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  1. If that means cold rain in Triad sign me up. Versus ZR.
  2. Any chance sleet could over-perform in Winston? I know soundings are trash. Even if for first thump.
  3. I’ve only seen significant sleet accumulation once before, around 4 inches. Was in Prince William Co. VA along I-95 in late 90s. Temps were mid 20s. Would vote this 10/10 instead of ZR.
  4. I’m in Winston just NW of downtown near Wake Forest campus. Still just rain so far no mixing.
  5. Nothing falling here in Winston. 48 degrees.
  6. More of the same here in Triad. White rain couple hours.
  7. Was at friends in Clemmons, drove back home to 27106 NW Winston. Just a little dusting here but more than last two “events”. Sad.
  8. If that gradient near us panned out, how cool would a chase be from Winston to like Mount Airy? Wild.
  9. Seeing as we only had a trace here in Winston last night, sign me up for a half inch with initial WAA band Sat night if it manifests. Don’t care if all rain Sunday.
  10. If you’re worried then I’m terrified. Mid 40s here still in Winston.
  11. All I know is it’s 50 degrees here w/dewpoint 40 plus. Not a recipe for success. Even for a noob like me.
  12. Thanks and well said. Exactly how I was viewing it in Forsyth county next to Davie...
  13. Ditto. Already on the fringe here.