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  1. just when you think there might be a break soon in lower Manhattan more storms are developing to the west
  2. April 2016 discussion/obs

    This is pretty amazing that we are talking about snow and heavy thunderstorms within a 50miles radius
  3. April 2016 discussion/obs

    In Yonkers and yes!
  4. Continued Winter Banter.

    My favorite and a bit ironic post of this storm http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/47687-january-22-23-mid-atlantic-storm-thread-3-no-banter/?p=3898093 so nws has blizzard watch out for NYC for like 3-6" but not for RIC? yes I know it has do with the winds but stil.... From DT
  5. Continued Winter Banter.

    Does he have 2 twitter accounts, I only see one; and it has 0 tweets from the storm
  6. Our Storm!! http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/us_comp/us_comp_large.mp4 I downloaded and will keep for the ages!
  7. I would have thought, but I live on a high rise on the water, the wind has blown everything, I have spots with 6 inches and then huge drifts
  8. Trying to find snow reports for my area, other than than the official NWS are there any other sites out there for Westchester County? I don't see any reports for any cities in my area
  9. Looks like that bank coming west from CT is going to connect to the megaband?
  10. I am on the Hastings Yonkers border, I was looking further south, Thanks
  11. Snow++ heavy band just sitting on top of me in Yonkers.
  12. What are the accumulations like during this time period per the HRRR
  13. I guess the next question is, How far north does this get before the pivot starts, and where does the CCB setup