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  1. ..never made it out here..radar looked good but to no avail..v.light sleet/rain..no snow to talk about..31.5* here in Eastport.
  2. 28.2*..no precip..but some heading east..what is it..snow or sleet?
  3. ...4.5" snow here on ELI..turned to sleet and freezing rain for awhile..
  4. ...28.8* up 1 in the last hour..changed to sleet/ freezing rain..4.5" of snow/sleet..
  5. Here too..temp actually dropped to 27.9*..sleet starting to mix in just now..
  6. +S here..temp has been rock steady @28.4*..
  7. ...very light snow out here..temp steady @ 28.4*.
  8. ...28.8* here on the east end..overcast w/ heavy virga. actually radar looks good to the south and west..
  9. ...approaching 6" here in eastport..-S/31.1*.. (note to Lee..I grew up in Levittown)
  10. ...heaviest snow all day right now..gotta be close to 5" now.. temp steady @ 31.5*
  11. ...temp 31.6*..light snow..eyeballing about 3-4".
  12. ...yeah..i was 36.5* before it started, now down to 32.9* w/ moderate snow..roads covered.
  13. ...35.8* with a mix of rain/snow here SE suffolk.