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Obs and nowcast Major Nor'easter near blizzard Sunday afternoon Jan 31 - Sunrise Wednesday Feb 3


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Just now, NJsnow89 said:

No one expected sleet here in Piscataway. Kudos to the HRRR for showing this. 

Yup. I think it's the mid level lift pivoting away from some and therefore no/fewer snowflakes can form. Lower level lift would cause sleet pellets to form. If there's a heavier batch it probably goes back to snow. It's not warm air surging in at mid levels this time IMO. 

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Snow is much lighter in Whitestone. I'm about to head out with the dog so I'll see how much has fallen, I'd guess about 11-12" based on area reports. 

It looks like we won't hit those 20+ inch totals in and around the city, or even 15+ unless these bands pivot through which seems unlikely if the storm stalls and eventually occludes.

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I'm pretty sure many have forgotten just how long a duration this storm is going to be. It's going to pivot and heavy returns will make its way back through. Patience folks. Currently puking snow here in Flushing Queens.

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3 minutes ago, NJwx85 said:

The next 8-12 hours are going to be the height of the storm. System has begun to pivot as evidenced by the band of snow moving Southeastward back towards the Lakewood/Toms River area.

You don't think the sleet will hold? Lots of CNJ into steady sleet now....

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18 minutes ago, patrick05 said:


LGA: 10"

JFK: 9"

ISP: 9"

Snow has lightened up here but no pingers yet.. i'm closer to 10" as well.. really hoping to reach 12" but that dryslot is very menacing

My wife says she measured 12" but I'm not there so I'll take your word for it.  

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