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  1. BWI: 10/24 IAD: 10/24 DCA: 11/5 RIC: 11/13 TB: 79
  2. Just when you thought that sports was making a comeback, the Citi Open tennis tournament in DC gets cancelled.
  3. Ravens look to have yet another solid draft. No surprise there.
  4. Glad to hear. I'm guessing they get some defensive help in the late rounds.
  5. There go the wide receivers. WxWatcher must be pleased as no response from him tonight.
  6. GB should have gone wr.
  7. Sorry. Why do the Raiders keep reaching for players every single draft?
  8. They're due for a really good one. And we're due for a negative nao in Winter.
  9. He doesn't know what he's tuan.
  10. Congrats Yoda. If only I would have picked Richmond the same day as the others. #lessonlearned
  11. Update. I've come to my senses now. BWI: 16.4" DCA: 14.3" IAD: 18.9" RIC: 5.9" Tiebreaker (SBY): 3.8"