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  1. Dunkman

    General Severe Weather

    Nothing even remotely interesting materialized here in the center of the Triad but hey look it's more rain...
  2. Dunkman

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    I don't know we're pretty good at getting cold rain to verify in March and April.
  3. Dunkman

    Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    This only being warm enough to rain for the 12 hours it's actually precipitating thing is some bs
  4. Dunkman

    January 12th-13th event

    From now on I think we can just immediately toss any model run that shows a storm drying out. That's no longer possible in the southeast.
  5. Dunkman

    January 12-13th Winter Storm Obs

    It's a good thing we hovered around 31-32 all night here in High Point/Greensboro because this 1"+ of rain could have been a real nightmare if it was a little colder. As it was, about .2" of glaze here.
  6. Dunkman

    January 12-13th Winter Storm Obs

    The heavy line rolling through Guilford County right now is all/mostly rain here in N High Point. Nice glaze on everything.
  7. Dunkman

    January 12th-13th event

    RGEM was not good for the last event iirc. I seem to remember it (and the CMC before the RGEM got into range) having a ton of ice that never verified. It seems to do better in the NE I think whereas the NAM seems to have a better handle on our region, at least in the last few years.
  8. Dunkman

    January 12th-13th event

    Nice call .SHORT TERM /SATURDAY THROUGH MONDAY NIGHT/... As of 335 PM Friday... Overview: Confidence is increasing that we`ll see impactful icing along with some snow/sleet accumulation across the Triad and the VA border counties, occurring primarily Sat evening through the overnight. Will issue a winter storm watch from the Triad NE across the central VA border areas.
  9. Dunkman

    January 12th-13th event

    It's really had that icy look all along. At this point I kinda just hope it torches and we get rain.
  10. Dunkman

    January 12th-13th event

    I don't know about VA but the current forecast for the Triad is an advisory level event right now and obviously less south and east.
  11. Dunkman

    January 12th-13th event

    They usually use WSW with mixed precipitation. It does seem like there's going to be a pretty decent sized swath of ice somewhere with this storm though.
  12. Dunkman

    December 2018 Obs

    I'll have to check to be sure but I think KGSO went over yearly record today. In related news I'm officially over the rain.
  13. Dunkman

    December 8-10 Winter Storm Obs

    That band is really picking up on radar hope it's snow for you guys!
  14. Dunkman

    December 8-10 Winter Storm Obs

    These flakes are accumulating fast. Wouldn't be surprised to see is squeeze out a couple inches if it sticks around for a bit.
  15. Dunkman

    December 8-10 Winter Storm Obs

    Nice fluffy light to moderate snowfall here in north High Point. It's really beautiful, great sized flakes.