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  1. ...currently @ 23.9*..barometric pressure very high @30.40".
  2. ..frosty morning out here.. 31.8*..still a lot of green on my maples..will be interesting to see what low 20's do to them.
  3. ...as of 7am 3.80" of rain..53*..winds still very gusty out of the WNW.. barometric pressure @994 mb..coming up. backlash rains look pretty impressive.
  4. ..i noticed that too..beautiful. definitely feels less humid..62* this morning..
  5. ..true..last saturday i got 1.5" of rain...the rain/hail fest lasted almost an hour..
  6. ..KFOK @ 43*..Eastport 47*.
  7. ...high tides are 12:30-1 pm ish along the ocean beaches of long island today..I will get there around this time and see if there are any washups/wash overs..not too mention the waves that will approach 10'..should be an awesome sight.
  8. ...true..KFOK got down to 54* this morning..currently i'm @ 59*. quess we'll hit the beach today for the last time and wrap up beach season '17..{been saying that the last few weekends}..melancholy day for sure..sorry to see the season end but then again looking forward to the 'low sun angle period'.
  9. ...ocean beaches stuck in low clouds while i was there..ocean was plenty rough and very warm..got home to bright blue skies..
  10. ..rained here all nite..ended with an 'over performing' 1.07" of rain..hoping to salvage this afternoon @ the beach..even if its to just look at the ocean. ..weekend beach forecasts looking pretty bad with monday looking the best..sunday the worst and saturday so-so..
  11. ...it will be interesting to see if Gabreski Airport will get into the upper 40's tonite into sunday morning..got down to 53* this morning..should be good radiational cooling conditions tonite.
  12. ..it was a great beach day...HOT!..wind was northerly all day..NO cooling seabreeze today..water was very rough..but did manage to cool of in the white water..many many washups but no wash overs.
  13. ..winds will be offshore which will make the beaches very hot and it might be too rough to get in the water..also with the NW wind, waves will be the crashing variety vrs the rolling type that come with a SW wind..NWS is calling for swells to reach 7-8 feet..high surf advisory might be posted for wed.
  14. ...you know i'll be there..Pikes Beach in Westhampton Dunes..going to sit back by the dunes just in case there are washovers..high tides along the south shore is around 3pm-ish..if you are @ jones beach on Wed. be ready for a busy day..
  15. ...still a lot of low clouds out here with a muggy temp. of 70*...waiting for the drier air and clearing skies..should be a good beach day but there is a 'high risk' of rip currents on ELI with wave heights to 5'..