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  1. Hard for me to buy a 6-7mb increase with how pristine IR looks right now.
  2. No power here in upstate sc and I have a tree across my driveway. It’s sounded like constant 40-50 mph gusts for the last few hours outside. Definitely the highest performing tropical system I’ve experienced in recent memory. Winds usually verify way below guidance here for tropical storms.
  3. Awfully odd that the only two that have been dropped in the eastern section of the eye wall in the last 3 hours were "caught in gusts". Could be a coincidence I guess.
  4. They finally released a dropsonde in the NE eyewall... 142 kt surface winds! There's all you need for cat 5 status... confirms the last dropsonde from the previous aircraft as well.
  5. Hopefully there's a 3 story concrete structure these people can stay in that doesn't get washed away.... the police department building looks sturdy. Maybe a few will survive.
  6. It's annoying we haven't gotten a NE eye wall pass by recon in the last hour. Factoring in the forward motion and Obs through the other more recent eyewall intercepts, I'm guessing it's holding 140kt+ surface winds now.
  7. 140 knots at 930mb on that eyewall drop! Where's the guy that simply said "No" when someone asked if there was a chance this storm could hit Cat 5 status this morning? lol
  8. My wife drove through Seneca to pick up my son from my dad’s house on Sunday. Here’s my grandmother’s house I grew up in. She passed away a few years ago and my dad has since sold it. Her house was right on the edge of the path it appears.
  9. Tight rotation just north of Greenville now. Looks like the best of the day.
  10. And.... the 3rd cell now tornado warned for Pickens... again... all 3 cells passed within a mile of each other, and all 3 cells are in tact and look great. Strange
  11. Yea, I had a good view of the first two. They were beauties but no funnel clouds when I could see them. Would have waited on the 3rd one but ran out of daylight.
  12. All 3 are looking pretty healthy to me. 2nd one is tornado warned again. I came back to the house now that it’s getting dark.
  13. Saw some crazy rotating low clouds with the 2nd cell. Didn’t see a funnel but got positioned poorly at the worst time. Not much viewing opportunities in the forested Foothills.
  14. Guess I’ll hang around in Pickens and see if that 2nd cell produces
  15. I chased it on hwy 183 through Pickens... had the prefect view but nothing ever dropped. Dang