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January Obs and Disco

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was hoping the rain today would have held off this morning to allow for getting the Xmas lights down.  water+electricity=DYI defibrillator 

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Didn't bother checking the gage this AM, but nearby PWSs show range of .60 - .85".  Solid soaker.  Definitely a bad weather day to come off an extended vacation; perfect sleeping weather.  

Who am I kidding, the kids would have still been up at the crack of dawn anyway.

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33 minutes ago, mattie g said:

Cold and windy with some snow in the ground. They should close school tomorrow. Too dangerous.

Haha - I take your point in good jest...   Reminds me of growing up in Ohio.  Had to be -20F or colder, or 8-10" of snow or more, or a combination of both in order for our schools to close.  But that was a different era for sure, before the same overzealous legal situation developed that we have these days to cry foul at the drop of a hat.  Can only imagine that FF Co School leadership is wringing their hands as to what to do tomorrow. 

Nice and nippy out there today.  Have not gotten above 20F all day.  A bit under-performing based on forecasts...

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