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  1. Hail core near powdersville anyone In this can confirm .
  2. The most likely outcome is reorganization to a tropical storm before hitting Florida’s panhandle. This is going to be nothing more then a sloppy rain maker and isolated tornado threat. Flooding is the biggest concern .
  3. Really the biggest story from Fred might be the flooding rains the Appalachian mountains ring out. 3-6 inch bullseye remains over parts of upstate sc and parts of western nc .
  4. Lord how mercy cmc puts 12+ inches over the Appalachians and parts of upstate sc. that’s catastrophic flooding right there .
  5. I tell ya the GFS doesn’t really want to do much with Fred .
  6. If this is going to blow up into anything. I think it won’t happen until it gets into the gulf. The Hispaniola shredder gonna impact this. Most likely scenario is a big sloppy rain maker somewhere in the south .
  7. I gotcha I’m just letting my hope get up to high. Nice of you to find me here not on the other place anymore .
  8. https://www.deseret.com/coronavirus/2021/8/5/22611061/epsilon-variant-covid-vaccines-new-research Can anyone explain this? What now I have no interest in taking the vaccine. I’ll trust my own immune system .
  9. See what happens but some of these winter forecast are quite outrageous. Some are calling for a lot more winter like weather in the southeast. That in which looks sorta like a El Niño type of winter .
  10. Should have rephrased that El Niño supposed to develop. Not in one yet but I could see a scenario where we have less then forecasted named storms .
  11. If it’s true a weak El Niño is developing. We just see how it effect the rest of hurricane season. I realize we are not at peak yet. But does anyone believe forecast of amount of named storms will bust low? I’m sorta thinking that but know we could be in for a fun winter across the southeast. .
  12. Yep they sure did. Beautiful structure to those storms though .
  13. https://nwschat.weather.gov/p.php?pid=202105050015-KGSP-NOUS42-PNSGSP Tornado in greenwood and abbeville was a ef2 winds 125mph and stayed on the ground for almost 30 miles. That’s long track .
  14. Allergy season yuck dreading it .
  15. I think these are pretty accurate .
  16. Well to be fair Chris justices forecast was 1-2 in northern upstate that area got 2-4. But along the 85 corridor they got a inch in some places a little more. Chris did say the max if everything came together just right was 3 inches. Chris justice did bust a little for the upstate but the national weather service at GSP bust worst. .
  17. Almost home now. but I had one more thing to do. to truly make this trip a success. Went up on soco mountain for some good sledding I’m guessing they had 5 inches up there possibly 6 before melting. My little boys went down so many times the poor sled broke lol had a blast .
  18. Maggie valley is one of those places that are beautiful in the snow. It never gets old coming here for snow. .
  19. 4-4.5 in Maggie valley this will melt fast even in the mountains. I believe I got a inch or so more here then in MBY lol. .
  20. Not a disappointment at all finished with 4-4.5 in Maggie valley. So definitely not a bust. Back at home saw 3-3.5 in MBY in liberty. So yeah I could of stayed home for this one but I still got my snow so it’s a win! .
  21. 3 inches or so in Maggie valley I mean I’m happy and satisfied. But my house in liberty saw about 3 inches to lol. Could of saved $100 but the ride home will be worth the $100 nothing like white mountains .
  22. Inch in Maggie valley maybe it’s more a light snow now. If it could stay heavy I could see us getting 4 inches or so. But it’s light snow with heavy snow at times. I think we end up with 2-3 .
  23. These flakes are fatties in Maggie valley probably a inch on ground .
  24. Snowing good in Maggie valley now .
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