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  1. Rain was not that impressive IMBY today (1.15 inches), but I have now climbed above 83 inches for the calendar year, which is just INSANE for this location. I continue to build on the wettest year I've ever had at this location in nine years of living here. Almost 10 inches of rain in October too. I think 100 inches is probably pretty unlikely, but it's definitely not out of the question and what I am currently on pace for this year.
  2. And Hurricane Sandy did the trick several years ago.
  3. After rainfall from the remnants of Hurricane Delta, I have now recorded over 79 inches of rainfall IMBY, making this the rainiest year on record for my nine years at this location. And...there are still 2.5 months remaining in this calendar year. Wow.
  4. That's the spirit. Vote early and vote often. [emoji16] Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  5. Check out ASU's Fall Color report and map for updated leaf conditions:
  6. You just beat me, Strong. [emoji16] 42.8 F here. Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  7. Ha! Good catch. Slipped up there. Sally, not Sandy. Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  8. I got around 2.5 inches from Sandy. Looks like the GSP forecast was pretty much on the money. Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  9. That was it! Now I remember. Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah, one of the last times it significantly snowed in October, the Blowing Rock area got around 4-6 inches on Halloween. I think that was 5-8 years ago. I took the kids up the mountain to go sledding. We had a blast. I then expected a rockin' winter, and it turned out to be very mild, unfortunately.
  11. Wow! Those are big amounts around Hickory on the Euro. Much bigger than the NAM, WPC, and NWS.
  12. Latest rainfall forecast on the 3K NAM:
  13. Latest rainfall forecast from NWS GSP:
  14. Latest rainfall forecast from WPC:
  15. Wow! Now that's a hike/run. I have hiked profile several times but never scout. Need to do that soon, but not running. [emoji16] Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk