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  1. That’s correct. Now Florida is dealing with Iguanas, an invasive species, that’s disrupting the ecosystem. Not that stuff like that doesn’t happen regularly. But to have it happen in tens of years instead of hundreds or thousands can’t be good.
  2. The 0z cmc at 240 hrs shows Heavy precipitation in the southeast and a strong CAD.
  3. Yes, but a fairly strong CAD signature this far out..
  4. Maybe it's the analogs....were due...the climate models all showed this in February back in the fall....mjo...cause hm messed up his last nao prediction and it wont happen twice in a row..... I'm in!!! Its not like we are seeing torch indicators! ( which almost always verify )I couldn't be more in.
  5. I remember that too. That was a horrible winter. I think we had a early snow that year also. At least here in Central Virginia
  6. Just out of curiosity, has anyone referenced Jan 25 2000 yet? If not, let that be my contribution for the year.
  7. Not a met, but having closely observed cold air damming here in central VA for about 15 yearsI have concluded that the models always underplay the "Wedge" the first opportunity or so during the winter, Actually during the ice storm last week, the models did have a pretty decent damming signature in the period 4-5 days ahead but took it away as we got closer. There was a high that could force it. Just didnt show the isobars "bending" In this setup, the High is too far east to be of any consequence. However..... and this is just my opinion. I have also seen decent cold infiltration down the east side of the mountains if the Northeast has some cold air built up in that region. The circulation around the approaching low helps pull it down. I've seen that before.
  8. We climo-wise are at the coldest time This is the first one that acually is showing some kind of high in the North east.
  9. Because. Thats what we do.
  10. So....look for a solution some where in the middle