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  1. After a skiff of snow this morning in Boone, had very light snow start around 12:30 that did not accumulate. Around 5:50 got some decent snow for about 30 minutes that turned the ground white but not even an inch. Hoping for a miracle tonight, maybe we can hit 2” for the first time all winter. Can’t believe how poorly we’ve performed this winter specifically in Boone.
  2. I’d say we had the best snow event of the season here in Boone last night/this morning. About 1.5” but it dumped pretty hard this morning around 7:30am. Once the sun came out it cut right through all of it though. The roads were clear and dry within a few hours of the snow stopping. The sun and dry air are an incredible combo.
  3. What a winter in Boone, another dud. Around an inch. Sad when places in eastern NC get more in one storm than we’ve had all season. Congrats to the folks down East! Drove from Boone to Norfolk Virginia this afternoon/evening. Consistent snow from Winston Salem to Norfolk. Didn’t hit accumulations until Henderson, NC. Took HWY 52 in Virginia and the conditions deteriorated the further east we went (temp stayed steady at 34). Passed 8 snow plows in total heading west on 52, one about every 7-10 minutes. Caught up to 0 trucks heading east lol. About 15 minutes outside of Norfolk started to get into a rain snow mix and temp of 36. It’s now mostly snow, very wet snow that’s not accumulating well.
  4. I believe this was a clipper coming out of the North which usually does have prominent downsloping. Correction: it was an upper low. I remember the storm now. Was in Greensboro for it.
  5. Can’t tell you how many times the modeled downsloping for the NC foothills never came to fruition in these types of setups. It never fails that it’s modeled but I don’t remember many instances where it actually happened to the NC foothills
  6. Maybe Boone finally breaks a single storm total greater than 1” this season!! Not to be outdone by the folks down East though. Hoping everyone can cash in on this one though.
  7. It picked up some after the post. I’d say moderate snow with very fine flakes. Not even accumulating on elevated surfaces.
  8. Heavy flurries here in Boone, enough to keep everything wet.
  9. Just as I expected that band has.....evaporated lol Congrats to Northern Atlanta up to Clemson
  10. I don’t know, I hope you’re right but I’ve seen similar bands fizzle coming from that direction
  11. Extremely fine snow, we’ll be lucky to get a dusting at this rate. Bad when Clemson has a bigger snowstorm than Boone has all winter and it’s nearly the middle of February.
  12. Not too impressed with the radar returns for the NW Mtns. I’d rather be in Caldwell, Burke, Catawba based on current direction of moisture.