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  1. ...yeah..i can see why..i'm @ 57* with low clouds and fog..left the north folk(under sunny skies temps high 60's) and as we headed south the dreaded marine layer became more prominent..thats the 2nd day in a row its happened.
  2. ...even out here on ELI rain has turned to sleet..temp down to 37.2*..
  3. ...was hoping to watch the chiefs @ denver broncos (forecast call for snow and temps in the low teens).. but no.. FOX/CBS have different games on..bummer!
  4. ...KFOK @ 32*..got down to 31* @ 4am.. i'm @ 36.3.
  5. ...you better believe it!..moderate drought here on ELI.(.most of suffolk county actually.)
  6. ...not too much tree damage out this way..but the lack of rain we got out here is pretty amazing..KFOK reported only 0.05 inches of rain and with a dry forecast coming the next few days its really going to be dry...maybe a repeat of the "sunrise highway fires" during the summer of '95..hope not.
  7. ...fog came in around 1pm on saturday and it did not lift all day..made for a uncomfortable wet mess on saturday..not what i would call a nice beach day here in westhampton dunes..probably the same deal today.
  8. ...no big whoop out here. KFOK reported 0.05" of rain.. montauk reported 0.04" of rain.. gotta agree with those #'s.. not much rain here in Eastport either..
  9. ...looking forward to waking up sunday morning without the fog, drizzle and humidity to SUNNY/clear skies.. been dealing with this crap all week .. ..currently @6:30 am..61*/fog/drizzle.
  10. ...36.5* here..good thing i covered the veggies last nite..car windshields have some frost on them.
  11. ...I got down to 32.2 * ..KFOK unbelievably got down to 22*. ..i did have some lettuce and spinach planted..glad i covered them last nite.
  12. ...17* here..barometer v. strong @ 30.70"..pretty close to KFOK's 30.60"..their dew point is @ 4*.. expecting the usual out here..little snow then the c/o..agrees with the NWS NOT putting the east end in a WWA.
  13. ...well i guess if we can't watch winter out our windows maybe we can watch it on TV.. ..green bay packers home sunday jan 12th..
  14. ...came thru here with a whimper..had about 5 minutes of -S..glad you westerners did ok..