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  1. tim

    March, 2019

    ..KFOK with 4 consecutive morning lows in the teens(13,13,14,17 this morning).. ideal radiational cooling conditions out here in the pine barrens..each morning had a very heavy frost.
  2. tim

    March, 2019

    ...thats correct..actually april 11th starts the aug. sun angle. another interesting tidbit is the sunrise/sunset on the vernal equinox is directly due E/W.. good time to make sure your weather vanes are properly calibrated..i know i will..
  3. tim

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    ..i concur..all 'future casts' show ELI changing to rain..not expecting big numbers out here..not sure if winter storm warnings are worthy out my way..after a quick thump of snow we rain.
  4. ...agree..based on radar my final call will be 3.0" of snow..should be ending soon with western skies starting to brighten. wonder if the rain/snow line will set up similar to this in regard to sun nite/mon am..if thats the case could be a snowier outcome.
  5. ..730am 30.7* still snowing at a moderate pace. closing in on 2.5" snow.
  6. ..if that's the case..so be it..let this disappointing winter end and lets move onto spring.
  7. ...KFOK @ 3*. ..i'm @ 7.7*. interestingly enough Gabreski got down to -0* between 1am-2am.. more wasted cold.
  8. ...no big whoop out her..snowed hard for <10 minutes..barely a dusting..disappointing squall.. disappointing winter.. eastern LI will agree..
  9. ...it would be nice to get a taste of winter even if it last for 10 minutes.
  10. ...really sad..and if i may quote Howie Rose (NYMets announcer on 710WOR) after the game he'll say (and this goes for this winter)...PUT IT IN THE BOOKS!!!
  11. ...was feeling pretty good last nite after reading d. sutherlands' post..then woke up to this..hoping day 9-10 forecasts are wrong and don is right..in the meantime mon-tues ocean storm is a miss but there has been trends further N & W..would be nice to get a 'eastern scraper' for us easterners.
  12. ....thats what i was thinking..i'm @ 37.6* and steady..no real climb in temp..a lot of rolling thunder out here...
  13. ..35.1*/cloudy/waiting on the rain..it will start as rain..and ends as rain. i'm freaking out, jerry..
  14. ...yeah..i got close to an inch of snow..temp @ 28.4..still have -S. wouldn't surprise me if this will be more snow then i get on sat./sun slop fest.