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  1. Us here in upstate just have to wait. Our snow will come. .
  2. Will it snow probably not outside the mountains. But this is similar setups we like to see December through February. .
  3. Most events in November not realistic anyway. .
  4. If that high can be 10 mb stronger. A lot of areas could see ice in November! .
  5. I don’t expect the GFS to be accurate this winter either .
  6. Anyone else notice the coldest air of season around Halloween. Potential for 20s as far south as upstate S.C. .
  7. I have a gut feeling the United States will see one big land falling hurricane. Just my gut could be wrong .
  8. I like the way you think. Hopefully it’s a sign of some fun times ahead this winter [emoji3587] .
  9. Then I guess we better hope for a November snow storm .
  10. Anyone really think the late weekend storm gonna be a winter storm? Or perhaps nothing more then a arctic cold front and flurries? .
  11. What’s the chances upstate sc get at least a advisory event? .