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  1. ...picked the worst day to go to the US Open yesterday..pretty much rained all day when we were there(1p-6p) and surprised how bad the fog/visibility were..but all in all it was good to be there. weather looks awesome from here on out(except for the wind today)..
  2. ...hoping the thurs thru sunday time period will be ok as all eyes(at least in the golfing world) will be centered on the east end of long island for the 118Th US Open @ Shinnecock Hills in Southampton..right now forecast look pretty benign..lets hope that holds.
  3. ...quite an amazing view this evening..went down to the bay(moriches) and looking across the bay you couldn't see the barrier island @ Westhampton Dunes..this under mostly clear & sunny skies..quite a sight to see the fog bank hugging the coast.
  4. ..I was thinking the same thing..need the WAR to flex some muscle.
  5. ...hoping to hit the beach on saturday for the 1st time.. currently the forecast looks good..lets hope the BD cold front stays at bay..regarding the veggie gardening discussion i use to partake but the damn deer became unrelenting..so,no mas 4 me.
  6. ...Hoping the GFS is right..all this doom and gloom has got me pretty cranky..picked up another .70" of rain yesterday.
  7. tim

    Spring 2018 banter

    ...not sure if thats true or not but i was wondering if this will have any effect on our summer weather..??
  8. tim

    Spring 2018 banter

    ..speaking to some of the farmers out here on the east end they say they are 2-3 weeks behind schedule due to the cool, wet conditions..fungus is starting to become wide spread..
  9. tim

    Spring 2018 banter

    ..yeah ,i'll be worried about that wed. morning too..fishing peconic & shinnecock bays..NG fishing in the fog especially with a brisk east wind..but even if we stratus it will burn off.
  10. ...yeah,but 'SurfFreak', that means great beach weather, no?
  11. ...still overcast,spittin' rain, very cool,44*,damp and raw. can't wait for this crap to end..and it finally will..enjoy the warmup!
  12. ..yeah another frosty morning out here(KFOK down to 25*..I'm @ 30*)..could this be the last one??..hopefully it is..well, for April at least..but next weeks warmup will be a welcome change.
  13. ...KFOK @ 26*..i'm @ 30* w/ a pretty good frost.
  14. tim

    Spring 2018 banter

    ...some prolonged sunshine would be nice..i think this will make for a slow start to our fluke season which opens early this year(may 4th).
  15. ..it is ridiculous..34* here..KFOK @ 33*..at least it will be sunny today and the w/e looks to have clear skies..so, even if temps stay BN the sun will do its magic..declination of the sun is equivalent to late august now, so,..to quote bill murray..."at least we got that going for us"..