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  1. DCA: 11/19 IAD: 10/31 BWI: 10/31 RIC: 11/19 Tie: 1.8”
  2. I'll take a top 10. Thanks for nothing, Richmond.
  3. Just wanted you to know that I picked West Virginia and Florida State to the final four.
  4. Richmond killed me. I was off under 1 degree for all my local airports.
  5. I'm ok with this statement. Winning the snowfall contest will be my greatest moment since winning the Summer temp forecast contest. Let's just measure ice for the rest of the year.
  6. For grins, when the Isles were up 3-0, they were -3800 on the live line.
  7. Awaiting the Ji comment that this is the one time that the GFS defeats the Euro.
  8. BWI: 10/24 IAD: 10/24 DCA: 11/5 RIC: 11/13 TB: 79
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