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  1. 40.2 F / 32 DP - Rain just started in Severna Park
  2. Euro -3/20/18 - 10PM Euro -3/21/18 - 4AM Euro - 4/21/18 - 1PM
  3. I'm all in!!! Please note the normal snow hole bubble around the viewing area! This thing can't fail :-)
  4. March 11-12 Storm - Model Discussion STORM MODE

    32.5 / 26 dp , humidity 65%, 29.98 in (1015.4 mb) in Severna Park
  5. March 11-12 Storm - Model Discussion STORM MODE

    The trend is our friend!
  6. March 11-12 Storm - Model Discussion STORM MODE

    I kind of like that strong push out of the SW at the end of this loop for moving our system more north than east http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/SAT_US/animwv.html
  7. March 11-12 Storm - Model Discussion STORM MODE

    The good news is we are surrounded by snow. The bad news is were surrounded by snow! You can't make this stuff up!
  8. March Banter

    Any idea what is going on with Metrocentre.com ? http://meteocentre.com/models/get_anim.php?mod=ecmwf&run=00&stn=PNMPR&map=na&lang=en It has been down since at least yesterday?
  9. March 7 Disc/Observations

    33.4 / 37DP Rain mixing with a little sleet turning back to some large snowflakes at the moment
  10. March Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    That's funny - I scrolled through and didn't see these images posted by anyone but thanks for your kindness just the same :-)
  11. March Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    This is at least track worthy at 162
  12. That was completely tongue and cheek since this is out at 276 but I am hoping for a hit for a change!
  13. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    My snow shovel and ice melt has been outside on the porch waiting for the next storm which hasn't materialized for several weeks due to my over anticipation! I have brought them both inside in anticipation of not needing them so plan on this storm to overachieve! Sorry for screwing up the pattern for the last several weeks!