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  1. It's just been pixie dust here in High Point this morning. These flakes have had a rough trip down. Poor guys are shredded into 100 pieces.
  2. Finally starting to stick a bit here in the Triad. Seems like the temps just had to drop enough that the snowflakes weren't half melted by the time they hit the ground. For the ground temp truthers it started sticking in the grass and on elevated surfaces at pretty much the same time.
  3. Yeah it's killing me too. It isn't the warm ground though, it's not sticking to elevated surfaces either. The air is just too warm.
  4. Hour 4 of white rain currently here in the Triad. Love seeing the pictures of everyone cashing in though. We've done well the last few years, most of you guys haven't.
  5. We've been on the right side of the line here in the triad so much in recent years I can't help but think this may be the one that doesn't work out for us (relatively speaking). I'd love to be wrong but I think the line for the really good stuff ends up north and west.
  6. I haven't had a chance to look at the HRRR in depth but one thing I noticed briefly flipping through the mesoscale models is that through 21z Friday it's fairly substantially drier than all of the other models. This is true pretty much everywhere but especially as you go N and W from the heaviest totals.
  7. 82/73 at noon in the middle of October. What a time to be alive. I think I need an IV after that 5 mile lunch run.
  8. Is recon trying to set some kind of record for center fixes on one mission? Pretty impressive work although I guess with the track they could have gotten the (Mississippi) landfall intensity sitting on the runway too.
  9. I'm not sure if it's ever been more than a 55kt storm plus east side enhancement from the quick forward speed. The diurnal max flare up was little more than that it seems.
  10. Most category 5 storms don't have the wind damage that Andrew did right at the core. I don't know if mesovortices have ever been proven as why Andrew's damage was so severe but it had something extra going on. I think I saw a tweet that Josh put this in his top 5 storms. I don't know the context of that tweet but he's definitely been in way more than 5 category 4-5 storms. edit to link tweet
  11. I mean yeah they're pretty awful but the idea that Jose could dissipate more quickly isn't unreasonable. When Jose does dissipate however there isn't a lot of reason to think that the ridge will just suddenly build back in and shove Maria west. The Euro keeps Jose around for days longer than the GFS does and despite that Maria is actually closer to the coast on the Euro than the GFS before getting kicked out.
  12. I think it makes sense to toss that one reading on the Rio Grande de Manati until proven otherwise. It doesn't match with the readings before and after at that gauge, upstream and downstream on that river, or to any of the rivers in the area. The COMP4 is more troubling because it isn't just one anomalous reading but it's at such an extraordinary level I'm not sure what to make of it.
  13. No kidding. They've been working multiple storms for weeks now with no break.
  14. Dropsonde a couple pages back is probably the most compelling evidence. Like 5 people posted it. Also were 152kt and 151kt unflagged SFMR on the 910mb pass.
  15. So current heading based on NHC, recon, etc. is 300 degrees. Short term motion on radar honestly looks south of this. It's going to take a movement of 315 from the last recon fix to miss PR to the NE and something 310+ to clip the NE part of the country. Going right through the center of San Juan is 308.