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  1. Currently in Severna Park , MD Temp: 58.8 DP: 47 Wind: NW 15mph Current Bay water Temp at Thomas Point: 46.8
  2. So when you hear someone say that everybody but us is getting snow they weren't exaggerating! https://www.arabnews.com/travel/it’s-snowing-saudi-arabia
  3. We always over-achieve at under-achieving!
  4. 28.5 / DP 27 Heavy sleet with big snowflakes mixing in
  5. 28.9 / 26 We had a 1/2 inch of snow and now all sleet in Severna Park??? WTF??? Why can't we ever just get a decent snowstorm?
  6. Temp: 37.5 DP: 35 Snow started mixing in with rain about 20 minutes ago. Temp has dropped one degree in 20 minutes.
  7. According Bernie Rayno that's next week!
  8. Yes sir! It is just still hard to look at those maps and not laugh! Every state in the country except Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina gets snow on the GDPS map. If it wasn't for Western MD we would be the 4th and final state! Given our placement in the overall CONUS geography of the country that is difficult to do! Once again - I say we overachieve at underachieving!
  9. And the RDPS concurs with the GDPS Mid-Atlantic Snow Hole!
  10. Just a quick reminder for anyone believing that the 41 inches showing on the current Euro will actually verify! The map below is pretty hard to do but we always seem to over achieve at underachieving! Lol!
  11. 36.1 degrees / dew-point 20 degrees - light snow just started 10 minutes ago
  12. Man this is such a tease! It looks like it should be coming right at us in the form of a coastal!!
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