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  1. ...had ZERO rainfall yesterday..looks like today will be another awesome beach day.
  2. ...should be a heck of a beach day today..plenty of sun with light winds..seabreeze will kick in this afternoon..ocean water temps approaching 70*,waves will be 3' or less making swimming in the ocean delightful..
  3. ..KFOK @ 4pm yesterday..87* @ 2am today..61* 61* now here in eastport..cloudy, with a NE wind..got .30" in the rain gauge from yesterday..
  4. ...stratus/low clouds hanging tough here on ELI..W component of wind should scour out whats remaining..making what should be a good beach day.
  5. ...Dan Leonard agrees with BW..he's calling for some heat in mid atlantic/NE..maybe,finally some beach weather.
  6. ...looks to get ELI on Saturday but gone by Sunday..hopefully setting up for a nice beach day on Sunday.
  7. ...add another 0.62" of rain in the ole bucket..been a miserable late spring out here..no real beach days to speak of...today you'll have the sun but the gusty S wind will make it NG..
  8. ..I'm just as excited about this upcoming heat and summer like pattern as i would be with an impending blizzard.. CAN'T WAIT!!
  9. ...NO beach days..NO bermuda high..MEAN trough in the east..2017..year with NO summer..sick of this crap!
  10. ...fluke season opens tomorrow {wed.may 17)..will give it a shot and see what Moriches Bay has to offer..weather will be fine..with the only issue being the development of sea breezes that will develop in the afternoon and cool temps back to low 60's..so..go early!
  11. ..1.60" as of 630am..boy, this would have been one helluva snowstorm..20 degrees below seasonal norms would have made this a powder fest with blowing and drifting.
  12. ..35* here...glad i brought the potted hibiscus in last nite.
  13. ...KFOK got down to 22*...i woke up to 31* w/ a heavy frost..currently KFOK @ 23*/eastport 34*.
  14. ...had 61* @ my house..went down to the bay(1 mile away).. 48*..heavy fog..SSE wind right in your face..what a diff in just 1 mile. gotta love the east end in spring.
  15. ...got to 16* @ 5am..i got down to 21*..enough! bring on some warmer temps.