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  1. ...36.5* here..good thing i covered the veggies last nite..car windshields have some frost on them.
  2. ...I got down to 32.2 * ..KFOK unbelievably got down to 22*. ..i did have some lettuce and spinach planted..glad i covered them last nite.
  3. ...17* here..barometer v. strong @ 30.70"..pretty close to KFOK's 30.60"..their dew point is @ 4*.. expecting the usual out here..little snow then the c/o..agrees with the NWS NOT putting the east end in a WWA.
  4. ...well i guess if we can't watch winter out our windows maybe we can watch it on TV.. ..green bay packers home sunday jan 12th..
  5. ...came thru here with a whimper..had about 5 minutes of -S..glad you westerners did ok..
  6. ...nothing yet in Eastport..31.6* winds are light..skies are clear. looking north and west you can see it coming..hope it makes it here..
  7. ...KFOK got down to 10*..currently 12* ..i'm @ 15*.(actually 14.8*) ideal radiational cooling last nite..heavy frost this morning.
  8. 2.0" here in eastport,long island..this ,too, is considered a win with no snow on the ground when i went to bed(10pm)..
  9. ...yeah..i'm thinking 1-2" here also..all about wind direction for us.. but 2 things.. where does the deformation band set up? and the upper level low seems to be diving further south and east..colder?..just a observation..
  10. ...quite a difference..i'm @ 36*..usually the east end would be a lot cooler..but skies out here are overcast..which explains why..
  11. ..KFOK 14*...winds obviously calm. 19* here in Eastport.
  12. ...out here on ELI.. KFOK @ 27*.. Eastport 28.7*.. this year we seemed to go straight to a hard freeze without any frosty mornings.
  13. ..yeah..this would have/could have been a great "east end special" snowstorm.. signs of a blocky winter??
  14. ..i'm currently @ 54*..feels great. yesterday KFOK got to 88* @ 2pm ish..this morning they're @ 55*.. a 33 degree drop..not bad !