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  1. 33 and Freezing rain/sleet in Ossining. Friend in Yorktown is at 33 with snow covered roads. .
  2. Walt - I don’t post often and have lurked for a long time. I want to thank you for your insightful posts and presentation of data and analysis. .
  3. As a high school social studies teacher in the area I have to disagree with you. At this point in my career I have taught 9-12th grade as well as regents, honors, AP, and other college level courses. Claims, evidence and reasoning is drilled into them during middle school, sometimes it sticks and other times it doesn’t. We continue and elevate that at the high school level with a focus on analysis. Some really get it and it is apparent with where they continue their education. I would say that social promotion is an issue and there is a small percentage of students who are being pushed through. On a side note if we are talking about issues with our education system we should point out how many colleges have become predatory institutions that accept anyone and charge absurd tuition to students that should not be there. Sign the dotted line and you can get yourself 60k a year on a variable interest rate. There are many students that are much better suited for vocational schools but are being told that a bachelors is the only way to go. Many of my wealthiest friends own their own plumbing or electrical business. This issue here isn’t the students. There are still tons of bright, talented, hard working students! .
  4. Drove from Kt. Kisco to Ossining today on 133 in the middle of the tornado warning around 4:50. There was definitely circulation in the clouds around/above the hill wsw of target. When we got on 133 it came down in an unforgettable way. There was definitely hail mixed in. Would classify them as dime sized. 133 was closed near gedney park at the top of the hill. Had to circle back to 100 which was closed before shingle house. Went back to 134 and took pines bridge rd which also had live wires down. There had to have been a tornado or straight line winds that went through that area. The rain was absurd and blinded any ability to decipher what direction it was coming from. .
  5. Followed by snoski aka I took over for snowman19, it will all melt by 11am Sunday morn because we torch into the low 80’s on Tues. .
  6. PB I have said it before and I will say it again tonight, way to nail this. .
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