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  1. I don't know; to my extremely amateur eye; that looks a lot closer to phasing than not..............but I am no pro
  2. jasperk99

    March 7th 2018 Coastal Storm Observations

    I think that will close up
  3. jasperk99

    Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    I just drove through Hastings; I verify that
  4. jasperk99

    Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    Just drove home from dinner at Ridge Hill in Yonkers, through Hastings and back into yonkers by the Hudson river. In the time it took to eat dinner the roads went from wet to treacherous. We must have between 5-6 inches and still snowing heavily.
  5. just when you think there might be a break soon in lower Manhattan more storms are developing to the west
  6. jasperk99

    April 2016 discussion/obs

    This is pretty amazing that we are talking about snow and heavy thunderstorms within a 50miles radius
  7. jasperk99

    April 2016 discussion/obs

    In Yonkers and yes!
  8. jasperk99

    Continued Winter Banter.

    My favorite and a bit ironic post of this storm http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/47687-january-22-23-mid-atlantic-storm-thread-3-no-banter/?p=3898093 so nws has blizzard watch out for NYC for like 3-6" but not for RIC? yes I know it has do with the winds but stil.... From DT
  9. jasperk99

    Continued Winter Banter.

    Does he have 2 twitter accounts, I only see one; and it has 0 tweets from the storm
  10. Our Storm!! http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/us_comp/us_comp_large.mp4 I downloaded and will keep for the ages!
  11. I would have thought, but I live on a high rise on the water, the wind has blown everything, I have spots with 6 inches and then huge drifts
  12. Trying to find snow reports for my area, other than than the official NWS are there any other sites out there for Westchester County? I don't see any reports for any cities in my area
  13. Looks like that bank coming west from CT is going to connect to the megaband?
  14. I am on the Hastings Yonkers border, I was looking further south, Thanks