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  1. Light snow and wet ground in Short Pump. just hasn’t snowed hard enough to overcome melting.
  2. That certainly looks like how it’s setting up. If I get 2” at my house with snow during the day, I’ll be thrilled. Good luck up there!
  3. You should have checked a few days ago. There was some nice hits depicted.
  4. I remember that event vividly. Our area,10 miles west of Short Pump got 4-5” of pure sleet. You could barely walk or drive in it. Stuck around for ever.
  5. I would dial the weather phone in Poughkeepsie NY multiple times per day in the winter waiting for the forecast to update. Still remember the number 452-1919 50 plus years later.
  6. I had know idea an engine could be so violent. Are people aware of this danger lurking under their hood,
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