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  1. Heavy, half dollar size flakes now.
  2. FINALLY all snow and moderate/heavy in southern Caldwell. No accumulations yet.
  3. This is why you don’t trust your phone apps. This is still the current forecast from my accuweather app. There’s absolutely zero snow on the ground.
  4. Where are you located? Guessing you aren’t in Boone lol. Here in Granite we didn’t even have 1/8” an inch before it melted lol
  5. Not seeing how southern Caldwell gets any accumulations out of this. Heading towards a major bust.
  6. Going to take some seriously heavy snow to accumulate here I’m afraid. I’m thinking 1-2” in hickory is being pretty optimistic. Will be lucky to see an inch if we can’t get accumulations in the middle of the night.
  7. Radar depiction is showing all snow but a heavy rain/sleet/snow mix southern Caldwell County. Thought it would have changed fully by now in these heavier bands.
  8. 35 degrees and mostly rain still here at the southern tip of Caldwell County. Has had snow mixed in for over an hour now but is really struggling to changeover to all snow.
  9. It’s been modeled as mostly a daytime event for the last 24 hours or more. The brunt of the snow has and is suppose to come from the ULL which isn’t anywhere close yet.
  10. WilkesboroDude said the skies hadn’t had time to heal for a decent event lol.
  11. I don’t think he’s ever got a map right for anyone south of VA. He’s made some hideous maps like this in the past where he’s always wayyyy to bullish.
  12. Pics please. Would like to save for post storm reference
  13. Wow! What a change from the GFS. It has finally joined virtually all other modeling. Goes to show the GFS might be one of the worst models right now, if the consensus is to be believed.