stay inside all will be fine .
  2. I don’t mind cool temps even in spring and summer. I’d love to average around 85 all summer with low humidity. You can do all you summer activities in 85 degrees .
  3. There saying possible tornado touchdown off wade Hampton and pleasantburg drive in Greenville lot of trees down can anyone confirm? .
  4. I was stunned when I made this thread earlier. I figured a thread would of already been made. This certainly did live up to expectations .
  5. Did the wind even get up in Pickens at all? .
  6. Yup I’m just south of Pickens Pickens I see the cell to my north .
  7. This one may bring some large hail to ne Georgia upstate sc and western nc surprised no ones talking about it. .
  8. I think this one will stay a lot further south then the last .
  9. Lordy I hope this isn’t like the past event. .
  10. Us here in upstate just have to wait. Our snow will come. .
  11. Will it snow probably not outside the mountains. But this is similar setups we like to see December through February. .
  12. Most events in November not realistic anyway. .
  13. If that high can be 10 mb stronger. A lot of areas could see ice in November! .