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  1. At GSO they received 2.0" with 0.26" QPF which ended up being right in line with the Kuchera estimate of 7-8:1 for the area in the HRRR.
  2. Still some light snow falling here in the Triad but I'd guess accumulations are over. Measured 1.5" on the back deck which is certainly more than I expected this morning. Nice to have something to track and see some snow fall.
  3. Officially 0.7" at GSO as of 4:24. Glad to have the streak gone!
  4. So is it really actually going to snow in southern Wake this time? Are we sure? Oh and nice SN here in High Point, sticking to the deck and some in the grass.
  5. Is that the coastal kicking precip all the way back to GSO and CLT on the HRRR or is it from the first batch? Sorry in the middle of something and can't look for myself.
  6. I just can't believe that it's a lack of moisture that's going to do us in. What a slap in the face after suffering through the wettest start of the year ever.
  7. NAM continues to be drier W and SW of Raleigh with every run. If you're not in the NE quadrant of NC or the mountains anything that sticks to the ground should be considered a victory.
  8. Interestingly the UK has the jackpot set up in the Kinston area much like the GFS did.
  9. Magnificent March! It's the new Fab Feb!
  10. If anything there was more snow on the 3k NAM at 00z than at 18z. That's reassuring for me and makes me think it's just the 12k coming back to earth rather than the start of some dramatic warming or drying up in the models.
  11. The 3k NAM is actually drier west of Raleigh but wetter in Wake and to the E and NE.
  12. You know if it ends up too warm and we get a lot of white rain I can live with that. It's what you'd expect from this pattern. If the precip fizzles out after every storm for months has over performed that's going to be really annoying.
  13. With snow our WFOs seem to decide how they feel about an event a few days in advance and try to stick with it, at least until the night before. It makes sense you don't want the forecast bouncing around with every model run. I'm fine with the expected forecasts, we've certainly had white rain events in the past. That said, the 1 in 10 forecasts and probability of x" of snow products aren't great.
  14. For sure I hope no one is expecting 12"+ now. But if we could squeeze a 4-6" event out of this miserable excuse for a winter I'd be thrilled.
  15. I mean of course a good Euro would bring me back but after what I've seen so far today I'm out. The NAM and the GFS with no ensemble support against the world isn't really where I want to be 2 days out. Definitely the most exciting and important suite of model runs this winter for NC, it's a shame it's mostly flopped.