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  1. The fat lady has sung. After one of the worst winters I’ve been apart of in the hickory area I’m glad to see it go. Bring on a true spring with nice cool temps with good periods of dry weather like we have coming up.
  2. How does the tempest handle the ice build up? Get any errors or weird readings for haptic rain sensor or wind readings?
  3. I want the beauty of a big ice storm and the ability to use the dang generator. I just want some dang winter weather and I don’t care if it’s .75” of ZR
  4. Finished with .86” of 32.5 degree rain. There were models showing a lee side min right before the start of the event. Unreal.
  5. *Only use models that show the least amount of frozen precipitation inside of 4 hours.
  6. Put a fork in this one for the foothills. Up to 32.9 and going between heavy and very heavy returns already over .4”
  7. 32.4 and heavy rain is the ultimate middle finger. “But the models underestimate the cad” “it’ll be colder than forecasted” “just cut the zr maps in half and it’s still major”. Well it’s not the 90’s or early 2000’s anymore. We don’t win border line events in the foothills or NW Piedmont anymore. The ZR maps need a complete overhaul on all the models. The long term weather cycle for this area and winter weather is becoming an absolute joke.
  8. Nothing like heavy rain and 32.4 degrees. What a joke.
  9. So it seems really doesn’t matter at the end of the day when the skies are clear and you get radiational cooling to start the night when clouds just instantly add 5 degrees. Might as well had the clouds move in whenever. No? 38.5/26.2 Winds 3-5 MPH ENE
  10. Wow, up to 37.8/26.7 3 miles NE of HKY, this isn’t looking good for ice. I smell another major bust.
  11. Temp continues to rise, now 36.1/26 3 miles NE of HKY airport.
  12. Back up to 35.2/26.1 temps are on a kiddie roller coaster tonight lol
  13. That’s crazy! I’m in southern Caldwell east of 321 and I’m at 34.2/26.7
  14. Down to 35.2/25 WB: 31 Winds have been out of the WSW
  15. Was down to 36.5 in lower Caldwell around 7pm but have risen to 38.5/24 in the last 25 minutes
  16. Well we were dropping pretty well, were down to 36.5 but have risen nearly 2 degrees in the last 20 minutes.
  17. Temp is dropping decently in southern Caldwell but the dew points are making a noticeable incline.
  18. Very good looking map and reasonable map
  19. 44 here in Hickory. Not feeling it for this area. 31.9 degree rain won’t cut it. The trend for this winter will continue for foothills.
  20. Must be nice, up to 41 here in southern Caldwell. Not too optimistic on this one. 31.5+ and rain won’t add up to much here. Hope I’m wrong and warmer trends are wrong. https://tempestwx.com/station/41819/grid
  21. Just got a Tempest weather station here in southern Caldwell County. Excited to see the details with this borderline ice event tomorrow. Y’all can check it out here, https://tempestwx.com/station/41819/grid
  22. It was spot on with the placement of the heaviest precipitation but not so much the totals. I don’t put much faith into its ZR maps.
  23. Not surprised, like clockwork and has been the story the this entire winter. Everyone should be prepared for power outages because that would be too dangerous to go conservative with it being this close but personally I don’t see anything more than a nuisance event for the foothills. I do want the ice however.
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