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March snowfall predictions

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Predict March snowfall this year for the 4 major airports.  Predictions have to be in before the 25th.  

Then for fun predict your yard. Plus what number you would take right now if it was offered as a guarantee or else you could take your chances. 

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IAD: 6.4

BWI: 5.9

DCA: 3.7

RIC: 2.9

my yard 8.5

15” is my stick number.

Yea I know that’s crazy high but I’ve actually had that much or more in March 4 of the last 5 years AND it’s exactly what I need to tie my 13 year average here.  So I’m going for broke or I’ll just take my chances. 

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IAD: 2.7"

BWI: 2.5"

DCA: 1.8"

RIC: 0.3"

IMBY: 0.6”

I'm not reaching climo and there's no way I'm beating the monthly March record in 2014 nor my daily March record on 3/21/18; therefore, the only thing to chase is making sure I continue the streak of getting accumulating snow every March since I've moved here and every month this season since November. So I will accept 0.1" if we're playing deal-or-no-deal. I hope it's dumped in a 3 minute squall with 50 mph winds and temps near zero. The rest of the month can blowtorch- I'm actually tired of cold, snowy Marches. Bring on a 2012 redux after I'm on the board, thanks!

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IAD - 12.5

DCA  8.5

BWI  11.8

RIC.  4.5

MBY.  10.6

I think we do get the coastal paste job we all want by March 15th. With the copious amounts of precip we've been getting, we're finally going to get something timed up just right. The following day as the storm  batters Boston, we'll hit 70°.

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22 hours ago, Roger Smith said:

IAD 20.5"

DCA 13.0"

BWI 17.8"

RIC 2.5"

MBY ... 6" on top of current frozen 6" ... but I'm not in MA so I'll say 40" at some ski resort in WV

Like it!  One more big storm....March 7?  or later?  I kind of am thinking we end winter with a big coastal storm this year, then it gets really warm.  Hope your guesses are close to correct.

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On 2/22/2019 at 9:54 PM, George BM said:

IAD: 0.0”

DCA: 0.0”

BWI: 0.0"

RIC: 27.8"

MBY: 0.0"

IAD: 32.4”

DCA: 22.2”

BWI: 29.8"

RIC: 17.8"

MBY: 31.7"

If it were offered to me I would take 287" of snow next month. I would like it to come in the form of a weekly BECS with hurricane force winds along with very strong ns shortwaves that bring snowrecho after snowrecho between the BECSs with life-giving snowfall rates. The arctic fronts need to feature tornadic supercells that drop EF-5 tornadoes everywhere ahead of them. Pecos Hank and Reed Timmer will come over chasing and stop by my backyard and frontyard for a barbecue. We'll meet up with Jim Cantore to go storm chasing the superthundersnowcells and drive way too close to the tornadoes and have the ultimate adrenline-pumping death match in the bear-cage. Then, well get caught up in the updraft for the ultimate FREE roller coaster ride. When we land (alive because of all of the snow on the ground cushioning the fall) we will go out and have a beer or twenty (though I don't drink) then go dancing outside on top of the glacierized snowdrifts in Category 5 Hurricane Andrea's 20"+/hr snowfall rates with 180+ mph winds. Then after all that I'll finally wake up and realize that I still have to finish my cruel, grueling, life-draining coding projects for school.

Otherwise I'll just take a single HECS (or any snow really (not uber picky)) and call it a winter. 

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