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  1. calculus1

    July 2019 OBS

    Heavy thunderstorms this afternoon here in Hickory. I picked up 1.98 inches of rainfall in about an hour. Dime-size hail too.
  2. calculus1

    2019 Tropical Weather Discussion

    Latest update on Barry:
  3. calculus1

    June 2019 OBS

    Even if we get no more rainfall, June 2019 will prove to be the wettest month on record for my backyard in the eight years that I have lived at this residence. Additionally, I am on pace for the wettest year ever at this locale.
  4. calculus1

    2019 Mountains and Foothills Spring/Summer thread

    Not quite that intense. I think that would be hard to beat. =) We were up on a hilltop overlooking Kentucky Lake (Paris Landing State Park). The trees swayed back and forth as if they were fans. Left, right, swirling. It was very eerie and surreal. No rain fell as this was happening. Then it calmed down briefly before the rain hit us. Hard. The gust front, derecho, or whatever we want to call it was one of the most impressive and sustained that I have ever witnessed. We then left out this morning before the next MCS passed through. Raced it home all day until it caught up to us at about the NC/TN state line on I-40. Torrential rainfall on that curvy, walled interstate section is no fun at all. Looks like the third MCS will hit overnight.
  5. calculus1

    2019 Mountains and Foothills Spring/Summer thread

    I was in Paris, TN, northwest of Nashville, when it came through the state park there around 6:30 PM. Crazy amounts of wind ahead of the rain and small hail. I was in awe watching the trees sway back and forth with such ferocity.
  6. calculus1

    June 2019 OBS

    Observed precipitation values over the past seven days. Just crazy amounts of rainfall in the Hickory area and just to the NW:
  7. calculus1

    June 2019 OBS

    Thanks, Burns. I have most of my (now) cement slab basement dried out, and we didn't lose many possessions. We are rather fortunate compared to many in this area. Lots of families displaced due to flooding. So many roads and bridges closed or impassable in the area. Catawba County schools are closed tomorrow with many schools harboring standing water.
  8. calculus1

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    This is one time when I wish you had been wrong, grit.
  9. calculus1

    June 2019 OBS

    Lake Lookout Shoals is seeing historic water levels. I have a friend who lives on that lake. Duke Energy called him at 5:30 AM and told him to get to high ground. They were releasing four gates on the Oxford Dam at 20 feet each. Just. Crazy. Flood Warning National Weather Service Greenville-Spartanburg SC 1145 AM EDT Sun Jun 9 2019 NCC003-035-097-101515- /O.NEW.KGSP.FA.W.0020.190609T1545Z-190610T1515Z/ /00000.0.ER.000000T0000Z.000000T0000Z.000000T0000Z.OO/ Catawba NC-Alexander NC-Iredell NC- 1145 AM EDT Sun Jun 9 2019 The National Weather Service in Greenville-Spartanburg has issued a * Flood Warning for... Northeastern Catawba County in the Piedmont of North Carolina... South central Alexander County in the Piedmont of North Carolina... West central Iredell County in the Piedmont of North Carolina... * Until 1115 AM EDT Monday. * At 1130 AM EDT, Doppler radar indicates numerous light to moderate showers in the vicinity of Lookout Shoals Lake and Lake Hickory, but no additional heavy rainfall at this time. This has allowed Lookout Shoals Lake to crest following a widespread 4-8 inch rainfall event that began Thursday evening. Areas of northwest Catawba County, eastern Caldwell County, and western Alexander County saw 8-12 inches of rainfall. The heaviest rainfall was focused over the watersheds feeding Lake Rhodhiss and Lake Hickory and was responsible for levels at Lookout Shoals Lake not seen since 1940. This has caused flooding of homes along the lake and evacuation orders are in effect. * The latest lake level data for Lookout Shoals Lake are as follows: CURRENT POOL...106.7 feet (Moderate Flooding) and falling steadily. FULL POOL...100.0 feet. CREST...108.19 feet at 9am on June 9. This is the highest level recorded since August 1940, when the lake crested at 114.40 feet. Crests during the 2004 and 2013 floods were 107.4 and 107.0 feet, respectively. MODERATE FLOOD STAGE...105.0 feet. IMPACTS...At 105.0 feet, inundation of homes along Longfield Street, Overbrook Drive, and the Carpenter`s Cove community is likely or ongoing and evacuation orders are in effect. Power has been turned off to affected homes and other structures due to floodwaters. Additional homes and streets may be impacted. FORECAST: Duke Energy project Lookout Shoals Lake will stay near at or above 105 feet into Monday morning. Additional rainfall may cause new rises. * Evacuations are in effect for several residents along Lookout Shoals Lake, including in the Carpenter`s Cove community. Residents are urged to heed guidance from local officials and Emergency Management on any potential or ongoing impacts to property, including evacuation orders. Drivers are urged to heed any barricades and avoid all flooded areas. * Significant releases are occurring at Oxford Dam above Lookout Shoals Lake, causing dangerous high flow conditions and flooding along the Catawba River downstream, including areas of Riverbend Park and Hafer Rd. Please avoid the Catawba River, flooded roadways, and other low-lying areas during these high flows. * FORECAST: Additional heavy rainfall is possible in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Escarpment, Foothills, and northwest Piedmont area above Lookout Shoals Lake Sunday afternoon through Tuesday. This rainfall would occur on top of saturated soils and may exacerbate ongoing high lake levels. Residents and lake users are urged to stay weather aware and be prepared to respond if new rises occur.
  10. calculus1

