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  1. Looks like a pretty stout hail core and some rotation heading towards jburns.
  2. I’m not an expert but when there’s a severe thunderstorm warning from Lenoir to Bluefield it might be time for a watch.
  3. 38 and 0.26" so far. 0 days since last 30 degree rain.
  4. Playing the is it pollen or Covid game wasn't super fun. Hopefully my pandemic anxiety is a little better by now.
  5. At least we’re going to have a mix of temperatures for our rain coming up instead of just 30s. Should be some 40 degree rain, some 50 degree rain and maybe even some 60 degree rain!
  6. Oh yeah Raleigh gets 60 degrees and a severe thunderstorm with the QLCS but just more 30s and rain for me
  7. Yeah that’s good let’s get that base up out west for my spring break ski trip.
  8. It’s not out on Pivotal yet. Maybe it is on a paid site? It’s been awhile since the weather tempted me to subscribe somewhere.
  9. You can’t really expect a storm with that much cold in our climate this late in the season. It really can only happen in places like the frozen tundra of San Antonio.
  10. That sounds good to me 3” would like quadruple my winter total
  11. RAH downgraded everyone except the VA border counties to an advisory.
  12. I don’t know how things are everywhere but here in west central Guilford it’s melting at the point that there will be very little left by sunset. That would almost certainly make the overnight icing inconsequential.
  13. I mean the GEFS does have a CAD signal...
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