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  1. Unfortunately, there’s also lots of sporadic single wide trailers in those paths, especially around Calhoun falls. Hopefully everyone made out ok.
  2. Looks like they’re finally loosening up. They both traveled a solid 20-30 miles before weakening though. Curious to see the damage reports. There’s not much for structures in their paths. Mainly just timberland and national forest.
  3. Pretty serious debris ball in abbeville county. These two couplets haven’t been cycling at all the last hour. They look great on every scan.
  4. Significant damage reports coming out of Elbert county
  5. That couplet moved right over my 300 acre timber tract and rental house in Elberton... doh!
  6. https://fb.watch/4PZrBIwU51/Incredible video of the Seneca tornado. Can someone tell me how this tornado was only rated max of 90 mph winds when it had enough speed to lift a car off the ground?
  7. My dad lives on Delphi drive. Path missed his house by 100yds.
  8. Confirmed ef1 tornado in Seneca yesterday. No warning ever issued for oconee county
  9. Tornado touched down in Seneca, sc today. Flipped a car upside down and moved several others in a parking lot near bounty land. no warning from the nws for this cell as it dropped a tornado.
  10. 3 miles north of clemson,sc. 2 inches of Snow. no freezing rain or sleet.
  11. That ensemble mean looks nice. Next weekend’s setup has monster potential if the northern stream can phase in with the southern wave.
  12. February is running -4 degrees from average at GSP. We haven’t torched.
  13. I think the eastern escarpment in northern NC could get some snow on Friday. Especially with some elevation
  14. Actually I lied, it was feb 17, 2015... lol. Time flies I guess.
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