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  1. Just about our best snow of the season here in Boone and no one was calling for a thing, no advisories, nothing and yet we get a solid dusting with untreated surfaces solid white. First time I’ve seen my parking lot white this season. Incredible.
  2. These 40 degree freezing rain events sure are fun to follow!! This winter has been ridiculous for Mother Nature and for NWS imo.
  3. Wow that’s crazy, just a dusting over here off Meadowview Dr in Boone.
  4. Unless there is some 9th inning miracle I’m gonna have to chalk this one up as a major bust from the NW NC Mtns. It’s been a long while since we had a good NWFS that amounted to more than an inch or 2.
  5. It’s amazing that just a month ago we had some of the warmest temps of the year and tomorrow will be some of the coldest! Amazing stuff
  6. Let’s get this season started with a bang! Looking forward to the weather tonight/tomorrow! Today was a great day for outdoor activities.
  7. Has been pretty calm here in Boone, virtually no wind yet!
  8. What is it showing? Haven’t heard anymore talks on snow since a few days ago.
  9. Just mother nature’s way of giving the middle finger to all of us who talked shit about the crappy winter since we are all ready for Spring now.
  10. It’s getting to be pretty embarrassing regarding what they cancel school over these days. We had wet snow for a few hours mid day and they cancelled for Watauga. I think even Floridians would laugh at the calls they make now.