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  1. My wife drove through Seneca to pick up my son from my dad’s house on Sunday. Here’s my grandmother’s house I grew up in. She passed away a few years ago and my dad has since sold it. Her house was right on the edge of the path it appears.
  2. Tight rotation just north of Greenville now. Looks like the best of the day.
  3. And.... the 3rd cell now tornado warned for Pickens... again... all 3 cells passed within a mile of each other, and all 3 cells are in tact and look great. Strange
  4. Yea, I had a good view of the first two. They were beauties but no funnel clouds when I could see them. Would have waited on the 3rd one but ran out of daylight.
  5. All 3 are looking pretty healthy to me. 2nd one is tornado warned again. I came back to the house now that it’s getting dark.
  6. Saw some crazy rotating low clouds with the 2nd cell. Didn’t see a funnel but got positioned poorly at the worst time. Not much viewing opportunities in the forested Foothills.
  7. Guess I’ll hang around in Pickens and see if that 2nd cell produces
  8. I chased it on hwy 183 through Pickens... had the prefect view but nothing ever dropped. Dang
  9. Pretty good rotation with the storm 8 miles to my Northwest in Oconee County.
  10. The giant B from the borg plant sign im Seneca was found in a yard in liberty, sc. that’s roughly 15 miles away from the plant.
  11. 900 yards wide... wowzers. Not exactly your run of the mill squall line spin up.
  12. I resisted the urge to drive to Seneca today even though it’s less than 10 miles from my house. Figure I’ll check it out in a few days after emergency services have finished what they need to do. i did drive to the pharmacy today and it appears the tornado made it to approximately 12 mile recreation area as there were dozens of trees down/snapped right there with a tornado look to them. If you plot the points from there to the Seneca damage the tornado path line intersects my house. Luckily it appears to have lifted right around the 12 mile rec area which is about 1.5 miles before reaching home. Whew! Explains the large rigid insulation panel fragments all over my property though as they must have been carried straight here from the borg plant and fell out when the tornado lifted. I didn’t see those panels/fragments anywhere else on my drive.
  13. Yea, probably more likely ef3 in the worst spots now that a watched the whole video. Looks like it was well over 500 yards wide at one point judging by the leveled forests.
  14. https://www.wyff4.com/article/possible-severe-weather-on-easter-sunday/32105326 link contains aerial footage of Seneca tornado.
  15. Aerial footage in Seneca shows a house completely obliterated a few 100 yards north of the borg plant that was destroyed. That house looked like ef4 damage to me. Even looked like possible ground scouring in the footage. Around the house. I’ll see if I can find a pic.