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  1. That lead cell is starting to look a little suspicious again. I guess we'll see how quick of a trigger RAX has tonight.
  2. I was about to say you should have gotten a pretty good look at it.
  3. Pretty relieved we haven't heard any damage reports from the lead storm yet because it's been 120+ mph GTG for probably 20 minutes now.
  4. I'm stunned there aren't more people in here with multiple tornadic storms training through Charlotte. I know people aren't out tonight!
  5. It really looks like it's producing too.
  6. May be a little breezy in uptown right now
  7. Storm heading into Charlotte maybe showing some signs of reorganizing.
  8. Well got a new scan from GSP so it seems the radar is ok. Storm heading into Charlotte is struggling.
  9. They both have pretty good rotation right now.
  10. I'm surprised the 1st storm isn't warned. There's good rotation on the higher beam tilts and they're still only a couple thousand feet up.
  11. Is 20% EF2+ kinda high for a thunderstorm watch?
  12. I really hope that's hail the cc out of CLX is picking up.
  13. Kinda odd here in central NC. Went from nothing to 10% hatched and back to nothing in less than a day. I certainly don't mind, hope it's a quieter day for everyone in the south.
  14. Yeah I'd be a little surprised if we didn't end up with a 15% area at some point given how large the 10% is right now.