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  1. Yep - gotta quit putting whiskey in my coffee!!!
  2. We would gladly take that week! After correcting the error you noticed for the 2004-2005 season that actually lifted that year to another above average (totaling 6 in that 20 year span).
  3. Wow - That is a great catch! I just went back and looked at that year and we had 6 inches on the 24th and 5 inches on the 28th. It looks like somehow my March totals over-wrote my February totals for that year in my Averages spreadsheet? I am manually correcting it now. Thank You!
  4. Also for reference here is a look at what my yearly spreadsheet looks like. This one in particular is from our snowiest year. I have the spreadsheet setup to feed my averages tab which compiles all of the overall stats. My dad is retired and lives right next door so I always have him on the lookout for even the smallest amount of flakes if I am not around so I can keep my stats as accurate as I can. The measurement in red denoted ice/sleet/freezing rain.
  5. Just thought I would throw this in here for reference. I have been tracking snowfall in my backyard since the year 2000 here in Severna Park. Over that period the average snowfall year over year has been about 24.14 inches per year. The crazy thing is that over that 20 year period we have only had 3 seasons that were at or above average. The years where we had "feast" years carried the average for all of the "famine years". The good news is that February is by far our snowiest month so we still have time to get that one storm to make it into a feast year! Praying for some snow!!!
  6. Just got up to let the dog out and it is 35 degrees with moderate snow flurries in Severna Park right now.
  7. Here is a summary of the forecast for next week's projected storm Sunday and Monday - doom and gloom "its going to rain" everyone is out but secretly watching and hoping. Tuesday: Positive run - everyone is hopeful and reinvested. Wednesday - Thursday - the positive run from Tuesday collapses everyone is back on the ledge. Friday morning - run moves favorable Friday afternoon - run looks significantly better everyone can't believe we are going to luck into something. "Mappy says enjoy your white rain weenies" Saturday - Temps are only marginal - the 6 inches predicted by the ICON is a bust and central MD gets a 1/2 inch of slop and Carrol, Hartford and Cecil gets 2 inches. :-) You're welcome!
  8. I have a driveway that is 1/8 of a mile long straight and my snowblower is getting picked up tomorrow for service and a new carburetor (no joke). You can thank me now for the impending boom from this storm! Looks like I will be shoveling the equivalent of your neighborhood street by hand again! You can't make this stuff up!!!
  9. Hahaha! Thank God it is basketball season!!! Football was terrible!
  10. My prediction is as follows: BWI: 52 inches DCA: 31 inches IAD: 39 inches RIC: 12 inches Tiebreaker (SBY): 16 inches
  11. Well, the GFS finally has some color on it!!!
  12. It's going to be funny when this thing over performs in the morning and all of you naysayers are scrambling! :-)