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  1. ..yeah another frosty morning out here(KFOK down to 25*..I'm @ 30*)..could this be the last one??..hopefully it is..well, for April at least..but next weeks warmup will be a welcome change.
  2. ...KFOK @ 26*..i'm @ 30* w/ a pretty good frost.
  3. Spring 2018 banter

    ...some prolonged sunshine would be nice..i think this will make for a slow start to our fluke season which opens early this year(may 4th).
  4. ..it is ridiculous..34* here..KFOK @ 33*..at least it will be sunny today and the w/e looks to have clear skies..so, even if temps stay BN the sun will do its magic..declination of the sun is equivalent to late august now, so,..to quote bill murray..."at least we got that going for us"..
  5. ...KFOK got down to 20*..i'm currently @ 24* heavy, heavy frost..growing season??..yeah right!!
  6. Spring 2018 banter

    ...me too. I enjoy all seasons and what they bring..now that we are in to April i root for some true spring weather and no longer want snow/cold..come summer there is no better BEACH weather than the ole' BERMUDA HIGH or WAR.. interest is definitely perked when an impending heat wave is forecasted.
  7. ..i like 12th & 13th onward..by then, hopefully, those BN become AN..i'll deal with the next to events but by then lets get on with spring.
  8. ..agree WABC7 has the 2 best OMC's..Jeff Smith/Lee Goldberg..and 1 of the worst in A. F. speaking of Lee..he spoke of an "abrupt pattern change to much warmer weather after April 12-13".
  9. April 2nd Snow Wave

    ...4.0" here in eastport..32* w/ moderate snow..someone make it stop..soo done! i wanna go fishing i wanna go to the beach i wanna do some gardening
  10. ...a little more just south of you..9" here in eastport..final call.
  11. ..temp down to 32.5*..I think i finally switched over to all frozen precipitation for good instead of this back and forth stuff..maybe an inch out here..roads are wet..hopefully we can play catch-up.
  12. ...wow..thats not bad..<1" here just south of you.
  13. STILL raining in Eastport,LI..total non event so far out here. a little burst of snow and that was it ...35*/ -R / radar looks NG.
  14. ...back to mostly RAIN out here..temp up to 35.1*..had a heavy burst of snow earlier but now back to liquid..something not right..
  15. ..quess we were both wrong..a very quick transition to +S..everything quickly snow covered..temp steady @33.8*