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  1. ...clouds hanging tough..you can see the clearing the further north you go..beach goers hoping that high pressure wins out...clouds and rain not that far off to our south.
  2. ..its been mostly cloudy with some haze out here..low clouds dominated. all in all not a good beach day out here on the east end..finally cleared, but a little to late for this beachgoer.
  3. ..KFOK down to 39*..as the wind went calm. eastport @ 46*..hope my tender, young zinnias will be ok.. will check the beach today and hit shinnecock bay early sat. morning for some early season fluke...seasons upon us boys!!
  4. ..both digital weather stations have me @ 43* under cloudy miserable conditions. another rainy day on tap for today..if this crap doesn't stop i may have to quote george costanza..." I'm freaking out Jerry"...
  5. ...its gotta change..and when it does we will be in for some nice, warm days..today was nice but once the whole pattern changes we are still stuck. betcha bottom dollar memorial day will feature some sunny days with warm temps..that would be some nice beach days to start the season..just don't go in the water!!
  6. ...anyone see the first heat-wave down the road? winter time we all look for the cold /snowy conditions..me included. now its time to see when the 1st heat wave will commence.
  7. tim

    Spring 2019 Banter Thread

    ...not weather related on this beautiful april morning..but.. LETS GO ISLANDERS !! on to the second round..
  8. ...it will be interesting to watch the masters this morning and into the afternoon as the cold front approaches..tee times moved up to hopefully beat the severe line that moves thru around 2-3pm..
  9. ..i don't know..is it me or did this thing come west? all 'future casts' now shows ELI getting some heavy rain/wind.. THIS would have been the snowstorm us east enders were waiting for if only it was 6 weeks earlier..
  10. tim

    March, 2019

    yeah..i was down to my beach in west hampton dunes and it looks to be in great shape..nice and wide with no signs of any real erosion issues.
  11. tim

    March, 2019

    ...KFOK @ 32* @ 6am..i'm @ 26*. Gabreski did get down to 15*@ 4am under calm winds..winds stirred things up and temps rose.
  12. tim

    March, 2019

    ..KFOK with 4 consecutive morning lows in the teens(13,13,14,17 this morning).. ideal radiational cooling conditions out here in the pine barrens..each morning had a very heavy frost.
  13. tim

    March, 2019

    ...thats correct..actually april 11th starts the aug. sun angle. another interesting tidbit is the sunrise/sunset on the vernal equinox is directly due E/W.. good time to make sure your weather vanes are properly calibrated..i know i will..
  14. tim

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    ..i concur..all 'future casts' show ELI changing to rain..not expecting big numbers out here..not sure if winter storm warnings are worthy out my way..after a quick thump of snow we rain.
  15. ...agree..based on radar my final call will be 3.0" of snow..should be ending soon with western skies starting to brighten. wonder if the rain/snow line will set up similar to this in regard to sun nite/mon am..if thats the case could be a snowier outcome.