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  1. The 0z HRRR has the 2m temp at 12z tomorrow at 55 degrees in NYC, does that make sense, when are the temps supposed to crash in the NYC metro area? EDIT: maxes out at 56 degrees at 13z
  2. Stupid question I always thought we look at the Velocity radars to look for tornado activity. On several videos, I have seen meteorologists use the correlation coefficient radar that we usually use to look for the changeover line in a snow/sleet storm. What is the difference? Thank you in advance
  3. Just in the past 30 min or so it is starting to stick a bit on the roads; they have gotten slushy. the dirt medians are also covering up now.
  4. The gif auto updates, I am not even sure where to find it by navigating the site; I just bookmarked that link. And it is always fresh
  5. I added the link underneath; it auto updates when you refresh
  6. http://sirocco.accuweather.com/nxssa_r1_h_500x620d/r1h/inxr1KPHLa_h.gif
  7. Moderate White Rain in Lower Manhattan, Looks pretty looking at the flakes but nothing sticking to anything down here.
  8. Still light in Lower Manhattan with nothing sticking
  9. where will the moon be during the eclipse, my apartment faces south, I am hoping to see it without having to brave the freezing night!
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