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  1. I would imagine the action is about to pick up. We saw our worst winds in those broken up looking light showers.
  2. Looks like you have the last band of heavy wind over you right now. Should get better soon I think?
  3. It's mixing down very efficiently. Radar has us with 60mph winds at like 5k feet and we're getting gusts in rain bands pretty close to that. Watch out whoever ends up under that band. I would not be surprised to see those 80mph gusts verify.
  4. That SVR warning for the nasty looking band east of MT. Airy mentions 80 mph gusts. Do not want.
  5. It's really picking up in the Triad now. We've had a couple gusts around 40mph in the last 15 minutes.
  6. It's a little odd with Zeta because although there's some warming of cloud tops on the south side it's nothing like you usually see when the south side of a storm falls apart.
  7. Certainly doesn't look like there's a whole lot on the south side on radar now.
  8. So unless there's a change of motion I don't see how NO misses it entirely. If you take either the short term more easterly motion or a more longer term look it still goes over the city.
  9. Looks like a bit of a wobble back to the east from the last couple dropsondes.
  10. Yeah the NC mountains are under a TS warning. That's a first I think.
  11. Umm Florence was piling up water as a cat 4 and had a huge sustained wind field of hurricane force winds.. Not sure I'd compare the 2 in that way.
  12. He posted a couple hours ago that he was heading east. I guess it's easier to correct back west if need be.
  13. I'm pretty surprised they didn't extend the hurricane warning to the east. Maybe going to happen at 2?
  14. Isaias produced an EF-3 in NC although I agree that's pretty rare. It does happen though obviously.