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  1. Light snow and wet ground in Short Pump. just hasn’t snowed hard enough to overcome melting.
  2. That certainly looks like how it’s setting up. If I get 2” at my house with snow during the day, I’ll be thrilled. Good luck up there!
  3. You should have checked a few days ago. There was some nice hits depicted.
  4. I remember that event vividly. Our area,10 miles west of Short Pump got 4-5” of pure sleet. You could barely walk or drive in it. Stuck around for ever.
  5. I would dial the weather phone in Poughkeepsie NY multiple times per day in the winter waiting for the forecast to update. Still remember the number 452-1919 50 plus years later.
  6. I had know idea an engine could be so violent. Are people aware of this danger lurking under their hood,
  7. We already had the series of wildly fluctuating outcomes. Now we are in the slow steadily improving runs. 3 days out.
  8. Just a breather until it starts trending better. Again.
  9. Hey! Starting the new thread worked!! yeah, that’s not happening
  10. Whoa?! Forgive me for butting in but how is that cost justified. Access issues? Distance from suppliers? That’s $530/ sq ft.!
  11. That’s when the king shows up with hat in hand.
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