    June 2019 OBS

    Thanks, Grit. Yeah, I live under that nice little purple shade. Crazy! Umm...I'm back in it. My Vantage Vue reports "Raining Cats and Dogs". Storm total so far: 13.58 inches 4.94 on Fri (6/7) 2.50 on Sat (6/8) 6.14...and counting... on Sun (6/9) My basement has a new look. I didn't really like that carpet anyway. Cement slab is the way to go.
  11. calculus1

    June 2019 OBS

    Thanks, highcountry. The Catawba River Watershed runs through Hickory. Lake James, Lake Rhodhiss, Lake Hickory, Lake Lookout Shoals, Lake James, Mountain Island Lake, and Lake Wylie are all manmade lakes along its path.
  12. calculus1

    June 2019 OBS

    I fought it all night, until I didn't hear my alarm at 3 AM. Was waking up to vacuum where the water was entering. When I woke up again around 5:30, I stepped off the couch into water. I lost the battle. We've had just shy of 6 inches of rainfall...since midnight. My three day total is somewhere around 13 inches. Too tired to figure precisely. My house is draining out into the backyard. Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  13. calculus1

    June 2019 OBS

    Yep. This is crazy. We now have added another 2.45 inches of rainfall today. It's a firehose. Might be a little break coming shortly. My basement is beginning to take water. Ugh. Just got home from Asheville area where it was surprisingly much drier. Only to find water seeping into basement. Got out the wet vac and cranked it up. Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  14. calculus1

    June 2019 OBS

    Fortunately, the rain stopped shortly after 1:00 AM last night. So, I now sit at 5.16 inches since the Big Wet Weekend began. That's already at the upper threshold of what some of the global models were predicting for the entire thing. How big can we go? Went back out this morning with the lull in the rain to more properly clear all my gutters. I have never cleared gutters after midnight before (like last night), but I was really worried about our basement flooding with all the rain just draining right along the walls. Fortunately, none of the finished areas have any water influx, as of yet. The crawl space has some wet block walls (from where gutters were not properly draining) but no standing water. I think we're ready for round two now. I'm not sure how we'll hold up for rounds three, four, ... Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  15. calculus1

    June 2019 OBS

    4.94 was my calendar day total. Now at 5 I and coming down steadily. Just went out to clear gutters in our front walkway to keep water from pouring into basement. Should've done that yesterday... [emoji16] Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk