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  1. This GFSter is about to get serious. Number one, here we come.
  2. First flakes of the storm have begun to fall in East Laurel. (route 198 and bw parkway)
  3. Taken near Raceland in NE Kentucky a short time ago.
  4. I was thinking the same thing when I saw that. Anybody want to weigh in on this?
  5. Pivot! Nearing 5 inches in east Laurel.
  6. Simply destroyed here in East Laurel. Nearing 4 inches.
  7. Still coming down heavily in east Laurel. New inch and a half of snow in the last hour.
  8. Very Heavy snow in East Laurel. Roads getting covered. I95 between DC and Baltimore getting crushed!
  9. Heavy snow now in east Laurel. On it's way, Baltimore.
  10. Now Moderate snow in East Laurel. Flakes getting bigger and the temperature is down to 32.
  11. Light Sleet in East Laurel.
  12. 3rd thunder in east Laurel. Still no precip!
  13. Just heard a 2nd thunder. East Laurel here. No precip yet.