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  1. https://fb.watch/4PZrBIwU51/Incredible video of the Seneca tornado. Can someone tell me how this tornado was only rated max of 90 mph winds when it had enough speed to lift a car off the ground?
  2. My dad lives on Delphi drive. Path missed his house by 100yds.
  3. Confirmed ef1 tornado in Seneca yesterday. No warning ever issued for oconee county
  4. Tornado touched down in Seneca, sc today. Flipped a car upside down and moved several others in a parking lot near bounty land. no warning from the nws for this cell as it dropped a tornado.
  5. 3 miles north of clemson,sc. 2 inches of Snow. no freezing rain or sleet.
  6. That ensemble mean looks nice. Next weekend’s setup has monster potential if the northern stream can phase in with the southern wave.
  7. February is running -4 degrees from average at GSP. We haven’t torched.
  8. I think the eastern escarpment in northern NC could get some snow on Friday. Especially with some elevation
  9. Actually I lied, it was feb 17, 2015... lol. Time flies I guess.
  10. The last Over performing cad for my backyard was 2018 when all the hi res models had me dropping to A min of 32/33 the night before the the event and had no chance of sleet in the soundings. I wound up hitting 28.3 for a low the next day and got 90% sleet with a little freezing rain at the end and temps never made it above 31 during precipitation. 1 inch of liquid total. That one was a very dry air mass.
  11. This wasn’t a storm that typically bust in our favor for cad. Those are storms with an eroding wedge(models erode too fast) or an anonymously dry air mass. waiting on cad to kick in is usually delayed compared to what models show, and often doesn’t work out. Especially without cold dry air already in place across the region.
  12. Here’s the icon from yesterday morning. Shows the dry slot well.
  13. All the global models depicted this dry slot fairly well...
  14. The freezing rain in Louisiana makes our wedge look like child’s play. They’re getting over an inch of liquid with temps in the low to mid 20s